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Kaytee Wood Pellets Pet Bird and Small Animal Litter by Kaytee

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Kaytee Wood Pellets Pet Bird and Small Animal Litter Description

Kaytee Wood Pellet Bedding and Litter is super absorbent, naturally clean all-purpose wood pellet bedding for small pets. Wood pellets are able to absorb up to 3 times their weight in moisture, do not become sticky and will keep your pets area smelling clean and fresh.

  • 100% natural wood pellet bird and small pet bedding
  • Absorbs up to 3X its weight in moisture
  • Will not become sticky, keeps pet area smelling clean and fresh

Wood pellets also provide toothy small pets with a natural source of chewing material, which helps relieve stress and keeps their teeth trim and healthy. They are safe and harmless in small amounts if accidentally ingested. This natural bedding contains no artificial colors or additives.

Use Kaytee Wood Pellets as premium bedding for birds and small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, rats and mice. Use as a healthy litter material for ferrets.

Made in the USA.

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Kaytee Wood Pellets Pet Bird and Small Animal Litter Customer Reviews

Nyken, Miami FL on 2016/03/18
Great pellets

High quality products. Rabbits love it!