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Kaytee Straight Replacement Socks for Finch Station by by Kaytee

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  • $8.99
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SKU: KT19115
UPC: 071859191157
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  • $58.99
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Product Description

Kaytee Straight Replacement Socks are for use with Kaytee Finch Stations. Soft mesh socks make it easy for wild birds to take hold of seed and enjoy their food. Straight Replacement Sock is an eighteen inch refillable mesh sock.

  • Soft mesh socks
  • Replacement sock for Kaytee Finch Stations
  • Easily attaches to feeding station

Straight Sock has an elastic O-Ring that easily attaches to the feeding station.

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Customer Reviews

Kate, Scottsdale AZ on 2014/01/17
Love this product

I enjoy watching all the "little" birds come feed at the feeder. We have several feeders out and the bigger birds don't allow the little ones to feed. That was solved with these socks, the little guys can grip and fit well showing off against the nice white color of the sock. Each sock is long enough for several birds to feed at one time. They do eventually get holes but seem to last a reasonable amount of time.

Mary, Forsyth MO on 2013/11/19
Exactly What We Needed!

Replacement socks for our Finch Station are not easy to find. Your site has a multitude of things I want to purchase. Thank you for stocking so many wanted and needed items!! Very happy customer!

Kay, Culver IN on 2012/10/24

Cant find these socks for our finch feeder in any store around us, so we checked on internet and found these. Reasonable price and shipping. Exactly what we were looking for. Thank you

Sally, Port Orchard WA on 2012/06/20
Great product

The birds love this feeder!

Sandra, East Norriton PA on 2011/08/30
Kaylee 4-pack

Love the Kaylee 4 pack thistle sock refills. They're so easy to change and I'm now loaded with yellow finches. Thanks!

Fern, Santa Rosa CA on 2010/09/24
Difficult to locate refills

This is for a 4-pack of Kaytee Finch Feeder Straight Replacement Socks. We find it difficult to locate the replacement socks at stores that sell the feeder. We have spoken to the management of these stores explaining how odd it is not to keep the refills in stock, but to no avail. Luckily we located them online.

Catherine Peckman, Scotch Plains NJ on 2010/09/06
Finch Socks

Birds love them and we enjoy seeing multiple goldfinches feeding from them every day.

Denise, Whitesville KY on 2010/08/24
love this feeder

my husband and i love this feeder and everyone that visits us is amazed by the amount of finches on the feeder. i have seen as many as 20 on the feeder and flying around its amazing to just watch them

Gerry Lou, Shelton WA on 2010/07/29
excellent product

We just love this feeder. The socks usually last over a year - but we have probably 15 gold finch at a time on these socks all day long. Would recommend this feeder highly.

Jim, Gloucester VA on 2010/05/25
Best Ever

I'm in my 70's & have been feeding birds for a LONG while - this Finch Station was/is by far the best (maybe twice as good as previous types)

Rich, Prescott AZ on 2010/05/08
Finches love my 4-sock Kaytee feeder

I have to fill the feeder more than once per week. We have Goldfinches, Pine Siskins and the occasional Vireo and they literally will empty a full feeder in 4-5 days. This is the most successful feeder I have.

Bert, Hanover PA on 2010/04/20
Attracts Many Gold Finches

We just purchased our 2nd Kaytee Finch Station II and hung it near the other one away from our other feeders. It's like a yellow glow to that corner of the yard with all the finches they attract. We may purchase 1 or 2 more, the activity is great.

Ray, Charlotte NC on 2010/04/19
Best Finch feeder yet.

Both socks at times covered with finches.

Kate, Scottsdale AZ on 2009/12/03
The Little Birds Love these

I had metal feeder, the large birds pushed the smaller birds off and ate most of the seed. I saw these socks and thought I'd give them a try. It was the best thing for the little birds, they can hang on the socks and eat, being birds they are messy enough to drop seed to the ground for the bigger birds. In the early mornings it is not uncommon to view 15 birds on the socks and the ground. Great way to start the day!

Susan, Redlands CA on 2009/09/24
happy goldfinches

The multisock feeder is convenient and the birds love it. Wish the pet stores carried replacement sock packs.