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Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Small Pet Bedding - Lavender Scent by by Kaytee

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Product Description

Kaytee Soft Granule Lavender bedding will give your pet a dry and comfortable home with a bit of color and a yummy lavender scent! Lavender helps promote a sense of calm and the soft-sorbent is made from wood fibers that are not suitable for paper production.

  • Eco-friendly, super soft and cozy bedding
  • Colorfast to prevent staining
  • Fresh lavender scent helps contain unwanted odor

The fiber is converted into a soft, absorbent form that is the perfect consistency for small pet bedding! Coloring is all colorfast to ensure that they will not stain your pet or its habitat.

Directions: Fill cage with roughly 1-2" of loose soft sorbent granule blend. Clean all bedding once per week and wash cage with a mild soap solution.

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Casey, Taylorsvile KY on 07-31-2016
The Best

I had been using carefresh seemed like my Guinea pigs cage always smelled even though it was cleaned regularly. My mom found this bedding and got it for me to try. I LOVE it. The cage does not smell anymore, smells good! Lasts for a solid week+ before needing a change. Guinea pig likes it too.

Kelly , Blue Ridge VA on 08-09-2015
Love the smell.

I love this scent of litter. I think it helps to keep the smell of the pet odor down.

Christina, Louisville KY on 06-12-2014
Great Stuff!

My rats love this bedding and the scent isn't so strong as to cause respiratory problems. Their area smells so much better now!

Andrea, Silver Spring MD on 05-17-2014
The Best!

Wonderful product! It lasts longer than others and there is no hamster smell at all.

Katie, Woburn MA on 09-07-2012
Mom of four guinea pigs

The Lavender Scent bedding is worth the extra money. I was talked into four guinea pigs by my four girls. The lavender scent bedding and large rabbit cage allow the guinea pigs cage to be cleaned once a week. The guinea pigs get a little smelly mid week - a sprinkle of bedding - no more smell. The guinea pigs love sifting through the bedding for the lavender and rose buds - totally edible.

Esther, Los Angeles CA on 07-10-2012
The only way to buy

A friend had put me on to the Kaytee Lavender as the only way to live with a rabbit in the house. I'd been buying at Petco, they continued to not restock, so i went online and found this site. I bought enough to eliminate the shipping charge, and the result is that each bag is $10 less than at Petco. AND the product arrived more quickly than promised. I'm IN!!!