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Kaytee CritterTrail Two Level Habitat by Kaytee

  • $119.99
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SKU: PI60525
UPC: 045125605259
MPN: 100079217

Kaytee CritterTrail Two Level Habitat Description

The Kaytee CritterTrail Two Level Habitat is an expanded 2-level habitat for all hamsters, gerbils and mice. Removable Petting Zone allows for easy interaction and is a safe resting location.

  • Expanded 2-level habitat for all hamsters, gerbils and mice
  • Removable Petting Zone allows for easy interaction
  • Expandability ports allow connectible accessories to be added

Create a dream environment with expandability ports that allow connectible accessories to be added. Easy to clean construction with deep base. Well ventilated environment. Includes quiet exercise wheel, water bottle and food dish. Antimicrobial technology is built into all interior surfaces to provide a healthier habitat.

*Formerly known as CritterTrail Two

Dimensions: 16"L x 10.5"W x 16"H

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Kaytee CritterTrail Two Level Habitat Customer Reviews

Staci, Saginaw MI on 2010/05/26
Like this Cage

I bought a different critter cage and it was very difficult to clean. I had to take all the tubing apart to clean the wheel as the hamsters constantly were building their nests in the wheel and storing their food in there. The wheel has to be completely disassembled to get it cleaned. I bought a wire 3 story cage online hoping it would be easier to clean but it turned out to be junk and I took it back. This cage is heaven to clean compared to my other critter cage. I use both but now they don't sleep in their wheel. If you think cleaning out this cage is difficult, believe me there are worse ones out there.

Kerry, Long Beach CA on 2010/02/18

Less expensive than a competitor website....same product! EXTREMELY FAST SHIPPING!

Marissa, Eagar AZ on 2009/04/16
the best thing

omg! i love this cage and so doee my little leo he loves it and gets good excersize on the wheel. i bought all my supplies from here its awesome but especially the cage!

Amber, Milwaukee WI on 2007/02/18
The hamster haven!

I bought this cage a little weary after reading some of the reviews. When we got home it was slightly difficult to put together, but nothing more complicated then a 5 year old could manage. We chose not to put in some things, such as the 2 levels, beause they simply we're not the quality that our little Borracho has become accustom to. Borracho loves this hamster haven!If he's not spurlunking up and down the tubes, you can find him in the petting zone, which he has claimed as his bodure.This cage will provide hours of excitment and wonder for you and your little buddy!I love that you can remove the petting zone, so you can clean it more frequently, because our Borracho deserves a happy, healthy, and clean home.Borracho says "This is the best home EVER!".

Amanda, Sidney NE on 2007/02/05
Great products!

Super Pet Critter Trail products are great! I have had the Critter Trail 1 and 3 and they were extremely easy to clean and reassemble.