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Kaytee Chew Proof Glass Water Bottle by by Kaytee

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Product Description

Kaytee Chew Proof Water Bottle is made of sturdy glass and a stainless steel sipper tube. Includes a spring attachment hanger and a security hanger to safely hold the bottle to the inside or outside of the pet's (wire) home.

  • Safe and Durable chew proof design for Guinea Pigs, Rats, Chinchilla, or other Small Animals
  • Double ball bearing design for a drip resistant sipper tube
  • A floating duck allows you to easily view water level in bottle

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Alice, Atlanta GA on 12-14-2014

On most of these reviews, people seem to have been having trouble getting water to come out of this bottle. My situation is quite the contrary. It drips uncontrollably!

Renee, Christiansburg VA on 06-08-2011
Not Reliable

Could not get the water to dispense properly. I replaced the sipper parts with others that I had and they seem to work better now. If your pet can't drink, the glass is not a benefit.

Mary Ann, Omaha NE on 08-06-2010
Works well.

Rabbits cannot chew holes in it.

Brandice, Everett WA on 03-11-2010
Will never buy a cheap plastic bottle again!

I've owned many rodents and have had issues with the plastic water bottles. I had one rat that kept chewing through her bottle, making a mess of her cage. After finding this, I have never gone back to the cheap plastic bottles! No more mess, or costly bottle replacements every few days! Rats, gerbils, bunnies, works great for all!

Lisa, Anniston AL on 12-24-2009
Perfect for my Pets!

Plastic water bottles present a huge problem when you have pets that chew! Not only is it expensive to replace them once the top has been chewed resulting in a soaked cage as well; but the only solution I had found was to tape a metal lid to the tops to prevent chewing. Not an attractive option! These heavy glass bottles are perfect! They are chew proof and thanks to the little duck inside, it's easy to tell when they need a refill! Thanks for a great product!

Kathy, Alpharetta GA on 06-18-2009
This is the answer to water problems!!

Great way to water small parrots. Water stays fresh and clean. Have many pairs, use this in all our cages. We love this product.

Jennifer, Missoula MT on 01-16-2008
Better then expected!!!

Great products at the best price I have found. I ordered several things and am happy with all that I ordered. I will be ordering again.

Mark, Nazareth PA on 04-29-2007
Exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted a bottle that I could leave full for a long time without worrying about the plastic effecting the freshness of the water. I'm not sure if that's ever an issue but I know this did the trick!