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Hikari Sinking Wafers for Bottom Feeders by Hikari

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Hikari Sinking Wafers for Bottom Feeders Description

Hikari Sinking Wafers provide a scientifically formulated diet For catfish, loaches and other bottom feeders. These nutritious mini-meals are made with spirulina for better health and are easy to digest for clean water. Keep them active and healthy with Hikari Tropical Sinking Wafers!

  • Highly digestible
  • Contains spirulina
  • Uniquely balanced wafer

Exacting Nutrition Hikari Tropical Sinking Wafers were specifically developed for corydoras catfish, loaches and other bottom feeders after extensive research into their nutritional requirements and eating habits. They're made with high levels of vegetable matter that bottom feeders prefer and love, with stabilized vitamin C to reduce stress and build disease immunity. The unique wafer shape allows bottom feeders to swallow easily, and will not dissolve or cause clouding.

Ingredients: White Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Wheat-Germ Meal, Wheat Flour, Soybean Meal, Alpha Starch, Brewers Dried Yeast, Spirulina, Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K3, Thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Choline Chloride, Inositol, Calcium Iodate, Manganese Sulfate, Magnesium Carbonate, L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate (stabilized Vitamin C).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 32.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 4.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 5.0%
Moisture (max) - 10.0%
Ash (max) - 12.0%

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Hikari Sinking Wafers for Bottom Feeders Customer Reviews

Nelson, Bloomington CA on 2022/03/25
Great for bottom feeders

My loaches love them and my barbs always try to get some for them... best option until now!!!

Kim, Spring TE on 2016/03/11
Tasty tidbits!

I tried these instead of the usual brand I use. These are smaller than my normal sinking pellets, but I am liking that because they get eaten before fouling the water. I can also distribute them around the tank better. The fish like them A LOT, which is the main thing. Great price and shipped fast, as always when ordering from Pet Mountain.

Elizabeth, Tucson AZ on 2015/09/19
Great product for my freshwater aquarium catfish

The wafers sink to the bottom of the tank and the fish have a feast. My other tropicals also join in on the feast. Buying in bulk is a real money saver and I will continue to shop with Pet Mountain.

Nelson, Guatemala -- on 2015/09/10
Great for bottom feeders!

After trying a lot of food fish I found Hikari and my loaches love it... =)

Gail, Nashua NH on 2014/02/24
These are alright for fish

I have several bottom feeders but they eat in the dark for the most part so you can't see if these are working.

Randi, Phelan CA on 2013/11/18
Good wafer, good nutrition!

All my fish like these, although I put them in for the bottom feeders. I have female Bettas, guppies, Rainbowfish, Giant Danio, platies, balloon mollies, White Cloud Minnows, Cherry Barbs, a spotted cory, Kribensis, Red Flag cichlid, kuhli loaches, otos, and an angelfish, and they all really go for it. So do the Red Cherry Shrimp and the Dwarf orange cray fish (CPO). They like them a lot more than another brand that I've had before. I'd highly recommend it. It also has very good, nutritious ingredients, which is important to me.

Barbara, Charlottesville VA on 2013/06/07
My Corys LOVE this food!

After trying many wafers for my corys, I find that this product is one of the best on the market. I am sold!

Kurtis, Greeley CO on 2012/11/08
For all your fish

My LFS recommended these for my Cory Cat's, and as in most cases Petmountain had the best price. Even my Angel fish eat them.

Michael, Yucca Valley CA on 2012/10/17
Fish wont touch it

Not sure why but my fish (LOUCHES,BARBS) won't touch it.

Hunter, Maplewood MN on 2011/05/14

My catfish wont even eat any other food after I feed them this. They are perfect!

Stephanie, San Antonio TX on 2011/04/03
Cories love it

My Cories love this food. They're all healthy and lively with bright colors :D

Matthew, Glendale AZ on 2011/02/09
Very good food

All fish LOVED it.

Darwin , Los Angeles CA on 2010/10/21
My Kuhli loaches love this stuff!

I have 10 kuhli loaches in my tank and they absolutely love this stuff! It's really great and they are happy as can be!

Colleen, Madison MO on 2010/05/15
My fish LOVE these wafers!

I've been getting Sinking Wafers for a few years now. All my fish love them. They dissolve slowly and keep the fish busy for at least 30 minutes. I even put partial wafers in the floating breeders after the mother is removed. The little fry start picking at them and eating right away. I love them!

Carolyn , Poteet TX on 2008/02/26
Great Food

All the fish in my husbands tank just love this. I have seen a big inporvement in the over all look and health of the fish, also have seen a big growing season in them also.

Carolyn , Poteet TX on 2008/02/26
Great Food

All the fish in my husbands tank just love this. I have seen a big inporvement in the over all look and health of the fish, also have seen a big growing season in them also.

Xiaoping, Highland Park NJ on 2007/08/15
All community fish like it

Not only my panda corries like it, all other community fish like it too. This includes guppy, platy, molly, pleco, barb, ram, etc...