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Kaytee Hamster Potty by Kaytee

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Kaytee Hamster Potty Description

The Kaytee Hamster Potty was developed to take advantage of your small animals natural instinct to go potty in one specific area of their home. Place this convenient mini litter box anywhere in your hamster or gerbils habitat and fill with Kaytee Potty Litter to life cleaner for your small pet (and easier for you)!

  • Can be placed anywhere inside of any hamster or gerbil home
  • Comes complete with free sample of Potty Litter
  • Includes sifting scoop to help with cleaning the litter

Includes free sample of Potty Litter and sifting scoop to help with cleaning the litter. Yes, you really can potty train your small animal pet! For hamsters, mice and gerbils.

Note: Ships in assorted colors - please let us choose one for you!

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Kaytee Hamster Potty Customer Reviews

Megan, Greenville MI on 2016/02/06
Works great!

My Syrian Hamster used her litter box from day one of adding it to her cage! It makes cleaning much easier and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Sarah, Otto NC on 2007/09/04
our class loved it

we got one for the rats in our class and they took to it instantly! i would definatly recommend this to anyone who wants a small animal litter box.

Patty, Cornersville TN on 2007/06/05
I love it

They really use it, the hamsters love it.

Ieshea, Caldwell ID on 2007/04/02
Works like a charm

I love my little litter boxes I breed hamsters and It is so nice to have them litter trained. I have a mom and her 12 pups in one cage and they all use the litter box. It is so nice to be able to tell my customers that my babies are all ready litter trained. It is so much easier to keep the cages clean.