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K&H Pet Snuggle Up Bird Warmer by by K&H Pet Products

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Product Description

The K and H Snuggle Up Bird Warmer provides your exotic bird with a safe, comfortable source of warmth, right in the cage! This energy efficient heater lets tropical birds "snuggle up," reducing health risks and protecting them from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts.

  • Protects exotic birds from harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts
  • Thermostatically controlled to optimum body temperature
  • Safe, consistent source of warmth reduces avian stress

This low voltage bird heater mounts right to the side of any wire cage and provides a safe, consistent source of warmth to support a stable avian environment. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and may be used in outdoor aviaries if protected from the weather.

While not adjustable, the Snuggle Up Bird Warmer is thermostatically controlled to help maintain a bird’s ideal body temperature. A larger size is safe to use with a smaller bird. There is no on/off switch; the perch is always on when plugged in, and may be left on even when the cage is covered.

Tip: Use with the K and H Thermo-Perch to provide your exotic bird with safe, healthy warmth from its head to its toes!

Cleaning Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth, soap and water.


  • 12 volts
  • 6.5' power cord
  • 1-year warranty

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Dana, Escondido CA on 10-01-2016
Avian snuggle warmer

I'd give it a 2 out of 5 stars. It connects to the cage well and I like that the wire is covered up so my bird can't chew it. I don't lie that it doesn't get very warm (I can barely feel any heat coming off of it) and you can't change the settings.

Jodi, San Angelo TX on 01-18-2016
An Absolute Must Have

I honestly thought the idea of this product was ridiculous. But, I bought it anyway. I am so glad I did and so is my parakeet. This product allows you to put your bird cage almost anywhere and you have the reassurance that your bird will always stay as warm as they want to.

Al, Tacoma WA on 12-07-2015
Works just as expected

Love this heater for my pair of doves. I don't like to pay to heat my whole house while gone for the day, so on extreme cold days this works perfectly and my doves really do snuggle next to it.