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Kaytee Igloo for Small Pets Assorted Colors by Kaytee

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Kaytee Igloo for Small Pets Assorted Colors Description

Kaytee Animal Igloo comes in assorted colors and they're made of translucent plastic so you can see your pet inside its Igloo even when your pet thinks its hiding! Super Pet Igloos are constructed from durable plastic making them easy to clean, plus they're odor and stain resistant.

  • Secure resting spot
  • Made with durable plastic thats easy to clean
  • Cool hideout with air vents

Igloos one piece design is easy to use and every Igloo has fresh air vents to ensure your pets health and well-being. Igloos make a "cool" hideout for guinea pigs, ferrets, dwarf rabbits, chinchillas and other furry friends.


  • Itty Bitty: 4"L x 4.5"W x 3"H
  • Mini: 6"L x 7.75"W x 4.5"H
  • Large: 12"L x 10.5"W x 6.25"H
  • Giant: 15.75"L x 13"W x 8.5"H

Note: Igloos ship in assorted colors - please allow us to select one for you.

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Kaytee Igloo for Small Pets Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Mike, New York NY on 2017/08/06
Perfect hideaway

My mice love these for hideaways and sleeping dens. I have some of the itty bitty ones in smaller cages and the larger ones in larger cages. I like them because you can just make out if there are mice inside, but the mice probably feel like they are in the dark. And also because they have air holes to keep air flowing inside. I place a food dish on top between the ridges and this saves floor space in the cages. I just wish there was an option to choose the color on the website.

Veronica, Fitchburg MA on 2016/04/09
Kaytee Igloo

We bought the giant one for our Guinea Pig. She loves it. It is made of sturdy material that is easy to wipe clean. The giant one is big enough that I don't think she will ever out grow it. You can see her in it but she doesn't seem to mind. The price is good too!

Tristan, Candor NY on 2015/10/21
Cozy Home

My guinea pig loves his home. It is a great space for him to feel safe and to cuddle up into once he is done eating or playing.

Ellen, Lincoln NH on 2015/05/21
Fun little hut.

My ferret loves crawling in and under and on top of the igloo. He also enjoys hiding things inside. A lot of fun for a few dollars.

Pat, Deming NM on 2013/09/18
Nice little hiding places

I've used the larger size for my hedgehogs and wanted something smaller for my lesser tenrecs and ordered these. They are wonderful for a single tenrec, too small for a pair, but I knew they would be. I have the larger ones for when I pair them. Well made and easy to clean.

Christine, Ronkonkoma NY on 2013/06/18
Awesome hide-a-way

I work at an animal shelter and making the cage living for some of these animals as best as possible until they get adopted is our goal. Being able to give those critters something to cozy in and not get too jammed was great. I can't ask the animals for their opinion but their curious activities around the Igloo and their contented snuggling in it speaks volumes!

Mir, Arlington TX on 2013/04/30
Ferret Fun

I find the hardest thing about owning ferrets is finding toys for them. My ferrets love their large igloos. They will get inside and scoot across the room very funny. I ordered two and put one in their bean box and they get in the igloo and dig through the beans, this also helps to minimize the beans all over the floor. Great product and very reasonably priced.

Karmell, Lake Park GA on 2011/03/04
Great Small Animal House

I loved these igloos for small pets. Although I ordered the wrong size, they are still perfect for housing in cages. For something as small as a dwarf hamster, I shouldve ordered the itty bitty size but I got the small. The only gripe is customers should be allowed to choose the color that is sent instead of it being random.

Glori, W. Amherst NY on 2010/10/19
Chocolate will only sleep in a CLEAR igloo.

We all love the CLEAR igloo because we can all watch Chocolate while he's in it and see what he is doing in there.

Michelle, York PA on 2010/10/13
great for small animals

this is great for any small animal that loves to hide!

Elizabeth, South Milwaukee WI on 2010/08/03

My six guinea pigs love their igloo's! Easy to wash and can stand up to being chewed on.

Amereta, Canton GA on 2010/08/03
Love These

These are awesome! Our mice and rats love them.

Bertha, Memphis TN on 2010/04/22

I just love the price offered for the igloo house. I have searched everywhere and couldn't find a better deal!

Robert, Durham NC on 2009/11/04
Best price and prompt delivery

We ordered Igloos for our mice. The price of these mouse houses was the lowest on the web and the shipping was fast without problems. Highly recommend petmountain.

Katie, Ridgefield CT on 2008/01/15

These are amazing as hideouts for many animals my guinea pigs love these. The plastic is extremely durable and the animals feel really safe in them. There so easy to wash and overally a great product.

Michelle, Hanna IN on 2007/11/09
My bunny loved this!

This was great for my dwarf rabbit...when we first got her she would run in there when she was scared and then after we had her for awhile she would sit on top of it so she could see what everyone was doing....It was really cute!..It is very durable,even through her chewing