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JW Insight Clean Water Silo Waterer for Birds by by JW Pet

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Product Description

JW Insight Clean Water Silo Bird Waterer is designed for a bird's well-being. Fits all bird cages. Refill without a spill. Offers clean water to your bird. Easy directions to follow for filling. Water chamber can be removed without having to unscrew the nut.

  • Designed for a bird's well-being
  • Holds double the water compared to normal feeders
  • Fits all bird cages - vertical and horizontal bars
  • Small Water Silo Measures 7" Tall
  • Large Water Silo Measures 14.75" Tall
  • The Bird Water Silo Base Comes in Assorted Colors

Remember healthy birds are happy birds! Ideal for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and finches.

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Customer Reviews

W, Houston TX on 2012/01/27

I love it. It holds days worth of water and the birds don't mess in it like they do with an open dish. Adding water is very easy and only a few drops spill when refilling the tube.

Feo, Princeton NJ on 2010/10/03
Great idea

These have an internal valve that helps keep the water from gushing all over the place like the old generation waterers were prone to ...the design keeps poop out of the water ... this waterer is my finches favorite cage accessory , they line up to dive in as soon as I bring new water....

Jer, Salt Lake City UT on 2010/09/21
Clean Water!

This product is terrific. I have been using dishes for my budgies for the last 3 months. Lots of poop in the water. Constant water changes and the birds didn't seem to have fresh water for longer than 30 minutes. Now 1 change lasts all day! Some people probably wait longer between water changes but I have a lot of birds :D

Ms, Boston MA on 2010/01/02
A must have for your bird(s)! And what a great price for this wonderful item!

I used to use one of the stainless steel bird food dishes that came with the bird cage for water and it was a horrible! The birds would end up pooping in the water and also using it take a bath and they would also get food particles in the water! I would have to change the water in their bowl several times a day to keep the water clean! It got so frustrating that I finally ordered this Clean Water Silo and lo and behold, it solved the problem! My three Indian Ringnecks use this water silo for drinking and it is a breeze to set up. I refresh the water every few days and clean the holder once a week. No more pooping in the water or getting food in the water (though a little bit of food does end up in the holder, which can't be helped) and they bathe in the Insight Bird Bath, so they don't have to use their clean drinking water for both drinking and bathing! This is definitely worth buying, along with the Insight Bird Bath! Taking care of my beloved Indian Ringnecks is now so easy!