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K&H Pet Self-Warming Crate Pad Mocha by K&H Pet Products

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K&H Pet Self-Warming Crate Pad Mocha Description

K and H Self-Warming Crate Pad provides warmth by radiating natural body heat back to your pet! With four corners that are slit in order to allow a perfect fit in your pet crate, this warm, soft, comfortable crate pad is easy to wash and care for as well.

  • Non-slip bottom for stability
  • Incredibly soft micro fleece fabric
  • Self-warming crate pad

This self warming crate pad is equipped with warm, comfortable micro fleece, while the bottom side has a non-slip fabric that allows your dog to comfortably stay put in one spot without slippage.

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K&H Pet Self-Warming Crate Pad Mocha Customer Reviews

Diane, Bronx NY on 2016/01/06
Self-warming crate pad

We just had a dip in Temps to 14°F yet 3 of my cats stayed outside with these 2 underneath them and 1 acting like a cover inside a plastic tub on its side. They LOVED it! And they were warm!

Vicki, Annadale VA on 2014/11/24
Great for seniors

My two senior cats love this. Sleeping on fleece or plush throws just didn't cut it. They haven't slept together in years - now I usually come home to find them cuddled up in this pad.

Lynn, Streamwood IL on 2014/10/10
My cat sleeps on it

I've been looking for a non-electric warming pad for my aging cat with arthritis. She's pretty picky what she sleeps on but seems to like it. I have another placed in a favorite spot.

Patricia, Covington KY on 2014/02/10
It Works!

I bought one of these to put in a "house" for some stray cats in a friend's neighborhood. I put it over a comfy pillow inside a plastic bin with an opening cut into it. I put a cozy blanket to cover the walls and the pillow and bed on top of that. As cold as it got this winter, these cats survived inside the makeshift home--I'm sure due to the reflecting heat of this bed. I bought one for my dog, also--he seems to be a bit "cold blooded" and loves to lay on it. Great value and price for the money. Guess that's why they're sold out!

Sue, Scottsdale AZ on 2014/01/26
Happy stray cat

A stray kitten found us. It was getting very cold and it wouldn't let us catch it, so I set up an insulated box and put this in it. Sometimes the little guy doesn't come out until 10am. He seems cozy and warm. Note: Coldest so far has been 32degrees.