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Kent Marine Phytoplex Concentrated Phytoplankton by by Kent Marine

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Product Description

Kent Marine Phytoplex Phytoplankton is a highly concentrated complex of aqua cultured, naturally occurring marine phytoplankton. This unique formulation is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA, and is useful in feeding rotifers and other plankton, and in raising larval fish.

  • Aqua-cultured, naturally occuring phytoplanktons
  • Contains Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis and Isochrysis sp. Tahitian ranging in size from 2-15 microns
  • Provides necessary proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids for live hard and soft corals, tube worms, clams and other invertebrates

Phytoplex is grown in cold saltwater under laboratory conditions. It contains over 3 billion cells per capful and is typically about 15 times as concentrated as competing live cultures, meaning that one 8 oz. bottle of Phytoplex has more phytoplankton cells than 1 gallon of the competition.

It is free of viruses, toxins and heavy metals which can be a problem when using live algae cultures, cultured in outdoor ponds. Phytoplex contains Nannochloropsis, a small green flagellate and Tetraselmis, a large green flagellate both containing high EPA lipid levels as well as high protein contents. It also contains Tahitian Isochrysis, a small yellow flagellate which is rich in protein, carbohydrates and DHA lipids. Phytoplex is very useful in SPS and soft coral propagation as well as overall reef maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

Karen, Lakeland FL on 2010/12/07

Great addition to the feeding habits of my reef tank. Kent Marine is fairly consistent in their products.

Napoleon , Glendale CA on 2007/02/11
Great product

If you a reef. This a must have product.

Jared, Houston TX on 2006/10/28
Very good product!

Works great with kent coral accel but dont over feed!!