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JW Fusion Smart Temp Aquarium Thermometer by JW Pet

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  • Save $2 (41%)
SKU: JW21600
UPC: 618940216001
MPN: 21600
  • $34.99
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SKU: JW21600M
UPC: 688099574215
MPN: JW21600M

JW Fusion Smart Temp Aquarium Thermometer Description

We are proud to introduce the NEW SmartTemp Thermometer. This unique design combines a thermometer with a magnet. Attach to the inside of the tank to make sure your aquarium water is the right temperature for your fish.

  • High accuracy aquarium thermometer
  • Stays in place with a unique magnetic fastening system - no suction cups required
  • Features green temperature Safe Zone

The Thermometer goes on the inside of the tank and the magnet goes on the outside to hold the SmartTemp firmly in place, no suction cups needed! The SmartTemp also offers a Green Safe Zone which indicates the optimal temperature range. A High-End Accuracy- (+/-) 1.5 °F and the SmartTemp has large easy to read numbers.

This thermometer is SALTWATER SAFE.

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JW Fusion Smart Temp Aquarium Thermometer Customer Reviews

Katy, Norwalk OH on 2018/04/23
Fantastic Product

These are great thermometers. We breed fish and have many aquariums. These by far are the most accurate, most convenient and the easiest to see.

Anila, Montclair NJ on 2015/04/15
Great for Nej!

We have a praying mantis at school, and we got this thermometer for him. It is perfect! It has the "Safe Zone" in green, which is the right temperature for a praying mantis (in the green). With this, I know when it is too warm or cold in the tank. If it is too warm, move the glass sheet off of the screen top a little to provide more ventilation, too cold, move it more onto the screen.The magnet can easily be lost, but it still works great, with or without!

Janet, Summit Point WV on 2015/01/09
Love these

These are my favorite aquarium thermometers, I have 3 of these currently and looking to replace an old one because it was only off by a degree (yes I am bit a of perfectionist). I only wish these came in clear rather than white as to be a little less of an eyesore.

Janet, Summit Point WV on 2013/12/16
The Best

I absolutely love these thermometers, I've tried all types over the years and none compare (as big glass ones break, suction cups never stick, floating ones hit the tank lid, gravel ones are hard to view/stay-put, digitals usually fail/are inaccurate, and sticker ones are blah all around). The magnet on this is strong and allows the thermometer to be moved around the glass when needed, gives a fast temp reading, doesn't break easily if it becomes detached (although it doesn't float either). I mainly wish the plastic white area was clear so it'd be less of an eyesore when placed on the front of the aquarium.

Michael, Yucca Valley CA on 2012/10/17
Great Product

Easy to see numbers. Stays in place with magnet. Just be careful when cleaning outside glass not to hit the magnet.

Bob, Sioux Falls SD on 2012/01/07
Great Product

I agree with another review, finally someone invented a good thermometer for aquarium use. I have used floaters, suction cup types, hang on the rim types, etc. This is the first thermometer that looks good, is out of the way, and practical. A great product. I wish I had thought of it.

Murray, Alexandria VA on 2010/07/21
Fusion SmartTemp Thermometer

I have been using the Fusion SmartTemp thermometer on two of my aquariums for several weeks and find them to be vastly superior to every other type of thermometer that I have ever owned. These thermometers eliminate the need to continually replace the units as the suction cups lose their suctioning capacity. I strongly recommend this product.

Mike, Buchanan TN on 2010/05/16
We really like this Thermometer

We received the FUSION SMART TEMP thermometer with an aquarium we purchased. This is a one of a kind and finally someone has created a thermometer that is stylish as well as easily readable.. I also like the magnet feature best. I can place it where I want without any trouble...