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Hikari Krill Freeze Dried Food by Hikari

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Hikari Krill Freeze Dried Food Description

Hikari Freeze Dried Krill features significantly reduced sodium content compared to other krill, and is great for turtles, frogs, all larger and tropical marine fishes.

  • Significantly reduced sodium content
  • Great for turtles, frogs, all larger and tropical marine fishes
  • Multi-vitamin enriched

BIO-PURE FD is the worlds cleanest freeze-dried fish food available today. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying techniques allow us to give you a product as close to fresh as humanly possible. Expect a texture and taste not previously available in a freeze-dried food. If you're looking for an superior, color enhancing, daily diet or treat for your larger fresh or saltwater fish, look no further.

BIO-PURE FD Krill, an excellent choice from the quality leader, Hikari!! Great For Larger Freshwater Or Marine Fishes, Turtles and Frogs Whole Pieces Of Krill Allows you to easily feed the right amount Helps eliminate over-feeding Promotes Feeding By Hand Reduced salt content versus competitive brands which reduces potential long term health problems Will not cloud the water Quality Beyond Compare Multi-vitamin rich to reduce stress and stress related disease Nitrogen charging reduces oxidation prior to opening Oxygen absorbers reduce oxidation once opened Silica gel pack to eliminate moisture buildup once opened Free of parasites and harmful bacteria Excellent natural color enhancing characteristics Better Value Less water means you get more food Less waste due to oxidation means your cost per feeding is less.

Ingredients: Krill, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 63.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 12.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 3.0%
Moisture (max) - 3.0%
Phosphorus (max) - 0.1%

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Hikari Krill Freeze Dried Food Customer Reviews

Shirley, Old Greenwich CT on 2012/08/16
Myrtle Loves It!

Myrtle, our 15 year-old red-eared slider, loves the krill from Hikari. Discovered in a local pet supply store I bought it because I was tired of the regular small and crumbly krill I had been purchasing. While more expensive than the other krills I had been purchasing, it's larger and not so crumbly and easier to feed. If Myrtle could speak she too would tell you how much she looks forward to her Hikari krill food. An excellent food for your turtle too!

Kathy, Chicago IL on 2010/09/08
Great Value!

My husband uses one of these tins per week. At our 'regular' pet shop this size costs $9.99. Here at PetMountain it is $4.19. Shipping was reasonably fast and the freshness date is better than the one's we bought here in our city. I am totally happy with this purchase and plan on coming back!