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KONG Cat Wubba Catnip Toy Assorted Colors by KONG

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KONG Cat Wubba Catnip Toy Assorted Colors Description

The KONG Wubba Cat Toy is the ultimate cat toy. The Original Cat Wubba was inspired by the popular Wubba dog toy and is the perfect size for batting around. The KONG Wubba Cat Toy stimulates cats senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.

  • Contains KONGs premium North American catnip
  • Features a rattle and unique tail that makes a "crackle" sound
  • Appeals to cats desire to stalk and capture prey

Dimensions: 7" Long

Note: Ships in assorted colors - let us pick one for you!

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KONG Cat Wubba Catnip Toy Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

John, Clovis CA on 2011/02/16
Great cat toy, your mileage may vary

This cat toy is nice and well-made, and I think it's a great toy for any cat who likes to play. My cat absolutely loved it for all of three minutes, but barely touches it now. However, that's the norm for her. She gets just as much enjoyment from a beat-up golf ball as she does expensive kitty toys. Still, it's a good toy and I think it would have at least some appeal to just about any cat.

Danielle, St. Louis MO on 2009/12/17
My cats love it! Surprisingly enough.

I wanted to get my order above the required amount for free shipping so I added this toy and to my surprise my cats absolutely love it. It's a very hard toy and doesn't bounce or move around but for whatever reason they all really enjoy playing with it. I would recommend it for other cat owners.