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Hikari Betta Bio Gold by by Hikari

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Product Description

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold has been developed after considerable research into the nutritional requirements of bettas. A formulation utilizing Bio-Technology promotes excellent coloration while meeting 100% of their nutritional needs.

  • Reduces stress and related illness
  • Optimum nutritional balance
  • Floating pellet never clouds water

Don't be fooled by freeze dried foods with a betta label. Give your bettas food made especially for them. Hikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets!

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Nancy, Anaheim CA on 09-07-2010
The Best Product on the Market for Bettas

I have had many betta's through the years and will only use Hikari. The one I have now is more than 4 yrs old, beautiful, very active and waits for me to feed him every day. He wags his little fins in excitement whenever he sees me. Honest!

Lance, Pleasanton CA on 06-09-2010
My Fish Loved it

Great products I love all Hikari products, my Betta is not picky about this food at all. He just gobbles all of it up as I put it into his tank...Well see how well he grow on this stuff. Also Pet Mountain is awesome; I order everything I need from them.

Gail Parker, Ocean Springs MS on 11-19-2009
Top Food

My Bettas just love this food. They will not eat the flakes anymore. They just want this Hikari Bio-Gold food. The pellets float so they get them all. They just need a few at a time and they eat it all. I recommend this for all Bettas.