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Kaytee CritterTrail Carry and Go Habitat (Mini 1) by Kaytee

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SKU: PI60501
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Kaytee CritterTrail Carry and Go Habitat (Mini 1) Description

Kaytee CritterTrail Carry and Go Habitat (Mini 1) travel sized habitat perfect for all hamsters, gerbils and mice. Carrying handle makes travel easy. Attach to other CritterTrail habitats to create more room for your pet to explore.

  • Connectable travel-sized habitat
  • Makes travel time easy
  • Ideal for dwarf hamsters, gerbils and pet mice

Provides safe and secure environment for tiny pets. Easy to clean design. Includes water bottle and food dish. SUPER PROTECT Antimicrobial Technology is built into all plastic interior surfaces providing a healthier, cleaner habitat for your pet.

Note: Formerly known as CritterTrail One.

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4.8 (4)

Kaytee CritterTrail Carry and Go Habitat (Mini 1) Customer Reviews

Melissa, West Columbia SC on 2015/08/07
Great Add-on

This cage is great for additional space for your little dwarf hamster! Definitely way too small for being the primary living space, but if you want to add to your existing CritterTrail cage or use it as a carrying cage it works great! Make sure to buy tubes to connect other habitats, and make sure any cage accessories aren't very large as this cage isn't very large height or length/width wise. My only complaint is the placement of the water bottle, as it it pretty low and is a bit in the way of the opening for connecting tubes. It also can't be used in other openings and can't be removed because caps, tubes, and bubble plugs don't fit the opening, which is too large.Overall it's a great product, made well for the price, and easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning! Highly recommended for dwarf hamsters.

Valarie, Rockford IL on 2006/11/26

When I found this cage I knew that it would be the perfect thing to keep my mouse in when I cleaned her cage. And it was! I also use it to carry her around the house in. [Her normal cage isn't quite as easy to do that with.]