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Hikari Gold Floating Mini Pellet Koi Food by Hikari

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Hikari Gold Floating Mini Pellet Koi Food Description

Hikari Koi Gold Mini Floating Pellet Food is a daily diet developed through years of Koi breeding and showing to meet the nutritional needs of Koi while providing excellent color enhancement. Hikari Koi Gold will bring out the natural, brilliant colors of your Koi!

  • Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten, helping to eliminate over-feeding
  • Natural color enhancing daily diet
  • Reduces water quality problems and clouding
  • Food pellet size 3.5-4.0 mm (0.14-0.16")

Hikaris excellent Koi food provides a nutritious daily diet with high protein levels that improve growth rates and form. Hikari Gold also contains stabilized Vitamin C that helps protect against stress and infectious disease. Hikari Gold Koi Food promotes a long, healthy life.

Feeding Suggestions: When your water temperature is consistently above 60 degrees but below 70 degrees, feed one to two times daily. When the water temperature stays above 70 degrees, feed two to four times daily. Warmer temperatures translates to more activity and the need for more food. Always remove all remaining food after the feeding period to avoid over-feeding and the water quality problems associated with this action.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 40.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 4.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 4.0%
Moisture (max) - 10.0%

Vitamin A - 15,000 IU/kg
Vitamin C - 100 mg/kg
Vitamin D3 - 3,000 IU/kg
Vitamin E - 300 mg/kg
Vitamin K - 4.8 mg/kg

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Hikari Gold Floating Mini Pellet Koi Food Customer Reviews

Susanne, Spartanburg SC on 2018/07/27
My goldfish love it

Best food for my goldfish during the warm weather. Their colors are vibrant and they are very healthy.

Susanne, Spartanburg SC on 2017/08/05
Best Food for Goldfish

I feed Hikari Gold Mini Pellets to my goldfish and they love it! They are healthy and their colors are vibrant. In spring and fall I feed Hikari Wheat Germ Mini Pellets.The price for the Japanese food is the best at Pet Mountain!

Pieter, Merrick NY on 2017/07/28
Fish feeding frenzy

Decided to try this product and my Koi loved it. I mix this with a little Tetra Growth and these fish go wild. Very happy Koi.

Nancy, Baltimore MD on 2016/08/24
Koi Food

Great prices and prompt delivery. I couldn't ask for anything better than that! Will definitely become a regular customer.

Ronna, Springfield OR on 2016/08/13
Hikari Gold Medium Pellets

My koi love eating this.

Gerry, Santa Fe NM on 2016/07/15
Hikari Gold Med. Pellet

Been using it for years. Fish thriving.

Ronna, Springfield OR on 2016/06/30
Great product

My koi love it!

Julia, San Diego CA on 2015/09/17
As always, best price!

We have been ordering our Hikari Gold Koi medium pellet food for a while now and Pet Mountain is consistently the best price and has the fastest shipping. Every time we need to reorder, we check multiple sites and every time we come back to Pet Mountain. We highly recommend them.

Eve, Lincoln NE on 2015/07/08
Happy Koi

My koi are always happy to see me walk up with the container of Hikari Gold Color Enhancing Diet. They are growing and reproducing, their colors are beautiful, and the pond water seems to remain as clear as possible. I prefer the bulk, 20 package offering, as it keeps the food fresh. The packages I received are dated for two years from now, so leftovers can be overwintered without concern. The medium pellets are round and, except for the very tiny ones who don't eat any packaged food at first, all sizes of my fish eat it easily. I do try to purchase it when there is a sale, as the food is not inexpensive, but healthy fish are worth the extra cost. I give this four stars only because of the cost.

Kevin, Gasport NY on 2015/06/24
Great Product

The small and large koi love it.

Kevin, Gasport NY on 2015/06/24


Kevin, Gasport NY on 2015/06/24
Great Product

The small and large Koi love it.

Marianne, Kneeland CA on 2015/06/16
Excellent service/products

I just ordered from PetMountain for the first time and was extremely pleased w/products, quick delivery and prices. I had been concerned that the koi food would be close to the expiration date since it was so inexpensive, but it arrived (extremely quickly) w/ a date nearly 2 years from now. Very happy w/ PetMountain and will order my koi supplies here in the future!

Eve, Lincoln NE on 2015/05/10
Happy Koi

The koi food arrived exactly when expected. I like the fact that the food is packaged in individual vacuum packed 17.6 ounce bags that have a use-by date well into the future. I fed this food last year and the koi seem to enjoy it very much. They came out of their six month hibernation in good body shape with fantastic coloration. They have only been feeding for about a month and have already spawned.

Julia, San Diego CA on 2015/05/07
Fast shipment! Great price!

We always order our Hikari Gold Koi food from Pet Mountain. They have the best price and super fast shipping. It always arrives w/in a couple of days. Highly recommend!

Cecelia, Richmond CA on 2015/01/27
Hikari Gold

We purchased the Hikari Gold Koi pellets. We have 3 koi and one goldfish in our tank, and they are definitely growing! The food keeps them healthy, and they seem to like it since they gobble it up in less than 5 minutes. I recommend this product for people with koi.

Julia, San Diego CA on 2014/10/14
Hikari Gold Koi Food

As always, item exactly as described. Great price! Super fast shipping! Usually arrives within days of order. We never buy our Koi food anywhere else. Highly recommend!

Geri , Dennis Port MA on 2014/08/23
Koi Favorite

Great price for Hakari Gold, and fast shipping. My Koi have have had a strict summer diet of Gold for more than fifteen years, they never get sick, and their colors are intense. Worth every penny.

Geri , Dennis Port MA on 2014/08/23
Koi Favorite

Great price for Hakari Gold, and fast shipping. My Koi have have had a strict summer diet of Gold for more than fifteen years, they never get sick, and their colors are intense. Worth every penny.

Cecelia, Richmond CA on 2014/07/12
My koi love Hikari Gold Koi Food

When we were running out of the Hikari Gold Koi Food, we ordered more from Pet Mountain, but until it arrived we went to a fish store and bought a bag of another brand of koi food. Our koi totally ignored it, wouldn't eat it and allowed it to drift to the bottom of the tank. We gave them some Goldfish flakes in an attempt to tide them over until the Hikari Gold arrived. They barely pecked at it. Fortunately the package arrived a couple of days later. We vacuumed out the old food, did a partial water change and started feeding them the Hikari Gold which the koi are again happily eating and are thriving. This is the only koi food that we will feed them.

Brian, Kissimmee FL on 2013/12/31
My kois love this product

The product enhances the color of my kois and gives them a very healthy look. Hope the price will keep low as the kois grow bigger, they eat a lot and it's getting very expensive!

Chris Clark, New Braunfels TX on 2013/10/29
Great hot weather koi food!

I started using Hikari Gold in June when the temps were high. My koi look healthy and bigger....good body definition.

Bruce, San Jose CA on 2013/10/22
Good Deal

Great price and free shipping, how can you beat that? I'll be back.

Age, Mililani HI on 2013/02/13

Excellent prices, fast and reasonable shipping and delivered as promised. Will definitely reorder from and recommend this website.

Rick, Stockton CA on 2013/02/13
Good Price Fast Delivery

Hikari Gold do not need to say more, but purchasing this product at this site with free and fast shipping has made me switch to a new way of buying this product . Came to my door in great condition and the price will have me coming back to buy more . Not to mention I no longer have to deal with my snooty pet store owner. I highly recommend.

Carole, Paris TN on 2012/09/04
My Koi Love it

I have been feeding my koi this food and they just love it! I tried a cheaper brand and they almost refused to eat. It floated on the top for a long time.

Jim, Brentwood CA on 2011/07/27
fish like it

Both large and medium koi as well as goldfish enjoy this food. They like it better than the old staple diet they had earlier.

Freddy, Santa Cruz CA on 2010/11/11
Hakari Gold Koi food

I am very pleased with the Hakari Gold Koi food you sent to me. It arrived quickly, the price was very good, and my fish love it. The convenience of ordering online combined with your excellent service has made me a happy customer. I will continue to buy more products from you.

Erik, Walnut Creek CA on 2010/10/15
Hikari Gold and Hikari Wheat Germ

I've been feeding my fancy goldfish Hikari Gold in the summer and Hikari Wheat Germ in the winter for several years now. The fish love it and they have good color. They have even produced additional babies with color to make up for the occasional loss to a bird. I won't use anything else.

Lauradonna , Locust Valley NY on 2010/10/11
Best koi food

The hakari gold koi food has been the best product I have purchased for my koi's. Their color is vibrant and they are getting big.

Paul, Fort Collins CO on 2010/08/08
Excellent product and seller

I have 15 koi (half imported from Japan) and all of my koi absolutely love this food. Pet Mountain has one of the best prices on the web - better than ebay!

Nicole, Milford CT on 2010/08/03
Hikari Mini Pellet

Excellent food. Koi and goldfish alike go nuts for this food. They jump over each other and can't get enough. Beautiful growth and color, can't beat the quality or the price.

Aaron, Independence MO on 2010/07/27
Koi food my fish love it.

I have been using this food for 2 seasons during the hot summer days. My fish have displayed brighter colors and a better slime coat. I will continue using this product. Oh, and the fish like it too.

Nancy, Kingston TN on 2010/07/04
My Koi love Hikari

My Koi love the Hikari Gold large pellet food and it is much less expensive than buying it locally. Pet Mountain sent the order quickly and correctly.

John, Bonita Springs FL on 2010/07/02

I have been using HIKARI GOLD KOI FOOD for 11 years, i first started in new york, then in 2006, moved to Florida. I fed them in 4 season weather, and now warm weather all year and never changed the food. I am always being complimented on how big and beautiful my koi's look. they were flown here to Florida, all kinds of stress ,and still loved eating this food upon there arrival in there new home. They never had a disease and i never lost a fish except for one that jumped out. (normal when first becoming acclimated with a new home). So i would recommend this food to anyone that wants beautiful healthy fish.

Nicole, Milford CT on 2010/06/16
Hikari Mini Pellet

Excellent value, Koi and Goldfish alike love this food. Keeps them healthy and very colorful. No comparison to other food I have used in the past. In fact, my fish readily great me to get fed, my neighbor, who uses another product, run and hide!

Norma, Green Valley AZ on 2010/06/12
Excellent food for Koi!

Our Koi love this food. Practically jump out of the water during feeding time.

El, Scituate MA on 2010/05/18
Hikari Gold Mini Pellet - Our Koi Love It!

We have mixed sizes of koi and we find that the mini pellets are perfect for all of them and they love it - can not get enough - the only thing they like better is watermelon - our fish have beautiful colors and are healthy - LOVE HIKARI GOLD!

Royal, Richmond VA on 2010/05/12
One less thing to think about

It was the best food in the 80's It's still the food for KOI. The fish ATTACK the pellets! PET MOUNTAIN MAKES THE PURCHASE price that I could find

Jamie, Sayville NY on 2010/05/03
hikaro gold medium pellets

simply the best. my koi are brighter then ever. i recommend that you buy a resealable container to keep fresh for a long time. i have 9 koi and the 11lb bag has lasted a year.

Linda, Mount Shasta CA on 2009/09/19
Best food for your fish

My order was shipped very quickly - I was very surprised to get it so fast. I love Hikari fish food (and my fish do too). I try to fatten them up during the summer to get them ready for the snowy winter!

Kathy, Walnut Creek CA on 2009/09/05
Great stuff at a GREAT price! About half what I pay at a retail price, and delivered in timely fashion.

Hakari Koi Food --- Staple and Gold

Michele, Santa Fe NM on 2009/09/01
Fish Heaven

This is the only food I have found that my fish really enjoy and gobble up. They recommend it, and I do too!

Rob, Hilo HI on 2008/08/31
The Best Koi Food!

I've tried other types of cheaper Koi food, but came back to Hikari Gold. I notice that Koi eat this food faster, and their colors are more vibrant. It is definitely worth the slightly higher price.

Samson, Chicago IL on 2008/02/26
Koi Gold will helping your fish growthing and growthing

Another great products from Hikari. I feed my Oranda Goldfish with this foods too. It does help him growth bigger and bigger.

James, Arcadia CA on 2007/08/29
my ranchu loved it

my ranchu loved it. I put left over pellet from different brand, but my ranchu only eat hikari gold's. plus it does not cloud water. color had improved within 2 weeks since change diet to hikari

Michele, Rockville MD on 2007/08/21

The best food, enhancing the color of the fish.

Edward , Easton PA on 2007/04/09
My Koi love it!

I've never had a problem with this food. It is worth the extra money. Highly recommend it.

Daniel, San Francisco CA on 2007/04/01
this web site is cheap!

whoever shopping for pond realted items, you should check this company PETMOUNTAIN. I believed they carry all name brands and prices are very resonable!

Jay, Lima OH on 2006/11/02
Best Fish Food on the Market

My husband worked for 10 years as a pet store manager and he swears by Hikari fish food! He does not believe that a pet's diet is complete unless it includes some type of Hikari product.