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JW Pet Good Cuz Dog Toy by by JW Pet

  • $9.99
  • (38%)
SKU: JW43169
UPC: 618940431695
MPN: 43169
  • $90.99
  • (50%)
SKU: JW43169M
UPC: 680031018474
MPN: 43169M

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Product Description

JW Pet Good Cuz Rubber Dog Toy is a long-lasting toy that is fashioned of thick-walled heavy duty rubber and finished with a long-winded squeaker. Your dog will love it!

  • Made of thick-walled heavy duty rubber
  • Built-in squeaker for more fun
  • Shape is perfectly suited for any dog's mouth

The Good Cuz Dog Toy is a fun and fitting toy for the canine with an angelic disposition. Ships in assorted colors - please allow us to pick one for you!

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Customer Reviews

Jay And Lucia , Nashville OH on 2015/12/13
These are the best toys ever!

Years ago, when I bought our Good Cuz for our 4 dogs, I bought one no longer on the market, something that looked like a dinosaur's tale with feet. It was an instant hit with one of our dogs. We kept a steady supply of dinos for years till they stopped making them. Today, we keep the few we have in their own little basket, taking one out only for his game time. In the meantime, the Good Cuz guys have been best friends with two of our other dogs. Our Lab covets the ones we buy for the spaniels and has to be told to drop them right away before she chews out the squeaker. Recently, we saw the bigger ones and got them in medium and large. She loves them and is now leaving the little ones alone. In the meantime, we have a laundry basket full of toys of other kinds. Though there is sometimes a flurry of interest in something from the basket, they always go back to the Cuz group. It's a simple idea and very clever. Our guys will testify.

Shawn, Enigma GA on 2015/04/16
Dog is addicted!

My dog loves CUZ and is addicted, this is a great price for a wonderful product.

Rocky, St. Louis MO on 2012/07/27
Tough enough for Weim Slime!

Our weimaraner can shred a chew toy within minutes. He doesn't care for standard-type rubber, but this...this he loves! We use a sharp knife to remove the feet so the surface is smooth (then he can't get enough of a grip to destroy it). He doesn't let this out of his sight. One nice thing about when he finally gets the squeaker out (takes about a month) - it leaves a hole so you can just fling it off your finger for games of fetch. Keeps your hand slobber free. The rubber must have a special scent...he cries like a puppy and tears open the box when the mailman delivers. I hope they never stop making these!

Johnny, Long Island NY on 2012/03/15
CUZ is Good!!

This is a tough toy, great bounce action!! 2 German Shepards !! Still squeaking after 2 weeks!! I have purchased several CUZ toys, the dogs dig them!!

Allison, Columbus OH on 2011/05/03
GREAT dog toy!

This is the best toy ever! My dog is a shepherd mix and loves squeaky toys. I finally found one that she can't destroy. It took her months to wear out the squeaker. (We had previously dubbed her the "squeaker killer" since she went through so many toys so quickly.)

Iris, Ridgefield Park NJ on 2011/04/23
Durable toy, but say goodbye to the feet

I bought this in Medium a few months ago for my dogs (40 & 50 lbs) and they still love to play with it. The squeaker is as functional and loud as ever. At some point someone chewed the feet off, but the toy still squeaks without the feet, so we couldn't care less. My dogs aren't the type to eat toy pieces so I don't worry, but if your dog is, just keep an eye on him/her while playing, or maybe even cut the feet off yourself. Overall a great toy- squeaky, durable, and bouncy. Will always be a staple in my dogs' toy chest!

Michele, Baileys Harbor WI on 2010/06/19
Scotties Love GOOD CUZ!

Both of our Scotties, Molly and Connor adore GOOD Cuz toys. Molly carries hers around and hides them in places around the yard. Connor loves to steal them from her and he just shakes the heck out of them! Just wish they would put the opening to the squeaker between the FEET---that way they couldn't get to the Mr. SQUEAKMAN's voice at all!

Susie, Des Moines IA on 2009/10/06
Schichons love Cuz

They chewed the feet off as soon as I gave it to them. I am going to try the larger size. Beau loves throwing this around and making it squeak.

Pat, Ransomville NY on 2009/10/01
The dogs love it!

I have never bought a toy that squeaks that has not been ripped apart. But the Cuz is still in one piece! The sqeaky lasted longer than other toys, but still not more than a couple days. That's a couple days longer than usual! I recommend this to any sqeaky obsessed pet. I just should have bought the larger one instead!

Lorran, Casper WY on 2009/09/23
My dog won't stop playing with these toys!

Mya has always loved these toys but the local pet shop charges an arm and a leg for them. Pet Mountain's price was way under the local shop even with shipping. Mya carries one of these where ever she goes. They withstand her crazy chewing better than any other toy I have purchased.

Melanie, Ashland ME on 2007/12/17

CUZ Rubber Dog Toy... This is the only toy our 10-month-old Jack Russel hasn't been able to shred...Yet!! No more toy shreddings to constantly clean up!! Awesome!

Steph, Syracuse NY on 2007/07/20
My dog loves it

My English Bulldog loves this toy. He rips the feet off but still carries it around with him all the time. I have noticed that they stopped making the feet completely filled in and because of that it takes my dog seconds to rip the feet off. I wish they would bring back the ones with the complete feet.

Leslie, South Park PA on 2007/06/26
Great toy!

My puppy loves this toy. This is the only toy that my dane has been unable to destroy. He has had it for months and it is still in one piece and squeaks on. I've tried other toys labeled as 'indestructable'... he proved them wrong! This is a great toy!

Meghan, Pittsburgh PA on 2007/06/23
Sturdy and interactive

My doberman loves this toy. She has destroyed just about every toy I've gotten her (and she's only 8 months!) except this one. She loves the way it squeaks and carries it with her all of the time.