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JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin Baseball Assorted Colors by JW Pet

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SKU: JW40035
UPC: 618940400356
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JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin Baseball Assorted Colors Description

JW Pets iSqueak Rubber Baseball toy for dogs is the perfect pet toy for sport lovers. This fun interactive squeaky baseball toy is great to play fetch with! Your dog will love with the versatility of this toy. Play toss, pass, carry, and chew!

  • Squeaky rubber bouncy ball dog toy
  • Tough all natural rubber baseball shape is perfect for gripping
  • Great for tossing, passing, carrying and chewing
  • Certified non-toxic material
  • Bouncin Baseball Toys Come in Assorted Colors

Ball Sizing:
Small: 2" diameter
Medium: 3" diameter
Large: 4" diameter

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JW Pet iSqueak Bouncin Baseball Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Victoria, Livonia MI on 2016/12/01
My dogand#039;s favorite toy

JW Pet makes my dog's favorite ball. He has other toy balls, but prefers these over all the others. These last a long time and withstand all of the chewing. Great price and quality. Thanks for carrying such a great product!

Mary , East Norriton PA on 2015/08/15
Ella loves to play

Our dog carries her ball around in her mouth like a child has its pacifier. Therefore they need to be replaced regularly, these have been her favorite for 4 years price with great quality.

Diane, Tampa FL on 2015/06/18
Great Ball! Wish More Color Varieties!

I understand not being able to choose a color when only one is ordered, but when four or more or ordered, it would have been nice to receive different colors, instead of all the same.

Sheila, Fresno CA on 2015/01/28
So Pleased!

I have spent so much $$ on other squeaky toys for our German Short Hair and none of them lasted more than a few hours until she pulled them apart. This is the ONLY one that has lasted the test of time. Hershey is VERY HAPPY and so are we andamp;hearts;

Sheila, Fresno CA on 2015/01/28

I have spent so much $$ on other squeaky toys for our German Short Hair and none of them lasted more than a few hours until she pulled them apart. This is the ONLY one that has lasted the test of time. Hershey is VERY HAPPY and so are we andhearts;

Brooke, Jamestown NY on 2014/12/15
Great toy!

We own 3 dogs. 75# German Shorthaired Pointer, 55# Weimaraner/Beauceron/Husky mix, 48# English Pointer. We also foster and always have 1-3 english pointers of various sizes/ages with us. We go through lots of toys, especially when we have young foster dogs around. These balls are by far one of the most favorite toys for not only our dogs, but also the foster dogs. Most of the dogs we foster have never been in a house and have no clue what a dog toy is when they arrive. The balls from JW Pet have great noises and even once the squeaker is killed they still LOVE playing with them. They are great for fetch, fun for the dogs to interact together with and also they like to lay and squeeze them like they are chewing a big wad of gum. We have to keep at least half a dozen at our house at all times and the great prices from Pet Mountain allow us to easily do that!

Joan, Vancouver WA on 2014/10/15
The Best!

JW Squeaky Balls are the best I've ever found. My experience is they are super long lasting...including the squeak. Dogs seem to love them. Ordered 2 last time...just in case. Also speedy shipping. Thanks!

Douglas, Bellmore N. on 2014/03/11
My favorite dog toy

Between the thick, sturdy construction and a squeaker that doesn't poop out after one week, my dog is in heaven.

Curt, Lacey WA on 2013/12/07
My dog loves it but...

He had the darn squeaker out of it in 5 minutes. Should be mounted better? The ball is very durable and he still plays with it.

Penny, Mesa AZ on 2013/11/20
iSqueak Bouncing Baseball Rubber Dog Toy

It took the dog 2 hours to chew around and destroy the squeaker. The ball itself is still going strong... :0)

Molly, Honolulu HI on 2013/11/06
Best Ball Ever

This is one of the best balls I have purchased to date. I have a 50lb husky and this is the perfect size. It's large and durable.. no rips yet and he has not put it down. I would highly recommend! A must!

Pete, Pittston PA on 2013/10/22
Great Balls!

My dogs love these balls. My big guy just attacks them and is not happy until he gets the squeaker out. The balls last a decent length of time. Have several around the yard. My dogs carry them in the car and to the dog park. Beats the pet store prices by quite a bit and that why I'm a repeat customer for this product!

Bd, New Castle PA on 2013/06/17
My Rotties are in Squeaky Heaven!

I have two Rottweilers: a 6yr old and a 10mo old. Needless to say, finding toys that both last and that the girls enjoy has been challenging. After trying all different types of toys, these iSqueak balls have definitely become a favorite. It's been 3 months of daily play and aside from some teeth mark indentations, these balls are holding up excellently. I purchased both the medium and large and believe it or not, they prefer the medium size. The entire ball fits nicely into their mouths and the puppy loves to run around the yard squeaking and teasing her older "aunt." The way it's constructed, I can't see how the squeak can come out, since it's incorporated into the design of the ball, so I've had no issues with that. We love this toy and always keep several on hand for times when they get lost or buried! Good job JW!

Beach, Brooklyn NY on 2013/04/17
My dogs go nuts for these balls

My rambunctious Boston Terriers LOVE these squeaky balls. They are super bouncy and sturdier than the typical latex squeak toy. Did they eventually destroy them? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely. Also, this is the best price I've seen online for them and no tax!

Mardi, Indianapolis IN on 2013/02/21
Squeaky Frenzy

Buster is a squeaky toy nut and he has destroyed most, but the JW iSqueak balls are perfect for him. He can chew and squeak as much as he likes and the balls hold up. This one is a small ball and he prefers this little size but likes the bigger ones too. They send him into a squeaking frenzy.

Mardi, Indianapolis IN on 2013/02/21
Reward Ball

After bathroom visits outside, my dog is allowed to play with this ball for just a few minutes as a reward. He has other squeaky balls for all the time and this one is reserved for "Good Boy" when he comes in when called. It is strong and he can't eat the squeaker out of the ball. We love JW squeaky balls the best.

Doris, Hagerstown MD on 2013/01/05
Squeak Bouncing Ball

I have bought my dog one of these every month for three years. He loves it but the squeaker comes out after one or two times he plays with it. He is a 11 lb. Pomeranian. He can still play with it without the squeaker but it would be better if I didn't come out so easy.

Anonymous, New York NY on 2012/02/15
My English Bulldog loved it!

This toy is super tough and great value. My bulldog runs after it every time and easy to wash.

Marta, San Francisco CA on 2011/11/03
Great value for balls the dogs love.

These are a great value. They are the same quality as the cuz balls - nice construction and ability to maintain their squeak -- but cheaper and easier to fit into and throw with the chuck-it. My dogs love to play fetch with them!

Joan, Reading PA on 2011/08/16
Squeaker does not last

Nice ball, but my doxie can pull the squeaker out in five minutes at our house.

Kirsty, San Diego CA on 2011/05/25
Great size for small dogs

I have a 15 lb Maltipoo and he loves this ball! it's just the right size for him to hold in his mouth and it's easy to squeak. It's also very tough... he has another one which has lasted for years. My older, bigger dog also loves this one, and hasn't been able to destroy it! Would definitely recommend!

Kendra, Lansing MI on 2011/02/24

My two golden retrievers LOVE this toy. They are constantly fighting over this toy. They also have managed to get all the squeakers out of every brand of toys but JW. I would recommended ANY JW product for tough chewing dogs!

Bill, Long Island NY on 2011/02/09
Good Stuff!

JW if you want squeaks and you want a toy that will last this is it! 2 German Shepards love the squeakers and all JW squeak longer than all the rest, and they have a nice flavor and smell to them..good stuff, we like JW toys, we have a bunch of them!

Dolores, Fresno CA on 2010/10/29
My dogs love these!

Our 2 Rotties destroy every ball we give them in about a week. These balls last at least a month or 2 and they love them!

Shari, Bryan TX on 2010/10/19
These last forever - great fun

our little pupster loves these balls, they last forever - hours of entertainment inside or out