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Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Pet Bedding by Kaytee

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Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Pet Bedding Description

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Pet Bedding is an absorbent small pet bedding thats safe for your pet. 20 percent more absorbent than other leading brands, this bedding is 99.9 percent dust free and offers guaranteed odor control. It absorbs 6X its own weight in liquid, keeping your pets cage clean longer.

  • Completely safe, 99.9 percent dust free paper-based bedding
  • Ultra absorbent bedding
  • Provides guaranteed odor control

Kaytee Small Pet Bedding is ideal for burrowing or nesting animals. This incredibly absorbent paper-based substrate provides less mess and easier cage cleanup than other beddings. Compressed bag: bedding expands to more than 3X the shipping size.

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Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Pet Bedding Customer Reviews

Jim, Fridley MN on 2015/08/12
KAYTEE Clean and Cozy bedding

Great product, so easy to use and break up. Our bunnies just love it. And a great price.

Brenda, Longview TX on 2015/07/23
My "piggies" love this bedding.

Kaytee bedding is soft and cozy. Every time I change their bedding my guinea pigs jump (popcorn) up and down and tunnel through it, play running all around. It costs less than the other top brand and actually works better!

Lacie, Phenix City AL on 2015/06/13
Good for bedding but not great for odor control

I bought this for my hamsters after a problem with another well known brand.My guys love it. It's very soft and absorbent (it's like shredded tissue paper) but it's not very good with odor control.I mix it with some of Nat Geo's Comfort Bedding to help with the odor and it works well.

Julie, Anderson IN on 2015/04/27
The Bunny and The Pig are Happy Critters

Can't beat the prices and having the bedding shipped directly to home saves a trip to the store. Thanks Pet Mountain for making my life a little easier.

Chantel, Marrero LA on 2015/04/10
Excellent Product

I purchased the Kaytee Clean and Cozy Bedding for my two Guinea Pigs Lex and Steel. The product works very well and is so soft they absolutely love it. Pet Mountain also has wonderful prices. One happy customer and two content four legged family members here. Thanks Kaytee for making a wonderful product.

Selena, Ft. Wright KY on 2014/11/18
Love it!

We decided to give this a try since the other known brand we used was so expensive. I have to say we LOVE IT! It's much softer and goes a lot farther than the other. We're hooked. Thanks for offering a competitive priced alternative.

Lynnette, Galesburg IL on 2014/06/29

We had been using the CareFresh bedding and I thought it was really good, but it always had a lot of dust in it. We ran out of it and decided to try the Kaytee Clean and Cozy small pet bedding instead. It is wonderful! There is almost zero dust in it. It is light weight and the rats love that for when they are rooting around and pushing their bedding all over. We have six rats at this time and I wouldn't use anything else. It also doesn't take as much in their cages as it did with the other so it saves us money. Just a wonderful product.

Angela, Winter Springs FL on 2014/04/27
Outstanding product and outstanding value

Our 4 Guineas LOVE this product! We are very happy with the product, price, and service. Thank you Pet Mountain!

Caroline, Barnegat NJ on 2014/03/08
Clean and Cozy with Odor Control!

I use this bedding for the feeding side of my guinea pig cage where they mostly eat and eliminate. It is really nice bedding -- no dust, absorbent, and controls odor longer than others I've tried. (I have a CandC type cage so the rest is fleece. This bedding helps with daily odor. Also use this for the hamster -- he makes a fluff bed and burrows in. Clean and Cozy pets are Happy Pets!

Lisa, Sibley MO on 2014/02/20
Guinea Pigs Love their Fluff

We call the bedding "fluff". Our guinea pigs love it.

Lisa, Leander TX on 2014/02/13
Good product

I have two guinea pigs, two rabbits, and two hamsters. this product does a great job absorbing messes and keeping the odor down.

Nicole, Up North MI on 2013/10/02
Hamsters Love to sleep in it!

This a great product for your hamster's area that he likes to sleep in, but has NO odor control so it is not something you want to use as a litter.

Jana, Waynesboro PA on 2013/08/13
My bunnys favorite

This is the best bedding we've found - soft and fluffy, and very absorbent. My bun loves to make little nests in it and push it around. It also does well at controlling odor.