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Kaytee Run About Exercise Ball Assorted Colors by Kaytee

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Kaytee Run About Exercise Ball Assorted Colors Description

Kaytee Run-About Balls provide the perfect outlet for your under-sized pet's oversized energy. These durable exercise and play balls let small animals roam free without getting hurt or lost while creating interactive fun for pets and owners alike. Kaytee Run-About Balls provide pets and pet owners with interactive fun during playtime. They also make a great temporary area to keep your little critter during cage cleanings. Run-About Balls are ideal for a variety of small pets, including dwarf hamsters, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, pet rats, and more.

  • Great way for your small pet to exercise
  • Keeps pets safe when out of cage
  • Sturdy, durable design

Run About Ball Dimensions:
Mini 5" Wide
Regular 7" Wide
Giant 11.5" Wide

For added safety, use your Run-About Ball on the Super Pet Hamtrac Raceway and provide your pet with a controlled exercise environment. Note: Balls ship in assorted colors, let us pick one for you!

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Kaytee Run About Exercise Ball Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Heather, Huntington WV on 2012/12/28

The ball was perfect for my dwarf hamster the lock on the top is very sturdy the only thing to complain about is the shipping it lasted 3 days after its originaly expectated delivery date

Zinnia, Finland MD on 2012/03/07
Warning Not For Guinea Pigs!

Guys! This is a great exercise toy for a gerbil, hamster.... BUT PLEASE do not use this as a toy for your guinea pig! A guinea pigs bones aren't flexible, not like hamsters or gerbils. SO PLEASE for your guinea pigs sake do not buy this for them! What should I exercise them with? Well, exercise them by letting them run in a small room, like a bathroom!

Katie, Cincinnati OH on 2011/02/01

This ball is a great exercise tool to use for your hamster, gerbil, rat, or any other small pet. It does get dirty after a while because it is clear but you can just wash it. Other than that it is great because my hamster hasn't broken out of it so it is pretty sturdy and reliable.

Charmaine, Honolulu HI on 2010/08/10
Now i dont have to go crawling to catch my chinchilla

he can run around freely and we don't have to worry about him going in to areas that aren't safe, he can run freely in that ball without having to be lost or under the bed where we can't reach!

Carson, Mt Pleasant SC on 2010/08/07

best thing ever ever ever hehe in other words i loved it