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K&H Pet Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed by K&H Pet Products

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K&H Pet Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed Description

The K and H Lectro-Soft Heated Indoor/Outdoor Pet Bed can be used for dogs or cats. The first soft, outdoor heated bed on the market! The Lectro-Soft is extremely low wattage - perfect for doghouses, basements, garages, barns, sheds, porches or any other outdoor shelter.

  • Indoor/outdoor heated pet bed
  • Safe and energy efficient
  • Always soft and warm

This soft, orthopedic bed is unique in that it will still provide soft, comfortable warmth even in sub-zero weather! Super soft PVC is used on the exterior to ensure the bed doesn't absorb water and stay wet like a fabric bed would. Indoor or outdoor use. One year limited warranty.

Small: 20 Watts (14"L x 18"W x 1.5"H)
Medium: 40 Watts (19"L x 24"W x 1.5"H)
Large: 60 Watts (25"L x 36"W x 1.5"H)

Additional Features:

  • Heated - Just plug it in!
  • Indoor/outdoor use - Dog houses, porches, garages, barns or in the home
  • Thermostatically controlled to warm directly under pet
  • Unique air valve makes bed fully adjustable
  • Free soft bed cover included!

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K&H Pet Lectro Soft Heated Pet Bed Customer Reviews

Richard, Orwell OH on 2017/11/30
Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

This KandH heated pet bed has been quite nice for two barn cats. Ordered the medium, placed it in a sheltered area of our barn, and we have had no complaints. It is manufactured in China and comes with a one year warranty.

Louise, Holly MI on 2016/06/01
Just what I wanted -- great features

Heating pads are so much easier on newborn puppies than overhead heating lamps. Heat is concentrated in one area and mom can position herself partially/totally/or not at all on; and the puppies can stay cozy no matter where she is. The adjustable inflation and washable faux sheepskin cover are great features. A great find!

Cindy, Cedar Hill TX on 2015/12/01
Heated cat mat

Had this product about 2 months and seems to be working as advertised, outside cats seems to like it, they give it 5 stars.

Michelle, Duchesne UT on 2015/02/03
Dogs Love It!

Bought this heated bed for my Boxer mix puppy that seems to always be cold this winter. He loves it. Spends much time on the bed. The wool-like cover is perfect for my puppy. Our Maltese/Terrier also likes it, but the boxer wont share. May have to get another for the Maltese/Terrier. Bought the bed to go outside in garage for winter, but haven't needed it yet, since the weather warmed up.

Bethany, Loveland CO on 2015/01/23
Product Good, Shipping Is Risky

My cat took to this bed immediately, though I haven't seen the dog use it yet at all. (The dog and cat are best friends and usually cuddle up on the bed together.) We have it in the basement, though, so it is entirely possible he is jumping out of bed to greet us whenever we open up the door. But my complaint is that it was shipped to us really unprofessionally. A shipping label was just stuck on the product box itself, without any additional packaging or tape. The box arrived opened and beat-up, since it didn't have any padding or external shipping box. I have no idea if there was anything we were supposed to get and did not, because stuff could easily have fallen out of the box. The bed only didn't because it was tightly packed in there.

Barbara , Rochester WA on 2014/12/15
Dogs Are So Happy!

We bought one heated pad and loved it so much we ordered a second one. We use them in our dog houses, for our two ?ogs. They are cushioned and comfortably warm. It's good to know our dogs aren't suffering while we are at work and winter weather turns cold.

Barbara , Rochester WA on 2014/12/15
Dogs are so happy!

We bought one heated pad and loved it so much we ordered a second one. We use them in our dog houses, for our two dogs. They are cushioned and comfortably warm. It's good to know our dogs aren't suffering while we are at work and winter weather turns cold.

Judy, Montgomery AL on 2014/11/29
Great Bed

I bought this for an older dog who is a complete "outside" dog. Winters are getting harder for her since she only wants to be on porch. We had heat lamps however I wanted something she could lay on as well. Read many reviews decided on this one. She loves this bed. Even our younger dog loves it. Doesn't get too hot and cover is perfect - soft but not so big that I need to worry about heat lamps. Would recommend to anyone in similar situation. Pet Mountain also had the best price online. Pleased with shipping as well.

Pam, Walnutport PA on 2014/01/22

Seems to be working fine (haven't had any complaints from the cats). These are feral cats that live outside, which we feed and try to keep warm with shelters. They really need the heated bed now with wind chills at minus 16. The cats are doing very well.

Marcia, Lexington SC on 2013/11/09
Great pet bed

Placed in a "cat house" my husband made. Works great! The feral cats that have adopted us know they picked the right house!

Liz, Alpharetta GA on 2012/12/23
My outdoor kitty is in heaven!

We inherited an outdoor cat with our new home. She is afraid to enter the house and we were worried about the cold and protecting her. This heated mat is perfect. I put it under a fleece bed and she curls up on it both day and night whenever she is chilled. So nice to watch her sleep contently and warm :)

D, Portland OR on 2012/12/04
Yes, it really works!

An acquaintance told me about this bed as I have a feral cat who lives in my backyard. She uses it for her barn cats. At first my feral cat wasn't sure about the 'waterbed' effect it has as you inflate it a bit. So I put a plate of tuna on the bed to get him to touch it with his paws. Within a few minutes, he was 'flaked out' on this bed instead of curled up in a ball, it was hilarious to see him stretched out. I feel better now since the snow will be coming soon.

Liz, Grand Rapids MI on 2012/11/17
Pretty Good

I purchased this heated pet bed to go inside my dog's dog house and keep her warm during our cold winter months. The bed does exactly what it says it will. The only issue that we have noticed is that it does not radiate heat. It's warm to the touch and any part of her body that is in contact with it is warm, but any part that is not, is cold. The product doesn't say it gives off heat, so it's not misleading, but I think we assumed it might also give off some heat to warm up the surrounding area and it does not, just an FYI!

Mike, Brooklyn MI on 2012/11/03
My Mother Just Loves This Heating Pad

I went online to find a heated foot warming pad fgor my mother while she was sitting down such as watching tv, Etc. The Blog on a few of the heating pads said some were too hot, or smelled like hot rubber. Three woman on the blog stated to go to this pet Site and buy one of there pet Heating pads, they were just the right Temp. andamp; Their was no smell, this one was just great! Happy Mother, Happy Son, Mike

Gayle, Cincinnati OH on 2012/10/28
Wish it got a little warmer...

This pet bed would be great indoors, but I'm not sure how effective it is going to be outdoors when the temperature drops. I have bought another style of outdoor heated bed, from this same manufacturer (several of them, actually), with a hard encasement vs. this bed's soft and pliable exterior, and it seems that the hard "shell" bed gets warmer. The hard shell beds are used in a double-wide custom made cat house and they actually heat up the air in the 2x4' enclosure. My two outdoor cats will spend hours in there on a cold day. I have touched this soft exterior bed after one of the felines has been on it for a while, and it doesn't seem to be heating up much. Time will tell, I guess.

Shandy, Bangor PA on 2012/10/04
I want a big one!

I followed the instructions for 1st time use, turned my back and both indoor cats took possession! Now in a plastic tote on the back porch for a group of stray kittens who adopted us. They sleep there every night, and it's only in the 50's. I am sure they will loving it after temps turn frigid.

Kelley Hobart, Hayden ID on 2011/11/05
"Bailey likes it"

I ordered this model for indoor use but wanted the sturdy construction of the outdoor model as I'm hoping that it will last longer. I also like that the mat part is soft and not hard like the other outdoor model. I haven't used the cover that comes with it as it doesn't look like it will stay on. I'm making my own covers out of fleece that completely cover it and zip on and off. The items shipped to me in less than a week. Good service! Thanks!

Linda, Tillamook OR on 2011/10/12
Great for new born puppies!

I raise Cavalier King Charles and use this heating pad in the house for mom and puppies and it is great. I don't have to worry about my babies getting chilled. It is soft and comfortable for mom too! I would recommend this to anyone raising small breed puppies.

Susan, Duluth GA on 2010/11/09

I ordered a small pad a year ago and my two kittens happily snuggled up together on it. However; when I took it out this year I noticed that the small was just the right size for one cat and have decided to purchase another. I recommended this to my sister who has two beautiful Italian Greyhounds and they love it as well. Great product!

Mary, Stowe VT on 2010/10/12
My Dog Loved It

My dog took to this bed right away. We leave it outside and she uses it all the time when it is chilly but wants to stay out. I even sat on it to see if it really works and it does.

Dtchgrl25, Steamboat Springs CO on 2010/01/21
cat loves it

Our barn cat loves it for those chilly nights!

Charlotte, Mallibu CA on 2009/12/04
only one problem

My little dog loves the warmth - however, the cover has not held up well and we have only had it for 2 weeks. when the dog tries to "fluff" it up, it comes off the pad.