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Kaytee Potty Litter by by Kaytee

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SKU: PI60582
UPC: 045125605822
MPN: 100079237
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MPN: PI60582

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Product Description

Kaytee Potty Litter is the sanitary solution for teaching your small pet to "go" where you want it to. Hamsters, gerbils and other furry friends will instinctively use this specially formulated, hypo-allergenic bentonite litter to do their business, keeping the rest of their home cleaner.

  • Natural bentonite potty litter
  • Keeps pet's cage clean
  • Hypo-allergenic and dust-free

Bentonite is pet safe and provides a comfortable surface for your small animal. Simply add Potty Litter to the Kaytee Hamster Potty (sold separately) or any other litter box, follow the "Potty Training Made EZ" steps on the box and your small pet will soon be litter box trained. Ideal for hamsters, gerbils and other small animals.

Directions: Spot clean the litter on a daily basis and completely change the litter every 7-10 days. Box contains resealable, easy-pour bag.

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Customer Reviews

Judy, Ceres CA on 2015/08/06
Love it

Good litter. Easy to clean up after my bunnies. My only complaint is that it keeps getting more expensive, each time I place an order with this vendor it is higher per box. Though this vendor is less expensive than others.

Greg, Layton UT on 2012/08/26
A Necessity for Syrian Hamsters

This product is a must have for Syrian Hamsters. I have been using it for several years on several different Syrian hamsters. Syrians are the large hamsters i.e. golden, long-haired (Teddy bear), fancy bear etc. Using this allows you to go several times longer without cleaning the cage and there is no ammonia smell. Just scoop out the clumped litter everyday. My Robo hamsters didn't use it. I don't know if Winter-white Dwarfs or Campell's Russian Dwarfs will use the potty litter but I have heard that they can learn to. If you hamster kicks it out of his box put the litter in another container such as a glass dish with high sides. If he sleeps in it or puts his food in it then your cage is too small, too dirty or too boring.

Lowell, Blue Springs MO on 2011/10/29
Looks like it will work well!

We haven't had the opportunity to use any of this yet, since the outhouse came with a small supply of litter. However, our hamster has decided that it is perfect for his sleeping quarters!

Karen, Lakeland FL on 2009/10/29

Necessary item for the out house.