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Kaytee Bunny Flip N Toss Toy by Kaytee

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Kaytee Bunny Flip N Toss Toy Description

Kaytee Bunny Flip N Toss Toy. Its totally true, rabbits really love to throw things. Don't let your rabbit get bored. Say "bye-bye" to bored bunnies! Your rabbits will love playing with this fun carrot-shaped toy.

  • Sisal rope surface is perfect to pick up and play with
  • Bunnies love to roll 'em, nudge 'em, flip 'em, and toss 'em
  • Prevent bored bunnies

The sisal rope surface is perfect for them to pick up and play with. You'll be amazed as your bunny rolls 'em, nudges 'em, flips 'em, and tosses 'em around!

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Kaytee Bunny Flip N Toss Toy Customer Reviews

Glori, W. Amherst NY on 2010/10/19
A gift for my daughters bunny called SUNNY

Sunny amuses everyone when she plays with these Flip and Toss Carrots.

Rayne, La Mirada CA on 2007/09/10
My bunny loves!

Its safe but durable. My bunny loves to toss and throw this thing like no other.

Bekka, Somewhere In WI on 2007/08/06
Purchased for my Bunny

I had gotten one for my rabbit and she really does not get excited about this toy. I had one before that she chewed up and thought she liked it so I bought another one. I decided now that I will not purchase this toy again.

Jenn, Elyria OH on 2007/05/11
one of the best

Great rabbit toy. All rabbits love them. It is fun to watch them throw it around.