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Hydor Koralia Circulation and Wave Pump by by Hydor

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SKU: HY00716
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SKU: HY01144
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Product Description

Hydor Koralia Circulation Pumps and Wave Pumps are the next generation Koralia pumps that boast greater energy-efficiency and enhanced features. Higher efficiency Hydor Koralia pumps generate up to 20% more water flow at HALF the energy consumption.

  • Compact, Energy Saving, Controllable Powerhead Pump
  • Exclusive Magnet Suction Cup with vibration reduction technology
  • Use with Saltwater or Freshwater aquariums - Reef, Live Plants, Fish, etc.
  • Compatible with on/off style timers

The upgraded, shaft-less impeller boasts unique design for wide and gentle water flow beneficial to aquarium inhabitants. Connect the timer-controllable circulation pump to a timer or wavemaker for custom aquarium water movement. A patented magnetic base with articulating ball joint allows full, 360-degree range of convenient pump positions. Direct vital water movement to areas of your aquarium never possible with conventional powerheads.

240 GPH:

  • 3.5 Watt
  • Fits 3/8" glass
  • Freshwater 16-28 gallon / Saltwater 10-15 gallon

425 GPH:

  • 3.5 Watt
  • Fits 3/8" glass
  • Freshwater 28-50 gallon / Saltwater 15-30 gallon

565 GPH:

  • 3.5 Watt
  • Fits 3/8" glass
  • Freshwater 40-65 gallon / Saltwater 20-40 gallon

600 GPH:

  • 4.5 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 40-70 gallon / Saltwater 25-40 gallon)

850 GPH:

  • 4.5 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 50-90 gallon / Saltwater 30-50 gallon

1150 GPH:

  • 5 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 70-125 gallon / Saltwater 45-70 gallon

1500 GPH:

  • 6 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 90-160 gallon / Saltwater 55-90 gallon

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Customer Reviews

Ted, Eatontown NJ on 2017/08/05

Hydor always a great product. Price and shipping made this a MUST BUY!!!! Thanks

Frank, Waxhaw NC on 2016/08/26
Product as described

Delivery in timely fashion. I did not realize I could not get 10 % discount until my next purchase. It seems a little misleading that if I gave my email, I would eligible of 10% on my current purchase. Other than that I'm very satisfied with this produce and still a reasonable price.

Rob, Rsm CA on 2016/04/29
Fantastic Wave Pumps

I have (2) of the Hydor Koralia's now. One has been bulletproof for 4 years, continuously running no issues. Just got a Nano for a smaller 20 gal. tank as well. They are whisper quiet, and move just the right amount of water and create just the right amount of turbulence. I've tried a couple other brand nano's and they basically blow the corals off the rocks. Hydor has it figured out.

Kim , Portage IN on 2015/09/26
Hydor Koralia Circulation And Wave Pump 1500

I bought several pumps from other pet stores and the current sucked. This is a good pump and my Cichlids love it!

Bush, Fresno CA on 2015/06/11
So happy I purchased it, my cichlids love it.

Great for water movement! Brings all the poop towards my filter.

Richard, Saint Marys KS on 2015/03/04
Doesn't quite have enough "umph"

I have a 60 gallon tank, relatively long and maybe a little over foot wide. I have the nozzle positioned at the top of the tank and pointed slightly downward. I just feel I should have gone with a more powerful nozzle for a tank the size that I have. The water doesn't seem to move around all that much. Other than that, it does have a break in period. The first couple of days you will notice a humming but after that you can't even tell it's on. Great value though, recommend for anything under 60 gallon.

Alex, Pve CA on 2014/12/07
Wonderful Pumps

I have three sizes of these pumps in various tanks ranging from my small 10 gallon fw to my large 200 gallon sw tanks. All work like a charm, and so far no complaints; quiet too. The built in fish protectors help ease my fears a lot! Thank you Pet Mountain for the continuous low prices, and speedy deliveries.

Dom, Commack NY on 2014/07/29

Great price, works wonderfully for circulating water.

Destiny, Rapid City SD on 2014/04/23
Just love it!

I have a 143 gallon Oceanic Salt Water Aquarium and was looking for a high quality pump and this one does the job! I will be purchasing another one soon.

Jim, Springfield OH on 2014/02/11
Great product

This pump is probably the best I have ever seen. Sometimes I order a size up from what I really need because so many items don't really deliver, but this one does. It does exactly what it says it will and the magnetic mount is superior to the suction cups that most have.

Eddie, Patchogue NY on 2014/01/18
Very good pump

I have used these pumps before, and they are very good at circulating the water. Good pump, good service from Pet Mountain.

Bernie, Coral Springs FL on 2014/01/12
Wave maker

First one I ever bought. Fish seem to like it.

Tyrone, Paramus NJ on 2013/12/17
Great Pump WAOOOO

This is the first time I got a pump for my tank, and I'm very happy to see how this pump works. It keeps my water moving very fast, my fish can't keep up.....

Jay Roese, Macedon NY on 2013/12/03
Works great

They do exactly what the product info said they would do. Creates a nice smooth tidal action in 70 gal. I installed them on a controller so I can mimic wave action.

John, Glen Allen VA on 2013/11/13
Works great

Unit is quiet, small and works great. The fish love to swim in the current. Attaches securely and easily to the tank. Would buy again.

Annette, Hurst TX on 2013/06/12
A+ Wavemaker

I have 5 of these. They are easy to use and clean. The magnet is super strong. Could not ask for more.

Robert, Niles IL on 2013/05/07

Ordering was fast, simple and straightforward and the item arrived fast!

Mickey, Dallas TX on 2013/02/22
Nice powerhead

I bought this product for my 8 gallon nano reef. It functions just as it says and as i wanted it to. So far it's great, no complaints!

Raul, Santa Maria TX on 2012/10/31
Bought two 240 and working great so far,

Products are working great and are silent.

Chris, Titusville FL on 2012/10/19

It's a Koralia, 'nuf said. Buy one.

Justin, Jasper AL on 2012/09/28
Koralia 550

These things are so quiet! The flow doesn't seem like much, but it's because it's such a wider flow compared to all the other circulation pumps.

Doug, Poplar Grove IL on 2012/08/13
Awesome Product

I think these are the best pumps out there! I use these in all of my tanks!! And a great price. Thanks!

Annette, Hurst TX on 2012/03/14
My fish love the ride

Not only do my cichlids love riding the waves, but it really keeps my aquarium floor and decorations cleaner. So easy to install and so quiet I have to look and see if the water is circulating because it has zero noise.

Brian, Oakland NJ on 2012/03/04
Hydor Koralia 1050 Evolution Circulation Pump Review

Nice pumps for the money - good spread on the flow of the water being circulated - the 1050 doesn't push as much flow as I thought it would have for 1050 gph - power cords definitely need to be a longer - they look good in the tank - pretty easy to position and hide behind rocks in a reef tank - definitely recommend them if you want good circulation pumps without digging too deep into your wallet....

George, South Portland ME on 2012/01/12
Just okay...

Didn't have the money for Tunzes or EcoTech's, and these were the next best option. Still bigger then I would like them to be, but they are small enough to be acceptable. My two complaints are that the magnets struggle with 1/2 glass. It is not a firm grip at all, so they can twist on their own. Second is that the power cords are short for larger tanks. They need to be two to three feet longer. They are quiet. I have no idea if they actually put out the gph they claim, but the flow is good. But when I have some extra money I will definitely move to the EcoTech, even if they are really overpriced.

Anthony, The Colony TX on 2011/12/29
Koralia Evoalution 1050's

Man, I could not be happier with these! Plug and play right out of the box! Hooked em up to my wavemaker and they're working like a champ! Couldn't be happier with the powerheads or with Pet Mountain.

Lf, Salinas CA on 2011/12/27

These have great flow, easy to dust, easier to clean if needed. I've got 2 in my tank and bought one for my nephew, and I'd buy another koralia if needed. Works perfect.

Matt, Altamonte Springs FL on 2011/12/03
Great PH for the a great Price

I have been doing a lot of research on this PH and been shopping around. Pet mountain was the only place to get it new and still have the best price. They were easy to work with and even with free shipping it got to my house in 4 days. Can't beat it.

David, Denver CO on 2011/11/23
quiet excellence

I have seven of the Hydor Koralia pumps divided between three reef tanks , two 55 gallons and one 30 gallon tank, all hooked up to wave makers. The flow is strong , smooth, and not overwhelming to the corals. The magnetic attachment allows secure placement anywhere in the tank along with excellent directional control. I had problems with an impeller assembly on an earlier model and the Hydor customer service was more than helpful. I just bought two more as a gift to my son who is starting his own tank.

Lizz, Bayside NY on 2011/07/11
Great product!

We found just what we were looking for and got it at a great price. The product worked just as described and expected and worked perfectly in our 30 gallon tank. It's a great power head and looks great to boast.

Beej And Justin, Brighton MI on 2011/03/04
Create sparkle effect on sand and corals

These power heads are quiet and powerful. Placed them on opposite sides of a 49 gallon bow-front reef tank. Set them on timers to alternate on/off every 15 minutes to simulate a natural current. Point them slightly upward to create a ripple effect on the top of the tank. Metal halide lighting (22k) pops the coral hues, Koralias glimmer the lighting. Stunningly realistic effect. Size was larger than anticipated. Make room. Priced for those who prefer to drop their coin on corals. Gently cleans live rock, keeps red slime algae at bay.

Bradshaw, San Diego CA on 2011/01/18
This is what I needed.

I ordered these items because I needed water movement in general at the bottom of my aquarium. I also needed water movement to keep all of my live plants clean and free of debris. This seems to do the trick.

Penny, Hartford CT on 2010/12/22
Fish love it!

I bought the Hydor Koralia 750 hoping to increase circulation in my planted FW tank. Mission accomplished! The fish love it, and it is completely SILENT. Nice attachment features. My only complaint would be that the head wasn't able to turn as sharply as I wanted it to. TOTALLY worth the small price. Do not hesitate to buy this great little pump.

Karen, Lakeland FL on 2010/12/07

Perfect item to circulate the water with the wave controller in my 28gal nano. Highly recommend the Koralia pumps in any size.

Carrie, Las Vegas NV on 2010/11/05

AWESOME PRICE, AWESOME WATER FLOW AND AN AWESOME 2 YEAR WARRANTY COMES WITH IT!!! Don't bother with cheaper KNOCK offs on ebay, they only last a year and the shafts break! I know, I have 2 of them! With these prices, there is NO reason to buy generic!! Thanks Pet Mountain!!!

Travis Briggs, Washington DC on 2010/10/21
Great Product

Koralia makes a great product, the older models had problems with the impeller shaft coming out, these new shaft-less pumps are great!

Derek, Los Angeles CA on 2010/10/07
Great product with a low price

Got a Koralia 750 for my 34Gal and it works like a charm. Great product and excellent price.

John, Helena MT on 2010/10/02
A great powerhead - highly recommended

I installed this in my new reef tank as I was initially setting it up. It is bullet proof, stays exactly where you want it (due to the magnetic adhesion), is exceptionally quiet, and looks nicer than maxi-jets. I also think it consumes less energy than a lot of other powerheads. I would definitely recommend this! I will be buying another one soon myself.

Bella, Memphis TN on 2010/09/18
Not really suprised...

When my Hydor 4 bit the dust, I started looking for another. I was excited to learn that Hydor had introduced the new Evolution line. I ordered two Evo 1400's from Pet Mountain (the best price anywhere). I love them. No trouble starting up and they produce great flow in my 150 gal. reef. Did I say I love them??? Kudos Koralia!

Jp, Charlestown MA on 2010/08/25
Quiet, Strong Pump

This pumps is great, this is actually my 2nd pump. Good flow, low electric usage.

Doug, Hollywood FL on 2010/08/25
great pump for circulation

these pumps are great for circulation, and they are low voltage which keeps the tank temp down.

Carl, Fresno CA on 2010/08/04
beyond expectations

They work really well keeps my tank crystal clear I love them and will be ordering a few more.

Roy, Miami FL on 2010/07/24
unbelievable product for the price

The Koralia 1400 is a great product. It keeps the water circulating and there is no noise on start up and the new vibration reducing base is great as well. maintenance to the head is easy

David, Richmond VA on 2010/07/10
Nice pump

Love this pump. Blows my fish, corals, and inverts out of my tank, J/K. Really nice pump. Another item I'll be ordering one more of coming soon. You should get one too. So what are you waiting for? :-)

Danny, Vincennes IN on 2010/06/28
works great!

Great product. Its easy to adjust so you can have flow wherever you want. And its really quiet.

Thomas, Palmyra VA on 2010/06/10
Great Product

The Koralia 1400 is a great product. It keeps the water circulating and there is no noise on start up and the new vibration reducing base is great as well.

Daniel, Leland NC on 2010/05/25
Absolutely awesome

Love it, great water movement and gentle gives great performance without turning my sand bed into a cyclone or trying to rip the tissues off the exoskeleton of my corals.

Jesse, Vancouver WA on 2010/05/14
One of the best Pumps on the market!

I bought one of these about a month ago with the uncertainty of a new product. I know that the Koralia line has been good in previous years but I wasn't sure since I had not seen the new "footprint" size. I was pleasantly surprised when I got the 1050 model! I am currently running 1 in a 75 gallon and I plan on purchasing at least 1 more for flow. You can never have too much flow! Great product at a Great PRICE!!!!

Jenn, Troy IL on 2010/04/09
My husband loves it

The Koralia evo power head is much better than the older style of Koralia pumps. Its a little smaller and easier to do maintenance on.