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Kaytee Critter Cuddle-E-Cup by Kaytee

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SKU: PI62272
UPC: 045125622720
MPN: 100079510

Kaytee Critter Cuddle-E-Cup Description

Kaytee Cuddly Cup features an ultra-soft, padded faux fur interior providing your pet with the ultimate cozy resting spot. Made from durable polyester material, the bed is machine washable.

  • A cozy and secure resting spot
  • Machine washable
  • Ideal for rats,chinchillas, ferrets and other small animals

Comes with a strong strap that secures the bed into position anywhere in your pets cage. Critters can't wait to curl up in comfort inside Critter Cuddle-E-Cup!

Note: Ships in assorted colors - let us pick a color for you.

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Kaytee Critter Cuddle-E-Cup Customer Reviews

Gina, Boulder CO on 2016/02/04
Guinea Pigs love it!

I was surprised when I received this, as I thought it would be a lot smaller and this would be too big for my guinea pigs. But, they love it and spend a lot of time sitting in it.

Jessica , Peoria IL on 2015/10/28
Well worth the purchase!

My ferret loved this bed it is really soft and he fits in there perfectly! I definitely recommend this product for any small animal.

Christina, Louisville KY on 2014/06/12
Nice Bed

This is a nice bed that my rats love, but I wish the hook was at the top of the back of the bed instead of at the bottom. The back of the bed won't stay up, so they end up laying on the outside of the bed instead of in the fleece. They still like it though.

Becky, Hamilton OH on 2011/02/06
My Rats Love It

We have two cages with a couple rats in each. I only purchased one to see if the rats would even sleep in it - they do on a regular basis. Ordering a second one for our other cage. Great product, great value.