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Kaytee Finch Station 2 Soft Mesh Sock Feeder by by Kaytee

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Product Description

Kaytee Finch Station 2 Soft Mesh Sock Feeder holds up to 7 lbs of seed to attract more finches. A unique gravity fed system replenishes the mesh sock to extend the interval between refills, encouraging more visits from shy songbirds.

  • Holds up to 7 lbs of seed
  • Easy-to-fill sock with transparent reservoir
  • Finches flock to the sock

This feeder is loaded with special features from the top down, all designed to fill your yard with beautiful feathered friends. The Finch Station 2 hangs from a durable, pre-looped coated metal cable, with a transparent, easy-to-fill, weather-resistant reservoir dome to hold extra seed. Gravity automatically drops seed into the socks, which are securely fastened by a built-in elastic band. Multiple socks offer more surface area (meaning more finches), and the soft mesh material is easy for birds to grasp and start feeding.

Includes 4 socks, including 2 replacement socks. Fill your Finch Station 2 with Kaytee Nyjer Seed or Wild Finch Blend for great results (seed sold separately).

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    Customer Reviews

    Evelyn, Elgin OR on 2013/12/12
    A must for my goldfinches!

    I can't imagine feeding goldfinches without the 2-sock feeder. I now have two of them, and during the winter they are loaded with goldfinches. A real plus for me - and the birds - is that the squirrels can't get to them as they can to the sunflower seed feeders. Great quality and unbeatable price!

    Mary, Neenah WI on 2013/09/25

    I have had this type of feeder for a number of years and it was beginning to show its age. So I ordered a new one and replacement socks right away as I cannot find them anywhere in my area. Will continue to use it as long as they make it!!!!

    Greg, Canfield OH on 2012/08/10
    Wasn't made as strong as the 3 before

    The plastic wasn't as strong as the other 3 I purchased in the past and the cable not as heavy as other 3 feeder.

    Sue, Bella Vista AR on 2010/09/26
    We love this feeder - birds, birds & more birds

    From the moment I hung it just outside our back deck which is about 1 story up from the ground, just as advertised, the little finches and some other small birds covered it up - they love it too. The only problem is the squirrels and raccoons tearing holes in the mesh - everybody 2 legged and 4 seems to love it - thanks...Sue

    Donna, Falmouth ME on 2010/09/24
    Great feeder

    I always had goldfinch in the 14 years I have lived here until the last 2 summers. Had tried all kinds of feeders and nothing. So when I saw the Finch Station 2 I decided to try it. I counted 16 finch on it this AM. Always have a lot on there, but not this many. I am so pleased with it. Thanks

    Gwen, Chico CA on 2010/09/17
    More finches

    I have had more finch with it than any other feeder. With the opening at the top, it is so simple to refill.

    Lori, Vail AZ on 2010/07/04
    Works like a dream!

    We purchased Kaytee Finch Feeder 2 a little more than 2 years ago. It has been very well used and has withstood the grueling AZ sun very well. Gold finches, Rose Breasted finches, and many other small birds love this feeder. We top it off every 3-5 days. It's a snap to fill. And socks are easy to replace. I recommend getting a 4 pack when you get the feeder so you're ready to replace a sock if it gets some holes in it. Overall socks are very durable and last well. I'm getting another new feeder today.

    Parnell, Green Bay WI on 2010/06/14
    Finch Station 2

    I bought a Finch Station 2 a few weeks ago and within a week gold finches, purple finches, and chickadees were flocking to it. Now I'm purchasing one for my father.

    Sue, Perry OH on 2010/06/07
    The finches flock to it!

    This is a fantastic feeder. I couldnt believe how quickly it attracted quite the flock of finches. The birds just love it. I love that I can get replacement socks for when they get worn out.