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Kaytee ElectroNectar Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar by Kaytee

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Kaytee ElectroNectar Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar Description

Kaytee ElectroNectar Concentrate mimics flower nectar and attracts hummingbirds! With added electrolytes and no artificial colors, Kaytee Electronectar is just like flowers and is naturally clear, with no added colors for more pure nutrition.

  • Naturally clear hummingbird nectar
  • Mimics flower nectar with added electrolytes
  • No artificial colors

Why clear Because hummingbirds are attracted to the color of your feeder, not the color of the food - and clear is better for the birds. Hummingbirds have tremendous amounts of energy, strength and endurance. To keep up their active lifestyles, they have to consume half their body weight each and every day. This can equal the nectar of up to 1,000 flowers a day! Kaytee ElectroNectar is scientifically developed to perfectly mimic the nectar of flowers better than other nectars or homemade sugar water, so your local hummingbirds get the very best meal possible.

Feeding Directions: Shake well. Just add water to 16 oz concentrate to make 64 oz of nectar. Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture (max) - 80.0%
Sucrose (min) - 20.0%
Sodium (max) - 0.004%; (max) - 0.02%
Potassium (min) - 0.035%

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Kaytee ElectroNectar Concentrate Hummingbird Nectar Customer Reviews

Lois, Jackson CA on 2018/06/14
Best Hummingbird Food Ever

My hummingbirds love this food. I have 4 feeders with perches and the birds sit, drink and drink. The number of birds has increased dramatically, and they are bringing their fledglings to eat as well.

Lee, Tucson AZ on 2016/10/29
Best Nectar

I no longer have to shop for which nectar to buy OR where to buy it. This is what has become my staple to use in my 4 hummingbird feeders. Great deal from Pet Mountain.

Lois, Jackson CA on 2016/06/08
Kaytee ElectroNectar Concentrate by Kaytee

The hummers love it!

J, Seattle WA on 2015/10/07
Great Nectar

The hummingbirds seem to love it, we have Anna's hummingbirds at our feeder every day. And I really like that there are no artificial colors in it. Great stuff!

Doug, Windsor CA on 2014/04/02
Humming Birds Really Love This Stuff

Been using other product that's RED for years and the humming birds would migrate in winter, with the electronectar they stayed all winter, they Really love this clear nectar stuff.

Mirsa, Northridge CA on 2013/09/21

I've been feeding the hummingibrds this nectar for about a year now. They love it! I am happy to have found a place where I can buy it by the case and it was quickly delivered. If you want hummingbirds in your garden, try this product! You'll have a lot of beautiful birds visiting you daily.