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Kaytee Knot Nibbler Interactive Small Pet Chew Toy by Kaytee

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Kaytee Knot Nibbler Interactive Small Pet Chew Toy Description

Kaytee Knot Nibblers are balls of fun for small animals. Pets will nibble and gnaw the wooden chew toy, eventually reaching the fun wooden ball inside! This versatile chew treat is made from all natural wood and safe vegetable food colors, making it a perfect chew toy for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, pet rats, and other critters!

  • Perfect playtime activity
  • Ball of fun for small animals
  • Toy contains a fun wooden ball

Mini: 2.5" Diameter (Almond Treat Inside)
Medium: 3.5" Diameter (Walnut Treat Inside)

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Kaytee Knot Nibbler Interactive Small Pet Chew Toy Customer Reviews

Tory, Tacoma WA on 2015/12/12
My bunnies love these!

I order these all the time for my two rabbits, and they love them! It is actually the only toy I've found that they like. Best price on this site as well. They do tend to pull them apart fairly quickly, so make sure to order a few! :)

Karen, Orem UT on 2015/06/18
Entertained Bunny

Bunny Greyson was so cute when the boxes arrived from Pet Mountain. It was as if he knew the contents were for him. His favorite new item was this Knot Nibbler. It actually entertained him for several days until he chewed it apart. Next time I will purchase several in both sizes.

Ct, New York NY on 2015/05/23

Destroyed and obliterated by my chin in less than 3 days. Guess that means she loves it. Hahahah

Crystal, York PA on 2015/03/31
Not for our guineas

This is a very cute toy but our guineas aren't interested in it.

Krystal, Spring TX on 2015/03/25
Great for gnawing critters!

My little rat-brat loves these things. He tosses them around and nibbles them. Highly recommended.

Sandie, St. Louis MO on 2014/09/04
Great toy for my bunny

Roger Rabbit finally started wearing out the original one of these I bought so got him a new one as back up. He loves to toss it around his room and have me laugh and make over his antics. Great product.

Kathryn, Indian River MI on 2014/03/19
Tasty treat for our hamster!

Our hamster loves to chew and enjoys this nibbler!

Lynnette, Galesburg IL on 2013/04/03
Great rat toy!

I ordered this for just 3 of our 9 rats to see if they like it and they went crazy for it! Two of them had it apart in about four days and the other two are still chewing on theirs. This is a great toy to keep them busy so they don't just sit around. I will be getting some more of these. I might get the bigger size for the two that had theirs apart quick. I would recommend this for anyone with rats or other chewing animals.

Yopi, Lakeland FL on 2012/07/27

Great product. My guinea pigs love it!