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KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber Chew, Chase, and Fetch Dog Toy by KONG

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KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber Chew, Chase, and Fetch Dog Toy Description

The KONG Classic is the gold standard of dog toys and has become the staple for dogs around the world for over forty years. Offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs' instinctual needs, the KONG Classics unique all-natural red rubber formula is ultra-durable with an erratic bounce that is ideal for dogs that like to chew while also fulfilling a dogs need to play. Want to extend play time Be sure to stuff with tempting bits of kibble and entice with a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by adding KONG Snacks and topping with KONG Easy Treat.

  • Mentally stimulating toy, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs instinctual needs
  • KONG classic red rubber formula for average chewers
  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • Great for stuffing with KONG Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies
  • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide
  • All-natural rubber made in the USA
  • Freeze with your dogs favorite tastes for extended play
  • Available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL

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KONG Classic Durable Natural Rubber Chew, Chase, and Fetch Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Jan, West Portsmouth OH on 2016/02/10
Usually indestructable

Our dog, Joe, is a Lab. He is a chewer and simply adores to play fetch. It's what he lives for. He lost his first Kong by playing and throwing it himself. We never found it. His second one he chewed nearly in half. It's still hanging by a thread and he won't give it up completely, yet. He alternates with the new one and the old one, which gives it a little longer life, I suppose. We'll have to hide it some day and maybe he'll forget it. I have to say, if your dog is a permanent puppy-like chewer, there is no better toy than a Kong for your dog. It might keep you busy throwing it in a game of fetch, but that's a whole lot of fun, too. Eventually, we'll probably replace even this new one with another, though. Kong toys are worth every penny we've paid for them. They may even help you lose weight.

Kathie, Bellingham WA on 2016/01/05
Kong junior

My tft absolutely loves everything about this wee toy! She fetches it, she chews it, bounces it, it is becoming the fave toy in her well stocked toy box!

Sherry, Collinsville IL on 2014/04/30
My pitbull loves it....

My pitbull and other pitbulls I work with at the shelter just love these. You can put cheese, peanut butter, bones, etc inside and the dog gets to figure out how to get the treats out. It is also very durable for them to chew on for hours. A great past time for your dog and a toy that will last for some time.

Joan, Tinley Park IL on 2014/03/28
My Pitties favorite

This is great for stuffing especially peanut butter! This keeps my girl occupied for quite some time and is easy to clean.

S, Zoar OH on 2013/04/05

Just bought the small one for my mini dachshund she loves it.

Stevie, Alexandria VA on 2012/12/20
Kongs rule

Was introduced to Kongs by dog loving friends when I got my first dog 3 months ago. They are simply awesome. Stuff them with peanut butter or wet food and enjoy some peace while your dog goes nuts with it in a quiet, controlled way.

Shauna, Concord NH on 2012/05/24
Just as described

This one is a little small for a medium to large sized dog - I think I should have gotten the bigger one... but regardless this is the same quality as in the store but much cheaper!

Jen, Starks ME on 2012/02/15
Gotta Love Kongs!

This is my second Kong with my current dog (a bored husky/lab), the other is still in use, but I found some advice from a dog trainer that mentioned mixing half dry dog food, and half wet dog food, and stuffing the Kong with that, and putting it in the freezer. The result is (apparently) a yummy cement stuffed Kong. I give him one when I head out to work, and he's usually still working on it when I get home. Which means: less destruction to my house. I needed an extra (and might still buy more) so I wasn't doing my Kong stuffing nightly.

Bernie, Grand Island NE on 2012/01/31
Big Red Kong

My dog loves these Kongs. They seem to be the only thing he hasn't chewed up. No mess.

Kylie, Mentone CA on 2011/10/07
My dogs couldnt be happier!

The Kong classic and the Kong ball are the only toys my 4 pit bulls can not destroy within minutes. I don't even have to put treats in them they just love to chew on these things non stop. I'm so glad I found Pet Mountain they are so much cheaper then a competitor website or any other place that sells these toys. I paid for standard shipping they were at my house in 3 days. I am very pleased with the service pet mountain has to offer. I highly recommend ordering products from pet mountain.

Sarah, Ketchikan AK on 2011/10/03
My Dog Loves it!

I love using the Kong, especially when I have to leave my dog in the car because it keeps him occupied and from chewing up seat belts. I bought the Kong stuff'n liver treats and my dog loves them! I like them because they're all natural. The Kong is a great toy because it's non-toxic (unlike a lot of things he chews on). It's safe, clean and durable too! And I think they should upgrade the Kong and make a Kong for dogs 8-10 years with teeth problems, and it should be the xxl and have different and new colors like white, green, orange, dark blue, clear, and brown, and pink as well. And a rare limited edition Gold one too! And they should have eco-safe Kongs so thanks for reading this! bye, Juleon and Sarah!

Camilla, East Dorset VT on 2011/07/21
Good when leaving the house.

A great way to keep dog occupied as you pull out of the drive. Stuff some dog food kibble, seal with a dab of peanut butter and they are so happy.

Lise, Indianapolis IN on 2011/05/25
great toy for animal shelter

Have been using Kong toys for years. Great toy. Gives your pup something to do, helps with separation anxiety,andhellip; I just bought a BUNCH of these for our local animal shelter andndash; thank you for offering a lower price and free shipping.

Allen, Federal Way WA on 2011/03/03
Smaller than I thought

I planned to feed my miniature poodle with it but the Kong I bought doesn't have enough volume inside to hold a full feeding. I find nothing wrong with the product or service, any fault was mine.

Dakotas Mommy, Sunshine FL on 2011/03/02
My Baby Girl Loves It!

We have a 7 month old Boxador who gets into EVERYTHING when we are not home! We heard that dogs are the most destructive within the first 15 minutes of their owner leaving home and if you give them something that occupies them during those "precious moments", the chewing of YOUR items would pretty much go away. So, after her chewing up SEVERAL pairs of shoes, the kids video games and pretty much ANYTHING she could get a hold of, we decided to try out Kong Brand Toys. She LOVES this Toy! The first few times of giving this to her, she still got into a little bit of trouble. But, now she has realized that right before we leave she is going to get her special treat and there hasn't been anything chewed on recently (hope I am not jinxing it). LOL

John, Clovis CA on 2011/02/16
Among the best dog toys

My dog loves to chew this, lick peanut butter out of it, try to get treats out of it, and play fetch with it. It's such a great all-around toy! It can be a chew toy, a treat, a bouncy ball for playing fetch...Every dog deserves one of these.

Joe, Denver CO on 2011/01/29
Kongs last even with heavy chewer

We found this product to last and last with our dog. This dog has destroyer lesser products in minutes.

Shana, Bloomington IN on 2010/11/03
great toy

My dog is a big fan of the Kong. Carries it around in her mouth all the time, begging for me to fill it up when it's empty. Lots of times, when I put the peanut butter in there, I have to squeeze the small part to move the contents around because she can't reach what's at the very top with her tongue.

Robert, Providence RI on 2010/10/21
5 year ols boston terrier lives for his kong

Shortstop is now on his sixth Kong classic. He prefers the small red classic. I have purchased the tougher black Kong but he still crews through at the same rate. He brings his almost chewed Kong to my attention and stops chewing or playing with Kong until I replaced it with a new one. I will order on line from this moment on to save the pet store markup on this product. It's a pleasure to see him enjoy this product. Sincerely Bob Brown

Heather, Buffalo NY on 2010/10/05
Best price I found anywhere!

I searched all the websites that sell dog supplies and this is by far the cheapest place to buy Kongs. I ordered 2 Large Kongs as well as a Large Senior Kong. I received my entire order within a week and the best part was the shipping was free. This is my new favorite place to shop for my dogs.

Karen, North Arlington NJ on 2010/09/06
My puppy LOVES this

Got this for my cattle dog...he is a power chewer and has been using this one for over a month without ANY DAMAGE! He chewed this for hours and hours and the toy hasn't had any adverse effects! Would recommend this to anyone with a chewer!

Baxter, Columbus OH on 2010/08/20
great toy

Baxter is pit/lab mix...this is the 1 and only toy that he will chew to pieces...Baxter loves the KONG

Heidi, Seattle WA on 2010/08/11
Best price around

Pet Mountain by far had the best price on large Kongs. I usually buy from a competitor website but dug in and found this site. Delivery was fast, dog is chomping away, all is well.

Helene , Columbus OH on 2010/08/10
My dogs love kongs!

I have used kongs for years, they last a long time for all but the most aggressive chewers. Ours will disappear somewhere in the yard before the dogs destroy them.

Trina, Gray LA on 2010/07/01
Multi functional

My 4 pound Morkie LOVES his kong toy. The toy has circular 'rings' so if you roll it on the floor, it just goes in a circle. Jack loves catching it and chewing on it. When I fill it with peanut butter, he will lick and lick until it's as clean as a whistle. I would tell any dog owner to buy a kong because whether its filled with treats or not, it can be enjoyed just the same!

Fo, Lehigh PA on 2010/06/22

My beagle is such a stronger chewer and typically destroys his toys within the day. This is the only thing that has lasted!

John, Eagle River AK on 2010/06/17
Teddy cannot distroy her Classic Kong Dog Toy

Lab mix 55 pound very heavy chewer. Loves her kong toys. She spends hours chewing and tossing her toys, only the kongs have withstood her use/abuse.

Peter, Newton NJ on 2010/05/19
X Large Kong are still great, the pack cant chew them up.

I was a bit worried about spending more money on my gang, they chew up firewood and rocks but these X-large Kongs have been holding up great.

Carol, Donnellson IA on 2010/04/29
My dog loves this!

For months I had to deal with my Maltese having separation anxiety issues when I left for work. I would always come home to a messed crate (I was told dogs don't mess their beds, so this concerned me). I purchased the Kong toy and she stays content for hours with this. I only allow her to have it when I'm gone; when she is in her crate. It has helped so much. I highly recommend this to people who have dogs with separation anxiety issues! She loves it.

Sandy, Southport QL on 2010/03/25
Very happy Boxer

My boxer loves this toy. It keeps him very entertained and amused trying to get the treats out. A definite must for all dogs.

Pete, Newton NJ on 2010/02/17
Excellent transaction

Items were shipped fast , product was as advertised

Deanna, Milton Freewater OR on 2009/11/26
awesome toy

I have three AmStaffs (pit bulls) they all LOVE their Kongs. Two of them play for hours with theirs and my one female takes hers every where. After about month I start to find little pieces they have torn off but this is the only toy that lasted for more than 5 min.

Rob, Staten Island NY on 2009/11/19
My pups went nuts!

My pups went nuts over all the great stuff I bought at great prices with speedy delivery. The classic kong dog toy is the best thing I've ever gotten for them. It's strong and seems very durable. It keeps them busy for hours. Thank you, I'm glad I found you on the web!

Lori, California City CA on 2009/11/17
the greatest!

I have 3 one-year-old Pit bulls, and this toy is the only thing that stands up to their chewing.

Mary, Mattoon IL on 2009/10/20
Good Thing Its Durable

I bought this product and 3 Kong treat products for use together. The Kong toy was easy for the dog to carry in his mouth, and to hold it with his paws to eat the Kong treats from the opening. He would throw the toy in the air and then grab it and eat the treats out.

Sandra, Gunnison CP on 2009/10/20
Cheap Deal

Pet Kongs were great and much cheaper than any pet store! Fast shipping. The dog's are happy so we are happy

Patti, Benton KY on 2009/10/06
My senegal parrots are addicted!

For years , I have used kong dog toys - usually the classic small - for my senegal parrots. They are powerful biters and need toys they can destroy but not in 2 minutes! They LOVE these!

Elizabeth, Manassas VA on 2009/09/23
My dogs FAVORITE toy!

My dog LOVES his red kong! He knows the word, "toy," and if you ever say it, he'll go looking for his kong. He'll chew on it for hours and fetch it for hours! He takes it with him everywhere he goes, he even carries it in his mouth on his walks. If you haven't gotten one for your dog, you SHOULD!

Michael, Orlando FL on 2009/08/22
19 years and still strong

my rotts had this and were always chewing on it then i got cocker spaniels and it lasted thru there time playing then i got a pitbull and its still working 19 years!

Laura Dabolish, Pittsburgh PA on 2009/06/07
10 years and still going strong.

We got a King Kong for our dog 10 years ago. One day after she had it for many years the kong was lost in our yard. 2 years ago she passed away. BUT last month our new puppy came running into the house with the 10 year old Kong that had been lost so many years ago. It is his favorite toy. It is the only one that he can not destroy. Even the sun could not damage it. It came back faded on one side from the suns rays. But after our new dog chewed on it for a few days that even went away. I was told that our local zoo uses Kongs for some of the larger animals.

Annie, Colonial Heights VA on 2009/04/16
Awsome toy

My dogs love this toy, I just stuff it with some treats and peanut butter and they are occupied for hours! Before I got this toy they would sneak off and chase the cats or eat the cat food or worse eat the cat litter! Now i have no problems!

Frank, Pahrump NV on 2008/10/25
King Kong RED

Our small rat terrier mix destroyed toys in a few days. That was until he was given a red Kong toy. Buddy has been chewing on that toy for three months. There is not even a tiny tooth mark. This little 15 pound bundle of excitement can destroy most toys in less the 48 hours. We nominate the Kong toy as the best toy any canine owner can purchase. The toy was a gift from my brother and sister in law. What ever they paid for it was well worth the cost. Doubt very much if any dog can damage a red Kong toy. It should be the last toy you have to buy. Because dogs are animals and not small children they instinctively bury their toys. So keep a spare Kong toy just in case. Thank you for solving a doggie problem that was money down the drain buying other dog toys.

Pat, Columbus MS on 2007/11/28
dog tamer

This is THE most amazing toy we've ever had! It is indestructable and our dog loves it. It fills her need to chew while challenging and rewarding her at the same time.

John, Marion IA on 2007/11/06

I have a 3 year old Dobbie. He destroys EVERYTHING! Not this! Great product.

Sarah, Medical Lake WA on 2007/10/22
Great toy!

Kong products are the ONLY dog toys that my lab cannot destroy. She chews every other toy out there into tiny pieces but she can't destroy the Kong (believe me she has tried!). If only other dog toy makers used this material I would have saved a lot of money!

Bo, Kennesaw GA on 2007/10/13
Say Hello To My Little Friend - Kong

I'm a dog and here are my thoughts... Advantages, A fun way to get additional treats- Strengthens tongue muscles. Keeps teeth clean. A healthy alternative to chewing on furniture and cats. Disadvantages, Highly dependent on owner for proper operation. Useless if it isn't filled with treats. Useless if filled with bad treats i.e. apples, carrots, etc- Takes longer to get at your treats versus getting them directly by hand- It gets slimy (and fuzzy if your owner doesn't Swiffer often).

Lindsay, Greensboro NC on 2007/10/10
Great for chewers!

My puppy is teething and he shreds anything he can get his paws on! The kong gives him hours of chewing fun with out the destroyed toy in the end!

Vicky, York PA on 2007/09/19

MY DOG LOVES CHEWING ON KONGS - it keeps her busy and happy!

Kristin, Westerly RI on 2007/09/12
Champ cant get enough

Kongs are the ultimate dog toy if you dont have one GET ONE! they are addicted to them... my mother in laws dog who NEVER fetched or caught anything in her mouth now jumps in their coy pond after the thing... you will see a different side of your dog come out.

Ann, Stillwater OK on 2007/09/12
hours of fun

My sister told me these were wonderful but I did not believe her. She is right!

Jaime, Lewiston ME on 2007/09/10
Best dog toy ever!

This sturdy, safe chew toy can be filled with treats to keep a bored or anxious dog happy while you're away. A good filled Kong keeps your dog busy trying to get the treats, which can help curb behavioral problems caused by separation anxiety (whining/howling, self mutilation, etc.). I give my dog her Kong, filled with peanut butter, whenever a repair man comes over, and she becomes blissfully oblivious to his presence as she laps away at the the gooey peanut buttery goodness hidden inside. Every dog owner should have one!

Jaime, Lewiston ME on 2007/09/10
Best dog toy ever!

This sturdy, safe chew toy can be filled with treats to keep a bored or anxious dog happy while you're away. A good filled Kong keeps your dog busy trying to get the treats, which can help curb behavioral problems caused by separation anxiety (whining/howling, self mutilation, etc.). I give my dog her Kong, filled with peanut butter, whenever a repair man comes over, and she becomes blissfully oblivious to his presence as she laps away at the the gooey peanut buttery goodness hidden inside. Every dog owner should have one!

Jaime, Lewiston ME on 2007/09/10
Best dog toy ever!

This sturdy, safe chew toy can be filled with treats to keep a bored or anxious dog happy while you're away. A good filled Kong keeps your dog busy trying to get the treats, which can help curb behavioral problems caused by separation anxiety (whining/howling, self mutilation, etc.). I give my dog her Kong, filled with peanut butter, whenever a repair man comes over, and she becomes blissfully oblivious to his presence as she laps away at the the gooey peanut buttery goodness hidden inside. Every dog owner should have one!

Meghan, Pittsburgh PA on 2007/08/13
Doesnt everyone have one???

If you don't have a kong yet, GET ONE! I know they're more expensive especially in the store but it keeps my dog busy playing when I'm not able to. VERY durable too. One of only 2 toys that has lasted more than just a few weeks.

Renee, Roseville CA on 2007/08/09
Best puppy toy

This is simply the best toy for puppies. A stuffed kong can be used to keep them busy for hours, and they are great for crate training. My puppy loves them stuffed with other Kong goodies, cream cheese, peanut butter, frozen meat pieces or anything else I can get inside. I stuff several at a time and keep them in the fridge or freezer so they are always handy.

Mandy, Oahu HI on 2007/08/08
kongs rock

The best! Just fill with peanut butter and freeze and you have the best babysitter for your dogs!

Mandy, Orem UT on 2007/07/26
Red Kong

Absolutely the best toy for our two dogs! Fill it with the Kong stuffing or peanut butter, pop it in the freezer for about an hour and the dogs will love you forever (plus you get a good 15-25 minutes of silence) :)

Maureen, Cambridge MD on 2007/06/28
Scottie loved it

Our 6 month old Scottie was destroying every toy until we got the red Kong. Ruby can chew on it for an hour and not damage it. She even likes to chew on it without a treat stuffed in it. She loves it!Thank you Kong!

Kelly, Newark DE on 2007/06/20

We stuff the kong and freeze it for our pup. He runs to his crate when he even sees one come out of the freezer!

Winkie, Pittsburgh PA on 2007/06/03
It takes Winkie two weeks to destroy

The Kong is the only toy that lasts for my Rotweiller. He loves them. We throw them and he fetches beautifully. When we start the car he grabs his Kong and shakes his head and growls. He just loves his Kong! We tried many other toys and they were in pieces with one bite.

Dj, Bboro VT on 2007/05/10
Kong Toys

Kong make great 'break time' chew time toys for dogs.

Emily, Royal Oak MI on 2007/05/10
Teach old dogs new tricks

I couldn't get my old dog to fetch anything until I purchased the red kong. Now he's eager to go out and play fetch.

Carrie, St Pete FL on 2007/05/02
"My puppy loves it"

we love all your products, great for crate training, they really are the number one dog toy.Keep up the great work!

Tiffany, Richmond Hill NY on 2007/03/25
Rubber Kong

I stuff my puggle's kongs natural peanut butter and leave them in the freezer over night. The next day they are ready for a good 30minutes of entertainment. The cold Kong helps his teething and the frozen peanut butter lasts longer!