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JW GripSoft Soft Pin Slicker Brush by by JW Pet

  • $10.99
  • (42%)
SKU: JW65002
UPC: 618940650027
MPN: 65002

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Product Description

JW Gripsoft's Soft Pin Slicker Brush can be used on all dogs and cats. Finger fitting contours of handle increase comfort and control. Soft slicker brush is specifically intended for pets with sensitive skin and/or a fine silky coats.

  • Helps remove dead and shedding hair
  • Finger-fitting handle contours for comfortable, secure grip
  • Great for all breeds and coat types

To reduce hairball formation brush long haired cats daily especially when shedding. You can also use it on puppies and kittens!

First brush your pet's coat lightly against the direction of hair growth. Then smooth the coat by brushing with hair growth. To look their well-groomed best pets should be combed and brushed regularly. Prior to bathing brush the entire coat.

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Customer Reviews

Ann, Preston CT on 2013/08/17
The best slicker!

I have been grooming professionally for 35 years. The slicker brush is one of my most important tools. I use them daily and I used them on every dog I groom. I have used just about every slicker brush out there. This one is currently the best. It has a great ergonomic handle for those of us with CTS and it has just the right pin size and tension to brush effectively without irritating or annoying the dog. The round shape is a real plus.

Helen, Smalltown NM on 2012/03/08
Great for a sensitive groomee

My Aussie mix Max has that medium length, wavy coat with fine undercoat. A regular brush does nothing but get the dust off the top layer, and a shedding or flea comb gets hopelessly stuck--while he's trying to get away! This slicker brush is a welcome change. The pins are flexible enough to give when they need to, but strong enough to reach into the undercoat and remove shedding hair. With just one grooming I could see the difference. Better than that, he actually enjoyed it!