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Kaytee Salt Savors by Kaytee

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Kaytee Salt Savors Description

Kaytee Salt Savors are the one and only salt spool enriched with a banquet of carrot, celery, corn and apple flavors. The Salt Savors 4-Pack includes all four flavors each providing pets with a necessary source of salt and minerals.

  • 4 Salt Savors per pack!
  • A tasty, tempting flavored salt sensation
  • Ideal for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals

Each Kaytee Salt Savor has a hole in the center so you can place them onto any Kaytee Ka-bob treat and chew dispenser. Your pet will never get tired of the seemingly endless combination of chews and treats you can combine with Salt Savors on your Ka-bob.

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