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JW Pet iSqueak Ball Rubber Dog Toy - Assorted Colors by by JW Pet

  • $5.99
  • (35%)
SKU: JW43030
UPC: 618940430308
MPN: 43030
  • $28.99
  • (48%)
SKU: JW43030M
UPC: 680031018313
MPN: 43030M
  • $6.99
  • (34%)
SKU: JW43031
UPC: 618940430315
MPN: 43031
  • $37.99
  • (47%)
SKU: JW43031M
UPC: 680031018320
MPN: 43031M
  • $7.99
  • (36%)
SKU: JW43032
UPC: 618940430322
MPN: 43032
  • $59.99
  • (50%)
SKU: JW43032M
UPC: 680031018337
MPN: 43032M

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Product Description

The JW Pet iSqueak Ball is a tough rubber chew ball with a built-in squeaker. Each hollow ball is made of a highly flexible rubber that naturally feels great on dogs' teeth and gums, and includes a patented squeaker that gets dogs excited every time!

  • Flexible tough rubber ball for dogs
  • Built-in squeaker stimulates fun and excitement
  • Great for tossing, fetching, and all around fun

Small: 2" Diameter
Medium: 3" Diameter
Large: 4" Diameter

Note Ships in assorted colors - please let us pick a color for you! Not intended for aggressive chewers.

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Customer Reviews

Keiko, Salt Lake City UT on 2016/07/03
My dogs love them

My dogs love playing fetch with these. The squeaker, unfortunately, doesn't last very long, but Petmountain makes them pretty affordable.

Wang, Atlanta GA on 2016/01/17

I have a 50lbs POWER CHEWING retriever. He goes through goDog chew guard stuffed toys in 1 hr. Yes one hr. So much for their chew guard tech. He goes through rawhide sticks in 30 mins (so quickly that we have to watch him in case he chokes)'s had one of these JW balls for 6mths now and he chews on it for hrs at a time. It has tons of marks all over it but it's still in good shape and he loves it. The only thing that comes close are those black Kong toys as far as durability. JW definitely makes some good stuff.Pros- EXTREMELY DURABLE, nearly indestructible.- Very entertaining for most aggressive chewers- It's a ball and what dog doesn't like to play catch?Cons- This thing is LOUD!!- If your dog is like mine, you're gonna wanna take it away from them after 30 mins because the noise will drive you insane. I wish JW made a quieter version or have an on/off switch like some of the Kong squeak toys have. That would be perfect.

Hillary, Briarcliff NY on 2015/12/06
Can't live without them

My cockapoo is totally addicted to these balls. I order six each time. She walks around all day holding one and we play catch constantly. They hold up to chewing and long term use. I get these as gifts for new puppies often.

Tamara, Phoenix AZ on 2015/09/13
My dogs love them!

My English Bulldogs love these balls. They are super durable and squeak for weeks...much to my chagrin!

Mike, Florence SC on 2015/03/10
JW iSqueak Ball Rubber Dog Toy Medium (3

This is a durable and fun toy. Phoebe has not let it go since it arrived...

Roy, Westlake OH on 2014/12/02
JW iSqueak

Just disappointed we couldn't get the 2 inch ball, my cocker loves them, she can't catch the 3 inch ball out of the air, it's too big, otherwise always happy with my order from Pet Mountain!

Joy , Westminster MD on 2014/11/06
Good ball

My 34 pound pug/blue heeler mix loves to chase balls outside with a squeaker. This one has resisted her breaking the squeaker more than most balls. Still, the hole will crack and the squeaker is gone. But lasted more than most.

Roy, Westlake OH on 2014/08/06
JW squeak ball

My little cocker just loves these balls, great price at Pet Mountain!!!!!!!

Steve, Denver CO on 2014/07/30
Poor Quality

My Black Russian Terrier loves to retrieve the ball and make it squeak. Unfortunately, the poor design and quality of the ISqueak ball is such that the plastic squeaker either breaks or gets pushed into the ball far too easily. In addition, the rubber is too thin and gets punctured quickly. Given the high price of this item, it should last much longer.

Joann, Warren MI on 2014/04/08
JW large squeaky balls

My German Shepherd loves these balls. We play in the backyard with them. She loves squeaking them to chase the birds away. One ball will last about 2 weeks before the squeaky comes out. That is the only fault with these balls.

Sinner, Gold Country CA on 2014/04/08
Great babysitters

They keep my Dobermans busy for awhile, squeaking without destroying and when they pop the squeaker it retreats to the inside and nothing for the dogs to swallow. I buy about 20 year because these are outside toys, they do weather. Inside they last until I finally throw them away

Joann, Warren MI on 2013/10/01
My German Shepherd loves these balls

My German Shepherd play outside everyday with these 4 inch squeaky balls for about 15 minutes. I throw it and she catches it in the air. What a beautiful sight. I wish the squeaky was indestructible. She won't play with the ball if the squeaky is broken.

Emmett, Brevard NC on 2013/06/12
A Pointer's Best Toy

Our 3 year old Pointer loves these balls. The squeaker lasts a long time (when do you ever say that?). It has great bounce. Buddy will fetch this for hours. When he brings it to our dog park, the other dogs all want to play with it. Now, that's a positive peer review!

Cathi, Little Valley NY on 2013/06/05
I'm shocked at how durable this is!

For a soft, squeaker toy - this is pretty darned durable! My power chewer beagle hasn't destroyed it, which says a lot. We play fetch with it every day and although it has some tooth marks are no longer squeaks, he still loves it. No pieces have come off either!

Bill, Mastic NY on 2011/12/23

JW..always a goodie..the squeak lasted for 5 days with 2 german shepards that like to squeak..but the ball..always excellent !!

Chuck, New Waterford OH on 2011/11/15
A Favorite

"Parker", a large multi-breed dog, loves these balls. They're a sturdy, soft squeaking, high bouncing, throwing ball. Whenever it's time to play, they're his first choice, when he's told to get a toy. Well constructed, he loves to just lie and "squeak" them. Have really held up.

Horsegal, Warwick NY on 2011/11/08
Best dog toy we own

My Mini Aussie can chew through any toy in no time at all. He loves stuffed squeaky toys but I can't afford to replace them every 5 minutes. These JW iSqueak balls are the BEST, and the only toy we need. (Oh, other than the Frisbee, of course.) Like most dogs, he loves the squeak, and like some dogs, he's a Ball Psycho who will chase the ball a million times and still come back for more; but the BEST thing is, he has never once harmed one, much less destroyed it. The squeaker itself wears out eventually, but the ball holds up just fine. I consider my boy to be the ultimate toy-durability tester. Could not recommend these highly enough.

Aureus Dachshunds, Mountain Home AR on 2011/08/29
Aureus Dachshunds love this ball

We have English Cream Miniature Dachshunds. They love to compete in fetching this ball. I have one female that will only fetch if she is certain I have another ball besides the one I throw. She will pick out a favorite, although the balls are the same color and size. Her son loves to get his Mom's favorite ball. She will not take it away from him, but will beg me to. The balls have lasted us for years. Only a few of our dachshunds have learned they have a squeaker. I recommend this ball to everyone who has an Aureus Dachshund. Thank you for making a great fetch toy.

Joan, Reading PA on 2011/08/16
Nice ball, but

My doxie can pull the squeaker out in five minutes. It is a nice ball, but does not last long in our house.

Margaret, Riverside IL on 2011/08/02
Dog park dogs love this!

My collie likes this ball and I started taking it with us to the dog park. I have learned that he doesn't compete to fetch the ball but that the other dogs absolutely love it. And their owners love it.

Tracy, Rockford IL on 2010/12/29
Doggies LOVE it!!!

These are a favorite toy with our GSD's. The Large 4" ball size is perfect! Good bounce, just enough 'give' to satisfy their urge to chew, durable and a fun squeak...not the annoying high pitch squeak that most toys have.

Florence, Cabin John MD on 2010/12/10
My Lab cannot stop chewing this ball

My lab is a total tennis ball hound but this ball is his paws down favorite. There is something very satisfying about the strength of the rubber and the squeaker inside that makes him want to chew it constantly. I think he only stops to give his jaws a rest. If someone has one at the park and he gets it beware as he won't give it up. He's not into toys in general but this ball is irresistible for him.

Sandy, Conway SC on 2010/12/01
best ball for small aggressive chewers too!

Best ball my peek/shitzu has ever had, she always destroys the others, this one takes a chewin! AND she cant stop the squeaker either! she also begs for it and can take or leave the other tennis type balls, even the squeaky ones, great product, better order at least two!!

Sandy, Conway SC on 2010/11/02
Great ball for small dogs too

The small ball is the only ball my little rescue dog has had that she hasn't been able to chew the squeaker out of. It bounces great, and the squeaker is somewhat loud but not at all annoying, she loves balls and has a fit if it goes under the couch, when i get it out i noticed 10 other small tennis sort of balls under there, she doesn't care if they are under there but has a fit and wont give up begging for me to get this one out! Great ball!

Sprocket, Philadelphia PA on 2010/09/20
YAHOO! my ball has super strength n super squeak

I had an Akita who would destroy every ball presented to him and we were ready to give up the ball thing or buy a ball company. By chance I bought a JW ball. It passed the Sprocket test! which sent us hurriedly back to the pet store and we bought every JW ball they had and continued to buy them. We had them scattered everywhere as he liked to just carry one around in his mouth constantly. Sprocket passed suddenly last year. We are still heartbroken. His ashes are buried in our garden with a JW ball under a memorial plaque which reads "we will Yahooo for you forever" YAHOOOO! was what we called out to summon him for yet another game of fetch....or, hmmm, to be honest, our version of fetch played was not the traditional version of fetch which comes to mind when you hear the word "fetch", our version was the more catch me - catch me version that some dog people may be familiar with. We suddenly and surprisedly find ourselves with 2 small dogs. More JW balls in our future, just smaller. We still miss our beautiful boy, Sprocket. Oddly (or not) tossing a JW ball always brings him back to me. Thanks for a great product that brought so much joy to our dog and for the happiness it gave us watching our boy with his ball.

Isha, Bat Cave NC on 2010/09/15
A Good Honest Ball of Fun

There's balls and then there's balls! This is one of the good ones. It's made of tough rubber so it lasts a good long time even if left outdoors. There are no protruding appendages (like horns or feet) so dogs are not tempted to eat it. Further, the lack of appendages makes this ball able to bounce in a satisfying way. The squeak is loud but not piercing and is easily produced even by puppies with developing jaws. I have bought at least a dozen of these in the last 3 years (they don't last forever) and they have always been enthusiastically received. I would recommend this ball to dogs large and small.

Rosalie, Newport CA on 2010/08/25
Squeaky Balls

My dog and all of his friends love these!

Shelly, Shasta CA on 2010/08/24
These are the Most durable balls

I have 2 100+ lbs German Shepherds, These dogs are notorious chewers. These balls are the most durable rubber balls on the market, that are soft enough that your dog won't kill over if they get hit. LOL My oldest shepherd is all about getting that squeaky thing out. He can basically remove it within a few hours. I try to give my other dog the newest balls, But "Feddy" isn't playing with a non squeaky ball. Like i said, " Best rubber balls on the market!

Kim, Waynesville NC on 2010/06/02
great product!!!

I went through several squeaky balls and they never lasted more than 2 days. I bought these for my dog and he loves them and they last along time! So far he has not been able to tear this one up!

Kendra, Lansing MI on 2010/05/18
Better than Expected

I have two golden retrievers who are VERY aggressive chewers. This is the only toy that I have ever bought that wasn't destroyed within a day or two. They play with this ball all day and night and after a couple weeks, the ball still is in one piece! I love it

Rosalie, Newport CA on 2010/05/10
Squeak balls

My golden retriever (2 yrs) loves this ball. It is his favorite and he has had it for close to a year and a half. Can't find them in the store so happy I found them online. Even all of my neighbor's dogs love this ball!.

Stephanie, Chatham ON on 2010/04/20

My dog is in love with this toy. She love the squeak, and we love that we can play fetch with it. This is one of the only toys with a squeaker that she has no ripped apart. Love the quality and price!

Courtney, Swansboro NC on 2010/04/19
Love IT

This ball is great! my Shepherd and dobe both love it! The squeaker went out 2 weeks after we bought it, but the dogs still love it and carry it everywhere!

Deb, Leavenworth KS on 2010/03/22
FINALLY- A squeeky ball that holds up:)

My 2 pits and Mastiff have been chewing and playing with this ball for 2 weeks now and it's still squeaky and bouncy. I LOVE it, my dogs have destroyed every other squeaky toy. Great product for big chewers.

Bill, Mastic NY on 2009/10/30


John R & Denise L Scott, Columbus OH on 2009/10/27
Only likes blue

I ordered the 4" isqueak rubber ball, but meant to order the 3", the larger is too big, though I have decided to give them away as Christmas gifts. Funny thing, our black face Jack Russell (Sobe) only likes blue balls and toys. We have other colors, but they just lay around, even when the squeak is gone, he will only play with the blue balls,not red, not green, not orange, only BLUE. But they are his favorite toy!!!!!

Sydney, Easton MD on 2009/08/25
Amazing Yet Simple

I have a 4 year old Dobe who can chew her way through about anything except this ball! Hard to find in local stores, only found it in one so far. After awhile the squeaker sounds a bit funny but she loves it and carries it around day and night! She won't go outside without it. LOVE this toy!!!! I highly recommend for dogs that are chewers or squeaker fans.

Walter, Tyler TX on 2009/07/14
Great dog toy!

Our Dachsund has destroyed almost all other squeaky balls, sometimes within seconds. These balls have lasted for months with the sqeaker intact. She plays with them for hours every day and loves them so much more than any other sqeaky balls. Great toy!

Dannah, Way Out There VT on 2008/03/21
Topper is in love!

Topper, our 85 lb male ruff- and-tuff-player dobe is in love! He takes his ball to bed, cries if it falls down the stairs overnight. he loves it! We've had it for 3 weeks and it's miraculously still in one piece. Other squeaks are destroyed within minutes. Absolutely love this product.

Renee, Delran NJ on 2008/03/01
Great toy for Powerful Chewers!

My Golden Retriever loves balls and chews thru them to get to the squeeker within 5 minutes. This is an awesome ball and he has not yet punctured it after two months. He loves to play "soccer" with the ball and holds it in his mouth and squeeks it at all hours of the day and night!. This is his favorite toy. Couldn't locate any more in stores so I was glad to find online.

Mary , Burbank CA on 2007/11/14
My Dog Loes this Ball

I couldn't find this in the local stores, nor could they order it. My dog loves this ball and plays for hours with it.

Nett, Hammond(For Example, "my Husband Loved It!" Or "not As Good As Expected") IN on 2007/08/26
Fantastic Squeaky toy!

Fantastic squeaky toy! My mixed breed/ aggressive chewer loves it; sort of sounds like a duck call! The only toy she doesn't chew up!

Carol, Gatlinburg TN on 2007/05/24
Great Toy

We have a young German Shepherd who is an expert at destroying balls However, the jw squeaky ball is indestructible. Lutz has had this ball for a few months and it is still in good shape, with the squeaker in tack!!Great product and worth the money!Carol