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Kaytee My First Home Cage Medium Assorted Colors by Kaytee

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Kaytee My First Home Cage Medium Assorted Colors Description

Kaytee First Home is the perfect starter cage for your Guinea Pig or Dwarf Rabbit! It snaps together in minutes without the need for tools. Our innovative design makes cleaning a snap, too.

  • Perfect starter cage for small pets
  • Medium Cage Dimensions: 12.5"L x 24.5"W x 14.5"H
  • Snaps together in minutes without the need for tools
  • Offers plenty of room for your favorite little critter
  • 3 My First Home Cages come with 3 assorted color base pans and white cage bars

Kaytee First Home offers plenty of room for your favorite little critter, yet it is compact enough to place on a dresser or countertop. The deep plastic base prevents bedding from scattering while the white wire top makes for easy viewing and superb ventilation. The Medium size is perfect for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits. These cages come in assorted colors - let us pick one for you! Note 1" spacing between bars.

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Kaytee My First Home Cage Medium Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Joni, Roanoke Rapids NC on 2019/02/20

I purchased the XL size. One of the bases was cracked a little but still usable. I would have preferred one of each color, green, blue, and purple, but received two blue and one green. Satisfied overall though.

Carin, Waynesboro PA on 2018/05/13
Excellent product for the money....

Arrived just in time... i got the X-large ... I'm using mine for baby chick brooders ... they are big enough for a momma hen and her chicks ... the mommas have plenty of head room and to move around... the chicks are safe with the high sides on the bottom.... definitely a win win for bantam chickens ... wish I could post pictures

Jackie, Cleveland OH on 2018/02/12

These were EXACTLY what we were looking for at a fraction of the price. Our dwarf rabbits are very happy with their new, larger homes. I not only would buy these again but I would also buy them at PetMountain for the savings!

Judi, Spring Branch TX on 2017/01/17
Happy baby chick Mom

Received 2 days early. Great deal on the Large small pet cage 3 pack. I'll most definitely be a return customer!

Scott, Hampton VA on 2016/05/03
Great product

My wife and I have used 4 different companies for 5 different cages in the past. Truth be told, these are by far the best cages we have owned to date! Very sturdy, and the clips are made of metal so the bunnies wont chew/swallow sharp plastic pieces. Packing during the shipping process was mediocre at best. The box shipped via FedEx and was beat to hell upon arrival.

Sarah, Lyman NH on 2016/01/25
Perfect fit

These cages worked well for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits. Good Quality, easy opening door and easy cleaning. Stacking them is questionable depending the amount of weight you may have in them. Overall satisfied!

Pat, Deming NM on 2015/10/14
Love the size, but

I love the size and price of these cages, especially buying 3 as a set. The only draw back FOR ME is, I use these for my lesser tenrecs and have to buy wire to cover the whole cage since the bars are a bit too wide for these little creatures. They are able to escape through the bars as the cage comes. It would be nice if the manufacturers of these cages would make them with a choice of bar width so they could be used by smaller animals. I also have the larger cages for my females to share (the smaller ones are for single males who fight if housed together) and have the same problem with the larger cages. Luckily, there is a Tractor Supply nearby where I can get a good wire and zip ties to make these affordable cages very useful.

Sherri, Spokane WA on 2015/09/17
Great cage!

I used this when I had a Dutch bunny for 5+ years. I had a kitty litter box in the corner then food and water. I used the panels from the college style storage shelving to make a small fenced area on a 3*5 cheap rug. This gave Mr Blu-Berry plenty of room to stretch and set room for eating and pooping.

Brittany, Fort Worth TX on 2015/07/09
Excellent for the right species!

This is absolutely too small for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas. Those animals need large specialty housing and this won't cut it in any instance. Please do your research if you are planning to get this for any of those 3 species. That said, I love these cages and the deep bedding lip! I use them to brood serama chicks in, and I also house breeding pairs of serama in them. It has enough height to add roosts and enough depth for me to fill it with sand or Carefresh. The wire walls make it easy to hook on toys, feeding cups, and water bottles, and are spaced just enough for me to be able to hook up a heat lamp inside it without worry of it falling down. The flat top lets me put up strip UVB for their health. They are easy to assemble, good quality, the tray stands up to a fair amount of stress, and they're easy to clean since the edges are rounded out a bit. Excellent for the price, you can't build 3 cages of this size on your own for even the same cost and still have all the same benefits!

Leo, Ridgecrest CA on 2015/03/18
Excellent Product!

I obtained THREE cages for the price of ONE! (at the local pet shops.) These are excellent cages for Cavies (Guinea Pigs), Dwarf Rabbits, etc. (Wouldn't recommend for "Escape Artists" though. Hamsters, Rats, Mice, etc.) The bar spacing would allow SMALL animals to escape. But GREAT for larger animals! Well constructed. I'm VERY pleased!

Olivyew, Mesa AZ on 2015/01/27
Great Cages

This is my cage of choice for my own rabbits and the one I recommend to others. It is a good size for small to medium sized rabbits. This is, by far, the best price I have found for new cages. Assembly is quick and easy - one person can put together all three cages in a matter of minutes. In the photo, it shows the cage having 2 doors: one in front and one on top. The 6 cages I ordered have just 1 door on the front. That's my only complaint.

Emma, Caldwell ID on 2014/08/13
Awesome price and cage!

I ordered this cage and it said it would get here in 2+ weeks, it got here in 3 days. Awesome quality and easy to assemble. The only difference is that I got two black cages instead of the green ones. I am happy about that though, I didn't want green ones. This is a great deal, and you won't find better prices on these cages anywhere else.

Cris, Antelope Valley CA on 2014/07/31
Great product

These guys had the best pricing I could find anywhere and FREE shipping whoo hoo! Shipped same day as described. Couldn't be happier and plan on ordering more shortly. These are a great size for my babies to grow out in.

Mike, Florissant CO on 2014/03/11

These are half the price of most the same 18x30 size. Great quality and easy assembly.

Pat, Deming NM on 2013/09/18
Really Nice Cages.

My only complaint was I called to find out the spacing between the bars (wish they were in the description) and was told they were 1/2 inch. THAT would have been perfect for my lesser tenrecs. SADLY, the cages arrived and the bars are an inch apart, not going to work for the tenrecs as they are. I will now need to find some chicken wire to cover the outside to keep them from escaping. I wish the employees that answer the phones had the right details. I really love the size and the way these cages are made, but I would have ordered differently with the right information.

Heidi, St. Cloud FL on 2013/05/13
Best deal on the market

We raise dwarf breed rabbits and the size large SuperPet cages are the industry standard for indoor housing. They're easy to clean, lightweight, stackable, with smooth painted wire that won't cut you to pieces like a lot of cages out there. The deep pans don't contain any mess; you do have to clean them often since the rabbits aren't on wire but litter training does wonders. Pet Mountain has the best price on these cages BY FAR and the 3-pack is a huge savings for us. I've never been anything but happy with our purchases here!

Michelle, Chesapeake VA on 2013/03/14
Wonderful pack

I just loved that there was a three pack of these cages. I actually needed four to put my hedgehogs in so I can go on vacation. My father is watching them at his house. A three pack was still wonderful and actually a better deal then I got a single one from a pet store around our town. Much bigger than expected and two out of the three were very colorful. I do not have a complaint about these cages.

Holly, Robinson IL on 2013/02/15
Good cage except...

This cage is easy to assemble and a nice size. My only problem is that it is very difficult to transport, even a short distance such as room to room. No handle on top, and too big to easily carry by holding bottom. The wire part of the cage easily pulls away and the entire bottom fell off when I was trying to move it from living room to bedroom. So great cage if you have someone help you move it. I live alone so not so convenient. Wish wire part latched onto bottom more securely.

Melissa, Union Gap WA on 2012/03/02
Loved the large cages

I bought a 3pk of the Large and a 3pk of the Medium. The large were way bigger then I'd expected with the Medium being a little small. Definitely worth the price though!

G.j, South Bay CA on 2011/10/21
"Worth every penny"

I've been shopping for a bigger cage for my rabbit who is pretty large. I have purchased several but have always returned them because either they weren't big enough, not deep enough, or simply not safe. After browsing many sites I came across pet mountain using google shopping app on my iPhone, not only was the price 10X cheaper but it was exactly as it's description stated. The cage is super big, the perfect depth, nice color, but most importantly it is safe and secure. Great buy!

Ralph, Boca Raton FL on 2009/12/17
Excellent Cage(s)! My Guinea Pigs Love Them!

I bought these cages as a 3-pack and saved a bunch of money over the retail stores. I used a $5.00 coupon at PetMountain and saved another $5.00 using Google checkout. These cages are perfect for guinea pigs. They are big enough without being too difficult to clean. Very easy to access and clean, lightweight and strong. Highly recommended.