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Kaytee Lava Bites by Kaytee

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Kaytee Lava Bites Description

Kaytee Lava Bites are the perfect chew stones for chinchillas and other small animals! Your furry friend can keep its teeth in super shape by gnawing on these triangles of natural minerals. Chinchillas absolutely love to chew on lava!

  • Natural volcanic gnaw stones
  • Chinchillas and other critters crave the crunch
  • Keeps teeth in super shape

Each pack comes with three 3"-long Lava Bites in three fun colors. Lava Bites are great for chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters and other small animals.

Each Kaytee Lava Bite is pre-drilled so you can place them onto any Ka-Bob treat and chew dispenser. Your pet will never get tired of the seemingly endless combination of chews you can combine with Lava Bites on your Ka-Bob.

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Kaytee Lava Bites Customer Reviews

Ruth, Dayton IA on 2017/06/18
Kaytee Lava Bites

I have used Kaytee's lava bites and Lava Ledges for years with my pets that need to chew for keeping their teeth in good condition. Kaytee is a great company with great products and I have always had great luck with their lava products. I would recommend them to anyone for their rodent type pets!

Genevieve, Philadelphia PA on 2016/10/01
Great for Gerbils!

These are great for gerbils, my gerbil Cody loved them. They are really good for keeping the teeth trimmed down and are just fun to play with. Creates chips but those just go naturally into your gerbils bedding. a+++!

Kathleen, Peabody MA on 2010/08/11
My Chinchillas love these!

These are great for chew toys for chinchillas. Mine devour them.

Karen, Lakeland FL on 2009/10/29
Works Well

Good item for the gnawing needs of hamsters.

Darla, Colby KS on 2007/08/26
Chin loves!

My chinchilla thinks these are the best. It is always the first thing he demolishes on his kabob. I have to keep a supply on hand to trade out. A must for chins in my house!