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Kaytee Box O Hay Variety Pack Carrot, Mint and Marigold by Kaytee

  • $6.99
  • Save $3 (41%)
SKU: KT94480
UPC: 071859944807
MPN: 100505084
  • $41.99
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SKU: KT94480M
UPC: 688713111338
MPN: 94480M

Kaytee Box O Hay Variety Pack Carrot, Mint and Marigold Description

Kaytees Box 'O Hay Variety Pack - Carrot, Mint and Marigold provides foraging with premium timothy hay, a great source of fiber for small animals that need it for proper digestive health.

  • Nutritious timothy hay is high in fiber and aids digestive process
  • Added vitamins for health benefits
  • Satisfies need to forage

Small pets enjoy searching and foraging for their food, and chewing their way to their tasty reward. This foraging treat provides a fun activity and variety to your small pets diet!

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Kaytee Box O Hay Variety Pack Carrot, Mint and Marigold Customer Reviews

Tristan, Candor NY on 2015/10/21
Great Nibble past time

This product really is a hit or miss. My male guinea pig was not interested, but my female LOVES them! If your guinea pig enjoys chewing on paper towel rolls then I would recommend this product. Definitely will buy again for my little lady.

Lily, Brooklyn NY on 2011/11/27

I was really excited to feed my hamster some hay because I've never seen her eat grass and things of that sort. I put it in the cage and she did not give it any care at all. Despite the nice scent, she only sniffs it and walks on top of it; that's about it.