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Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Pet Wheel Assorted Colors by Kaytee

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Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Pet Wheel Assorted Colors Description

Kaytee Silent Spinner is the wonderful, whisper quiet workout wheel for your furry friend. Patented ball bearing technology makes these wheels super silent while your small pet gets the healthy, stimulating exercise it needs.

  • Provides a quiet workout
  • Promotes healthy exercise
  • Super silent ball bearing technology

Each Silent Spinner Wheel features a ribbed running surface that provides traction while remaining safe and comfortable for your furry friends feet. Attach directly to your pets cage, or use the sturdy metal base to stand the wheel on its own! Silent Spinners are ideal for hamsters, mice, and gerbils (Mini and Regular), as well as chinchillas and pet rats (Large).

Note: Ships in assorted colors - let us choose one for you!

Mini: 4.5" Diameter
Regular: 6.5" Diameter
Large: 10" Diameter
Giant: 12" Diameter

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Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Pet Wheel Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Lauralee, Speedwell TN on 2015/10/08
My Babies Love it!

I use the large 12" for my Sugar Gliders, and the Silent Spinners have been withstanding nightly runs for years now. And my babies love them. No holes or loose objects to get their toes or tails hung in. I will continue to use these wheels with confidence that my babies are always safe.

Amanda Baez, Willington CT on 2015/09/19
Its actually quiet!

I was slightly skeptical when I first bought this wheel because I had read some reviews that stated it wasn't as quiet as promoted. I was pleasantly surprised when I could actually sleep through the night and not be awoken buy the clicking of a plastic wheel. I would absolutely recommend this product for other small animal parents what struggle to sleep through the night because of a hyperactive pet with a loud wheel.

Colleen, Dubuque IA on 2014/03/11
Silent Spinner

Received fine. It is quiet, but my chinchilla doesn't like it as much as our prior wire wheel. I don't know if it is too slippery for him or if it will just take time. We may have to move it to see if that helps.

Jane, Cleveland OH on 2013/12/26
Super sturdy plastic! But...

Well the wheel is solid and of much stronger plastic than all the other plastic hamster stuff out there. It was silent at first. But after 2 days started clicking. The clicking was coming from the inside. I was able to fix it by unscrewing the center knob and realigning the wheel and screwing it back on very tight. This fixed the noise :)

Adele, Berwick PA on 2013/12/25
Quiet and Fast

My mice love this as opposed to the old fashioned wire ones I had before that squeaked excessively. These are quiet and the wheel spins rapidly with ease. Also, it was quite inexpensive. The only downside was I wished they made a model that attached to the side of an aquarium with a suction cup. This would free up floor space and keep the wire bottom from making noise on the bottom of the glass. I would also like some air holes on the solid side of this for ventilation in the hot weather.

Pam, Seymour CT on 2013/01/24
Not as quiet as I hoped

This 12" silent spinner replaced a 12" metal wheel which was especially noisy. There is an improvement from the metal wheel as far as noise but is it far from "silent". The plastic is much easier on my hamster's little feet, because she is running faster and longer than she was on the metal one. Over all I like the silent runner but it is not silent. It may be because of it's large size.

Adriann, New York NY on 2011/02/13
As Advertised

I first bought the other major "silent" wheel for my gerbil tank. It was not silent! This one is, I'm very happy with it.

Alex, Roselle NJ on 2010/10/05
Recommended for Teddy Bear Hamsters

I have a teddy bear hamster whose hair was getting stuck in his regular plastic wheel. It would get caught on the middle spindle. This wheel has no middle so hopefully will work much better.

Monica, Richmond VA on 2010/07/20
Its Truly Silent and I Love It

I bought this wheel a few months ago for my hamster "Colby" and he and I both love it. It truly is silent, which is a major plus since his house is in our home office. Also, it is so easy to clean and I love the selection of colors.

Sam, Towson MD on 2010/04/09
Best Wheel for small pets

I have owned these wheels in various sizes for many pets and loved them. They are the only really quiet ones out there and I like that they do not have rungs or bars but a solid run space. I had a hamster die in a wheel with the bars before, from getting his head stuck between the bars. This style is safer and better for their feet as well. If you dont get this one remember to get one without holes or spaces where they run so that feet or heads dont get stuck in the wheel. I wish they made these ferret sized. Note if the wheel is loose on the stand on top of bare cage floor, it will likely make noise, just as anything would vibrating on the floor. The answer is either to tape or secure it down in some way or to attach it to the cage. If your cage is flimsy or too small this wont work. Ive used them on the stand and attached to the cage and it worked for me either way.

Jean, Brunswick GA on 2009/05/05
Nice Product

I bought this for my 2 chinchillas. It's wonderful and quiet unlike other wheels. The only drawback is that my chins run on it so much that it wears the wheel out. I have to replace it every 3 months or so, but I love the product so it's worth the money.

Mr. Meeses, New York NY on 2007/09/02
Really Enjoyed by Both Mice and Owners

Unlike with the wire wheels we've had, our mice were wary of this contraption at first and just filled it with bedding and watched...purchased at a regular pet store for $9, we thought we might have an overpriced mouse bed. After a few days, the running began, and it hasn't stopped since. Pros: -They can run much faster on this wheel than they can on the wire ones b/c their feet never slip through. -Perfectly silent so far. No rattling against the bottom of the tank even.Cons:-The mini is actually a tight fit for our medium sized mice. If you have a largish mouse, I guess you'd want the Regular, but it seemed like it would be too big when I saw it in the store.-When they go to the bathroom in the wheel, it doesn't fall out, so you need to clean it.-If you have a mouse who likes to "run" on the outside, although there are footholds, I don't think they'll ever figure it out on this one.

Alex, Zanesville OH on 2007/03/11

hi, i just want to say how wonderful these wheels are....... they are super quit and my sugar gliders just love them. thanks for making such a great wheel!

Teresa, Manchester TN on 2006/11/07
babies favorite toy!

We had one for our sugar gliders....that just wasn't enough........I'm getting ready to order my third one so they can all have fun. All I hear when they play in it is their little toenails clicking so it really lives up to it's name.......silent!