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Kaytee Run Around Exercise Wheel for Small Pets by Kaytee

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Kaytee Run Around Exercise Wheel for Small Pets Description

Kaytee Run Around Wheels provide free-wheeling fun for your furry friend! Each wheel is covered in an extra-durable, epoxy-coated surface making them easy to wash as well as rust resistant.

  • Epoxy-coated for extra durability
  • Easy to wash and rust-resistant
  • Unique tail-safe and E-Z exit design
  • Mini Run Around Wheel Dimensions 4.5" Wide
  • Small Run Around Wheel Dimensions 5.75" Wide
  • Regular Run Around Wheel Dimensions 8" Wide
  • Giant Run Around Wheel Dimensions 11" Wide

Run Around Wheels feature Super Pets unique tail-safe and E-Z exit design for your small pets comfort and safety! Note: Assorted colors, let us to select a color for you!

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Kaytee Run Around Exercise Wheel for Small Pets Customer Reviews

Nikki, Chaska MN on 2018/08/03
Great wheels!

Upgraded all my wheels to bigger sizes, the critters are happy!

Lynnette, Galesburg IL on 2014/01/13

We have 8 pet rats and all but two have these wheels in their cages. They love to run on these. They are a great way to exercise and run off some of their energy. I think they are very beneficial for their health. I would have one in all of our cages but the other two are two low to put one in. I have bought all sizes in these but the big ones are the best. It is fun to watch them play on them.

Pat, Deming NM on 2013/09/18
Nice wheels

I have a few different manufactured wheels but have found these the best. In needed something adequate for some lesser tenrecs and these fit the bill.

Kat, Kalkaska MI on 2010/08/23
Best Wheel on the Market!

I have been operating a rattery in Michigan for over 8 years. The 11 inch mesh running wheel is the only wheel I use for my pets and I've tried every kind on the market. These are sturdy, a good price and my little fur friends have hours of fun running on these. The wire mesh allows them to grip their toes and really get some speed up. Usually two at a time can run on the wheel and one will stop running and hold on while the other keeps running, thus sending them flying up and over like a roller coaster. They'll take turns doing this. When they are babies you'll see six or more babies all running on the wheel at once with Mom providing the motion and all the babies hanging on with their toes to go flying up and over. They must really like the motion because they keep repeating this process like it's game or fun ride. I've raised over 1000 pet rats and never had a single injury with these wheels nor a single case of "bumble foot". I would recommend these wheels to anyone with a small pet. Oh, the other great thing about it they can see through them so they aren't looking through a brick wall like some of them and the poop and pee passes through so they aren't running in their own waste like they do with the solid plastic wheels.

Alicia Vives, Naples FL on 2010/05/05
My gerbils love this wheel

I have 10 very active gerbils. They love this wheel because it spins very fast, and I love how quiet it is.

Tj, Pinnacle NC on 2010/04/28
My mice love it

Got this for my feeder mice, for something to do in their cage.

Barbara, Janesville WI on 2007/07/20
Great wheel!

I've had pocket pets for 10 years. After trying about every wheel on the market in those years, this is the ONLY wheel I will ever use again! It is one of the safest out there (rating just behind comfort wheels) and it IS the quietest! If it squeaks, dab a little vasaline or veggie oil on it to make it completely silent again. Silent spinners, comfort wheels, etc don't hold a candle to these wheels! I've tried other wheels which imitate these wheels and found them to be very poor quality. They bend easily and literally fall apart. Run Around Wheels are of very good quality.