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JW Pet Megalast Rubber Ball Toy - Assorted Colors by by JW Pet

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SKU: JW46300
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SKU: JW46300M
UPC: 680031018498
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SKU: JW46302
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Product Description

The JW Pet Megalast Ball is made from a super tough durable megalastomer and is infused with vanilla. These buoyant, floating toys are mega strong, mega bouncy, and mega fun. Medium Megalast Ball has a 1 inch inner diameter. Large Megalast Ball has a 1.25 inch inner diameter.

  • Floats in water
  • Super durable, bouncy and fun
  • Infused with vanilla for extra flavor
  • Made in the USA with recyclable materials

Medium: 3" Diameter
Large: 4" Diameter

Note: Balls ship in assorted colors - please allow us pick a color for you!

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    John, Port Angeles WA on 12-10-2017
    Awsome chew ball

    We have a Doberman that can chew thru any chew toy. Problem with the hard bones is the NOISE of chewing and wearing of his teeth. The Megalast Rubber Ball Toy by JW Pet is a soft rubber (silicone) that has been indestructible so far and the noise of chewing is much diminished. He really enjoys this toy. The Jack Russell also has fun with it.

    Tina, Waynesburg PA on 08-13-2016
    WOW...just WOW!

    Our Dalmatian has had his time shredding and destroying his many toys throughout his 3 years, but this ball has lasted over 2 years (it goes everywhere with him, even to bed!) and it's still going strong!!! It's even endured a few trips through the lawn mower! LOL You CAN NOT destroy this ball! We've been looking for another one of these for over a year now and just found this website, so needless to say, we're ordering a few more. Best ball out there!!!

    Mitch, Clearlake Oaks CA on 02-23-2016
    Wonderful rubber ball

    This ball is just great, another fine product that my dog cant destroy, my puppy just loves to play with it.

    Regina, Columbus OH on 10-27-2015
    Everything I have ordered

    This site is amazing. everything is just what it describes, prices are wonderful. I love Pet Mountain, the best site ever for all my pets - dogs, bearded dragon, and ferrets. I love it, and my pets do too....

    Vicki, Annandale VA on 04-15-2015

    Perfect for a dog park - only reason I had to buy a second one is because some dog took the first one home!

    Sue, Streamwood IL on 04-07-2015
    Durable and fun

    I will be ordering more of this item. Both our dogs can catch this without a problem, it has many pockets for their teeth. They have had many hours of fun with this ball.

    Mike, Mukwonago WI on 08-28-2014
    JW Megalast rubber chew ball

    This ball is absolutely indestructible. My Golden lost his first one and it took two months to find a replacement from Pet Mountain. He destroyed at least six other balls during that time. Recommend the 3" size for a 65# dog, any dog bigger than that go with the 4". Awesome product, plus it's hilarious when he barks with it between his teeth.

    Ray, Lehigh Acres FL on 04-30-2014
    Tough ball

    3 weeks and the pit duo has not managed to dissect it yet.

    Barbara, San Mateo CA on 04-03-2014
    Wow, what a difference Vanilla makes.....

    When I was told my new dog was strong, I chuckled as I've had purebred Chow and another GSD/Chow/Jindo.....when my 3rd box of toys were delivered, I was at my wits end. This toy is 'revered' by my dog, it's the only one that has survived in about 20 so far...!! It didn't register what was keeping his attention, until I read about the "vanilla"..........he doesn't like Peanut Butter, and other normal smells and tastes of most canines, so now it is time to order two more, he'll be besides himself. Please send me other ones that are not ball type and neo-green colored, he already has one.........Thank whomever who was genius enough to make this awesome toy.........!!

    Kent, Conyers GA on 02-11-2014
    Exactly what I wanted

    I have two Boston Terriers that are champion chewers. The dog toys I ordered are their match! The balls keep them occupied for hours, bounce well when thrown and last for weeks if not months. I ordered 4, received a color mix, and will order again when Im down to 2 remaining.

    Gail, Redondo Beach CA on 12-25-2013

    Have an 80 lb Dobie/Shep and a 70 lb Dobie. They love playing with this ball. Way better than a tennis ball since they have not destroyed it after 3 weeks! Still going strong.

    Rich, Smithfield VA on 12-13-2013
    The best there is!

    Our 8 month old Weimaraner chews and destroys all toys including Kong balls. This ball however has amazing material properties. It's soft but has surprising resistance to being compressed, which keeps it fun & safe for the puppy. I've watched him chew through a tennis ball in about 5 minutes. This ball is so tough he doesn't leave teeth marks in it & he is really squashing it. The hole in the middle is perfect for a throwing stick - I cut a sapling, smoothed out the branches & you can really fling the ball. Big advantage as I am getting over shoulder surgery. Since the balls have a smooth skin they don't collect a lot of dirt & can be rinsed off easily. They are absolutely the best there is, kudos to the manufacturer. Great smell & colors. Buy several as gifts for your dog owner friends.

    Cathi, Little Valley NY on 06-05-2013
    EXCELLENT for Power Chewers!!!

    I have been very impressed by this toy. My beagle finds a way to destroy 90% of his toys, even those marketed as "tough", "durable", or for "power chewers". This one has lasted very well, he hasn't even made a dent in it in months. He plucks away at it in his kennel and it holds strong. I'm very impressed!

    Paula, Salem OR on 08-13-2012
    My mega-chewer Dachsies love it!

    This ball is made of a wonderful semi- pliable material that my dogs love to chew on. My super chewer Mini Dachsund usually manages to tear up toys (even the ones that are designed to hold up to heavy chewing) in a matter of minutes; he thinks that is his job :). But even though he attacked this ball with an excited determination when it arrived today, he hasnt been able to even make a noticeable mark on it so far. If your dog likes the Mega last type material but chewed up other toys made of it (like the long dog) I urge you to try this one! The ridges and hole in the center can hold treats too.

    Johnny, Long Island NY on 06-17-2011


    James, Corpus Christi TX on 06-01-2011
    He Loves it and I do too

    The Megalast Ball works as advertised. My puppy loves it and I do too because after 2 works he has not chewed it to pieces.

    Jackie, Harrisburg PA on 01-06-2011
    My dogs luv this ball!

    I originally picked up one of these balls on an impulse to try. My Australian Cattle dog immediately fixated on it and would not play with anything else. I had to get several more to keep the peace. The ball has a soft texture and pleasant vanilla smell. The orange colored balls are easier to find than the yellow. I also think the vanilla scent allows my dogs to locate the balls when they are not visible. The softer texture of this ball permits my dogs to catch this toy in the air without injuring their mouth or teeth. Other hard rubber toys were causing my dogs to cut their mouth and tongue when they caught them in the air or off of a bounce. My dogs have not chewed or otherwise tried to destroy this toy. However, I gave one to a family members Chocolate Lab that proceeded to rip and chew little pieces of the rubber off. My Cattle dog has destroyed other toys, but not this one for some strange reason.If you have a dog that enjoys fetching and squeezing a soft ball but is not intent on destroying, this is the toy.