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Instant Ocean SeaClone Protein Skimmer by by Instant Ocean

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SKU: AS08111
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Product Description

Instant Ocean SeaClone Protein Skimmer utilizes the forces of nature to effectively draw wastes out of your aquarium. A tornado-like motion inside the protein skimmer tube removes organic wastes from your aquarium.

  • Effectively draws organic wastes out of your aquarium
  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • More efficient than air-driven protein skimmers

The SeaClone protein skimmer has been developed and tested in different aquarium environments. As a result, its design is simple and user-friendly. SeaClone Protein Skimmers require no air stones and is more efficient than air-driven protein skimmers.

Sea Clone Skimmer Includes:

  • Maxi-Jet Powerhead pump
  • Versatile dual design - functions as an external hang-on or internal sump model.

Aquariums up to 100 Gallons
17.75"H x 3.5"W

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Rob, Rsm CA on 04-29-2016
Not the best Skimmer, needs joint glue

Ok, so the first one I received was missing a key part required to connect the pump to the output tube. Waited 8 days and the manuf. sent the wrong part. Contacted Pet Mountain and they immediately sent me an entire new skimmer, great service. However, both main skimmer bodies had horrible glue joints and leaked constantly. So if you don't mind re-gluing all the joints, once I finally got it working it does the job well for a lower price point.

Rockime, Eo NJ on 12-11-2013
Workhorse 1000

I hear a lot of mess about this skimmer online. But I'm here to tell you, this skimmer is a workhorse. I've never had a skimmer like this before. My tank was without one for 2 years, and when I added this one the cup was full in a half hour. The next half hour full again, and half an hour later half full. It's been working great. And for the record this skimmer is very thick, not flimsy. Love it. If you don't have one get one. I'm the kind of person that does reviews if the product is worth it and as you can see, it is. Enjoy!!!

Dick, Tampa FL on 06-12-2013
Motor Vibration: Can Fish and Coral be affected

One week ago I installed this protein skimmer on back of a 38 gallon, columnar Reef/Fish saltwater tank. Pros: 1. Requires only 4" between wall and rear of tank 2. Easy to assemble and install 3. Can hang or be placed in a sump 4. Removes brown protein 5. Water return is quiet when syphon is 1/2 to fully open. Con: 1. Pump vibration can be felt on side of tank. Seems to make fish aggressive 2. Pump vibration is audible. This carries in water more that air, so may be contributing to change in fish behavior 3. Venturi air syphon is increasingly audible between 1/2 and fully open 5. I have reduce the air syphoned at bed time to cut audible noise. 6. The Collector container is distracting sitting above the rim of the tank. The Protein is brown liquid. The jury is still out on this device due to our lack of experience. We are considering placing the Skimmer in a sump to reduce the noise and give the fish and us more peace.

Matt, Altamonte Springs FL on 12-03-2011
Great for the Price

I have been doing a lot of research on this Protein Skimmer and been shopping around. Pet mountain was the only place to get it new and still have the best price. They were easy to work with and even with free shipping it got to my house in 4 days. Can't beat it. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of 5 is bc the skimmer does create alot of micro bubbles. Other than that great product.

Mike, Lizella GA on 04-23-2011
Good skimmer

Have been running this skimmer only when home due to the fact that even when you get it adjusted the overflow cup still fill up quickly several times a day. Turning the air flow down doesn't help much. So I only run it when I'm home and keep an eye on it. At bedtime, I I unplug it due to the same reason. There is no adjustments to stay at one level. Skimmer does a great job when running, but beware, any level of air adjustment will still cause overflow in collection cup.

Jeffrey, Sarasota FL on 03-05-2010
excellent skimmer

i have used SeaClone protein skimmers for over ten years now,i have never had any problems with theses skimmer,they are very effective and efficient,at a great price.i just bought 2 150s for my 265 gallon aquarium.thanks instant ocean for an excellent product at a great price.....

Roberto, Gainesville FL on 09-18-2009
It makes a difference

I bought the sea clone 100. After two hours of running on my 150 salt water tank I noticed that the greasy layer on top of the water was gone (this layer was the reason I bought the skimmer). I did not collect the dirty foam right away. It took about 3 days to build. This skimmer definitely works! And is by far cheaper than most of the skimmers out there. I have seen bad reviews for this skimmer elsewhere. People complaint of not being able to collect any foam. If you run into these problems you can control the amount of bubbles with the air valve. Also some additives such stress coat may interfere with the production of bubbles. All these details are in the Sea clone manual.

Victor, Chicago IL on 01-14-2008
''label me satisfied''

quick and easy

Izzy, Herrin IL on 09-24-2007
great product

This is a great product. I have the 100 gal model on my 30 gal saltwater tank and it does a very good job keeping my nitrate and nitrite levels down. Between pufferfish and eels they are messy eaters. My ammonia levels are within reason too, considering the load I have on my filtration at this time.

Maryann, Millboro VA on 06-26-2007

My seaclone 100 has been trouble free for two yrs. I find it doing its job very quietly, which is very important to me.

Shawn, Westminster MD on 03-30-2007
Very Easy To Use And Maintain

Just wanted to let people know how easy this was to set-up and clean on a weekly basis. This was my first skimmer,but will not be my last.