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Kaytee Kois Choice Premium Fish Food by by Kaytee

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Product Description

Kaytee Koi's Choice premium fish food is a highly digestible, floating food that is suitable for all seasons. It provides necessary animal and vegetable proteins, and essential nutrients required for excellent growth, color, health and longevity.

  • Highly digestible floating koi food that is suitable for all seasons
  • Provides necessary animal and vegetable proteins
  • Essential nutrients required for excellent growth, color, health and longevity
  • Pellet size: Approx. 4-5 mm Diameter, 3/16" Round

Feeding Guide: Feeding frequency varies with water temperature and the amount of desired growth. Never provide more food per feeding than will be fully consumed within 5-10 minutes. Remove uneaten food.

  • Warm water (above 60°F): Feed 1-5 times daily, increasing the number of feedings as temperature rises to achieve desired results.
  • Cool water (50°-60°F): Feed 1 or 2 times daily.
  • Cold water (below 50°F): Feed every other day. Do not feed below 40°F.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 35.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 5.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 4.0%
Moisture (max) - 12.0%

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Jan, Benson AZ on 06-10-2016

Love this site! A great price, speedy delivery!

Leo, Stillwater OK on 07-18-2014
Best I have found.

This food is the best I have used (30 years). It has fish meal as the 1st item. Almost no waste in the pond. Fish love it. This was the same for the 40# bag.

Brett, Reno NV on 07-11-2014
As Promised

It's a good price for the product. With a bunch of larger Koi, a bigger pellet option would be nice to have.

Lindsay, Santa Barbara CA on 07-10-2014
Saving money

With home delivery and money saving price, it could not have been any more convenient. Our pond has Koi & Goldfish, both gobble up this food.

Mary, Canandaigua NY on 06-25-2014
My Koi love it!

My koi love this food! They all swim up to the dock when they hear my footsteps! The service & shipping was excellent and the quantity price is far cheaper than retail. I would definitely recommend Kaytee Koi Food and Pet Mountain!

Tom, Berkeley CA on 06-24-2014
Koi Foor

I have 75 pound of Koi in my pond, and in the warm months, they WANT TO EAT. My local store only carries the 10 lb bag, and then only 2 or so (plus the price is much higher). Ordering $65 pounds of food - with free shipping and half the cost of Petco is the way to go. I know the fish love the food, they've been eating the same stuff for years. Great Job Pet Mountain!

Paul, Federal Way WA on 09-23-2013
Comets & goldfish will also love this!

Have a 750 G's small pond with about 100 comets of various sizes and colors. Feed this along with flakes on a regular basis. I presoak the pellets for about 30 mins. prior to feeding and mash it between my fingers prior to feeding it by thowing it in the pond. It disperses and spreads so that all fishes in all sizes will have a chance to get to the food.

Danny, Biloxi MS on 09-06-2012
Kaytee Kois Choice Food

An all season fish food designed for Koi and other pond fish. Floating pelleted food, provides nutrients for growth, color and health. Good value for the price.

Sandy, Marion IL on 08-24-2007
I've used this brand for 2 years.

Very good food, especially for the price. My fish have good color, great size and are healthy. They are also "romantically" inclined and reproduce every summer.