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Hikari Goldfish Gold Floating Baby Pellet Food by Hikari

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Hikari Goldfish Gold Floating Baby Pellet Food Description

Hikari Goldfish Gold baby pellets are specially formulated floating pellets to bring out the vibrant colors in goldfish and baby koi. Rich in carotene, an easily assimilated color enhancer, Goldfish Gold starts your pet off right during that all important first year.

  • Complete and balanced natural nutrition
  • Contains anti-oxidants for improved health
  • Floating pellets bring out vibrant colors

The carefully balanced nutrients and vitamins will keep your aquatic pet healthy and full of energy. After only a short time feeding Hikari Goldfish Gold, your goldfish or baby koi will begin to look their best!

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Hikari Goldfish Gold Floating Baby Pellet Food Customer Reviews

Jen, Casper WY on 2014/10/07
Fish look great on this food

I really love the way this enhances the color of my fish. The amount of waste has also been reduced. I highly recommend this food for anyone who has goldfish, even if they're not the fancy ones.

Kimberly, Knoxville TN on 2014/05/30
My little fancy tails love this!

Our pond came with some fancy tail goldfish and 2 large Koi. The Koi food works okay for the goldfish but the little guys love this food and it is sized for them! They will take it right out of my hand!

Rudy, Carson CA on 2011/10/17
Good staple food

I been using Hikari goldfish food for 7years to feed my fish. Floating pellet feeds the fish, not your filter, which keeps the water quality clean. As the fish "chews" the pellet, it does not break up in water like some flake food. Great food to feed.

Amy, Sville IL on 2008/02/19
Great Product! Best price!

This is a great product! My 2 orandas go crazy for it! I just wish they made it in a sinking pellet form, as this is better for the fish, then it would be PERFECT!

Haige, Temple City CA on 2006/12/04
Good food for my fish

This fish product is very good food for my fishes. I love the brand and what it has to offer to my fishes. They enjoy it!