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Kaytee Forage N Play Ladder by by Kaytee

  • $12.99
  • (48%)
SKU: PI81332
UPC: 045125813326
MPN: 100504786

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Product Description

Kaytee Forage 'N' Play Ladders present fun challenges for pet birds! Bright colors attract birds' attention and help encourage climbing, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Includes metal hooks for easy attachment to your bird's cage.

  • Provides exercise and mental stimulation for birds
  • Allows easy access to perches
  • Colorful and well crafted

These ladders will help challenge your bird's natural desire to explore and investigate! Promoting healthy and recommended exercise, these are the perfect activity outlet and come with multiple textures and materials to reduce "birdie boredom"!

Medium: 26" Long (African Greys & Conures)

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Customer Reviews

Lisa, Campbell CA on 2015/04/20
Awesome swing/perch/deal!! Buy this for your small birds!!!

My flocks of 8 budgies and 6 lovebirds (2 separate cages) absolutely LOVE this swinging ladder. This is the 4th one I've purchased in the last 3 years, as the lovebirds want a second ladder hung in their large cage. Its triple functions (perches, chewable materials, swing) make it a must-have for small birds. The low price is an added, great bonus!

Sue, Barrington IL on 2013/12/05
Well Constructed and Playful

It took almost a week before the parakeets accepted it but now they climb it, play and pull out the toys at the end of the steps and use it to get into and out of their bath. I like the fact that I can replace the toys after the parakeets have pulled them apart. The construction is solid and easy to clean. I look forward to this being a part of the exercise equipment in the cage for a number of years.