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Hikari Micro Wafers Sinking Tropical Food by by Hikari

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Product Description

Hikari Micro Wafers were specifically developed for use with all types of tropical fish from larger neon tetras to the largest angels. These micro wafers contain high-grade marine and vegetable proteins to promote ready acceptance, efficient digestion and superior nutrient utilization.

  • Balanced combination of premium proteins offering unequalled growth rates
  • Rich in Spirulina and Astaxanthin to promote vivid coloration
  • Slowly sinking properties allow fishes at all levels easy access to the nutrition

Contains garlic and other ingredients to attract the most finicky eaters. Superior Color-Enhancing Capacity Pure-cultured spirulina rich to promote natural color and development. Improved water qualitiy over flake foods because it's easier to avoid overfeeding and will not dissolve in water. Softens quickly allowing the smallest fish to get their fair share of this superior diet. Helps monitor amount being eaten and therefore helps reduce the chances of over-feeding.

Recommended for all small and medium sized tropical fish especially tetras, livebearers, cichlid and catfishes.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 44.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 8.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 2.0%
Moisture (max) - 10.0%

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Customer Reviews

Sky, Alexandria VA on 2015/11/13

As expected

Keith, Lake Orion MI on 2015/06/13
Great product

My killifish eat this food eagerly. Convenient food, quality nutrition for notoriously picky eaters.

Ron, Elkhart IN on 2015/04/11
Excellent choice

These are an excellent choice, I use this for my community tank, the algae eaters, bettas, tetras, rainbow all love this food. Highly satisfied, been using this for 2 years now.

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2014/08/08
Fish really love these!

I tried these on a whim, and my fish went wild for them. The first use, I gave them too much, but after adjustments, I found the perfect amount to feed them.

Glitched, Independence MO on 2012/12/31
The fish love em

I bought these looking for a pellet food to feed a community tank. As my tank has Corydoras, Platys, Danios, and a Gourami, they all benefit from this food. The sinking ability of this food allows all species in this tank its fair share of what I feed them. It also brings out such vibrant colors in all the fish fed as well.

Tim, Ironton OH on 2011/02/23
great feast

My fish love these micro wafers. I have Platys, sword tails and mollies. When its feeding time drop it in. They sink slowly and the fish eat it up.

Diana, Costa Mesa CA on 2010/08/28
Great food!!

This food is great!!! It slowly sinks and it helped color up my cory cats, swordtails and my loaches. This food didn't cloud my water, unlike the flake foods I have used which clouded up my water.

Teresa, Dickens NE on 2007/05/07
Very happy

I received Hikari micro wafers in a sample pack when I purchased my aquarium. I bought another kind of fish flakes not knowing the sample was in the container. I feed about half of the container of flakes and was frustrated because I had to keep cleaning the aquarium every couple of weeks because it always looked so cruddy. I was about to the point of taking the whole thing down because I didn't want to clean it so often when I came across the sample pack and read the info on the back and decided to give it a try. Wow was I in for a happy surprise. It's been two weeks and the water is crystal clear and my Oscar is growing like crazy. I love these micro wafers and now I won't have to get rid of my fish.

Kelli, Harrodsburg KY on 2007/02/26
The neons love it!

My neon tetras love this food. I also feed the micro-pellets, they much prefer this.

Carolyn , Poteet TX on 2007/01/21
My Fish Went Nuts

I had gotten a sample of this food from Hikari, and what can I say but wow. I did not have any on the bottom of the tank the fish loved it and I seen a better over all health while using it. I do not know if the food was the reason but after a 2 week diet of this I was given a tank full of babies.