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Kaytee Hay Manger With Salt Spool Hanger by Kaytee

  • $17.99
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SKU: PI61912
UPC: 045125619126
MPN: 100079402
  • $80.99
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Kaytee Hay Manger With Salt Spool Hanger Description

Kaytee Hay Manger was designed to provide your pet with alfalfa, timothy hay, or other fresh vegetables that it naturally craves and needs. Hay Manger attaches directly inside any wire cage at any level that is easy for your pet to access.

  • The original hay and salad buffet
  • Features safe salt spool hanger
  • Durable treat dispenser for rabbits, guinea pigs and other furry friends
  • Hay Manger Dimensions: 8"L x 2.5"W x 7"H

Kaytee Hay Manger was designed to keep alfalfa and hay off cage floors where it would become soiled, plus it eliminates wasted food. Hay Manger also comes with a built-in salt spool hanger so you have a sanitary spot for your critters Salt Savors.

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Kaytee Hay Manger With Salt Spool Hanger Customer Reviews

Katie, Vail AZ on 2014/09/19

Not as nice as i thought it was..

Rich, Indian River MI on 2007/12/05
De Rigueur for discriminating rabbits

This particular hay manger has the features that are perfect for feeding daily hay requirements to rabbits. My spunky Flemish Giants also use it as a toss toy if it becomes empty. This type of hay manger stays cleaner than solid-metal-outside-cage-installation models and the design prevents mold and deterioration of unfinished hays. I do not recommend this for young rabbits, nor small breeds, as, I had a two-month bun's hind leg caught between the wires when I went out to feed my herd one morning. Nevertheless, this item is 'de rigueur' for discriminating rabbit gourmands.

Jeffrey, Monrovia MD on 2007/07/07
Hay Manger

Built in salt spool hanger is an excellent idea. I love this product....