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Kaytee Critter Litter Premium Potty Training Pearls by Kaytee

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Kaytee Critter Litter Premium Potty Training Pearls Description

Eliminate the mess with Kaytee Critter Litter, the premier potty training solution for small pets. Great for rabbits, ferrets and other small pets, this all natural litter absorbs moisture on contact, and the pearl shape significantly reduces dust production.

  • The sanitary solution for litter pan training
  • Made of natural, non-toxic bentonite
  • Helps reduce overall cage cleaning

Made of all natural bentonite, Kaytee Critter Litter is non-toxic and 99% dust-free. It makes an ideal potty training, clean-cage solution for ferrets, rabbits, and other small pets. Resealable package.

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Kaytee Critter Litter Premium Potty Training Pearls Customer Reviews

Holly, Grabill IN on 2016/09/15
Great product!

Great price, great product, great delivery.

Peggy, Platte City MO on 2016/08/26
Product ordered

Great product, excellent shipping! My rabbit deserves the "best"!

April, Texico IL on 2015/07/22
Great Buy!

I buy this in bulk. It's a good product at a good price. My chinchillas love having new Critter Litter. They immediately get into it.

Christina, Fort Worth TX on 2015/01/06
Works well and compostable, too!

Love the fact that I can dump this stuff (and the bedding, too) into the compost bin! Wish it would hold smell better, but product serves its purpose!

John, Princeton NJ on 2008/02/10
Critter Litter

Works well. Keep odors down. Easy to store in dry place.

Patty, Collingswood NJ on 2008/01/11
Works well with 3 ferrets.

I have always used recycled newspaper litter and with three ferrets the mess and smell can get pretty bad. I tried critter litter a few weeks ago on a whim and was so surprised at the difference! It absorbs the moisture so completely it practically takes away the smell. Plus my ferrets are really attracted to it and use the litter boxes much more now. And I don't have to change the litter entirely each day, only the soiled portion. The beads break down into a dust when wet, so the litter boxes themselves stay pretty dry. I would recommend this litter to anyone with multiples. It has made a world of difference for me.

Rayne, La Mirada CA on 2007/09/04
Perfectly great!

I use this litter for my dwarf rabbit. Usually, rabbit urine can smell very strongly but ever since I started using Critter Litter the smell is hardly detectable. Cleaning is easier and its safe. I use a little Carefresh bedding on top, just to keep it from sticking to my bunny's paws and bottom. Its a great product and its at an affordable price here.

Diana, Norwalk CT on 2007/06/28
My bunny and I love it!

This litter is amazing! It soaks up instantly and forms a clayish substance. Changing the litter frequently (before allowing it to get wet throughout) prevents the "clay" from sticking to the litter box and makes the cleanup a breeze.

Carolyn , Poteet TX on 2007/01/21
Works Great for my sneezing ferret

I have 3 ferrets, one that has allergies to all most every litter out there. I was given a sample of this litter from one of the pet stores so I gave it a try. No sneezing, or scrating. For odor control works good. If you like me have a pet that has allergies give this a try