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KONG Extreme Dog Toy Ideal for Power Chewers by KONG

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KONG Extreme Dog Toy Ideal for Power Chewers Description

The KONG Extreme dog toy represents the most durable strength of KONG rubber. Designed for the toughest of chewers, the KONG Extreme offers enrichment and helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs. The KONG unique, ultra-durable, all-natural rubber formula is designed for determined chewers, while the erratic bounce fulfills a dogs need to play. Want to extend play time Be sure to stuff with tempting bits of kibble and entice with a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by adding KONG Snacks and top with KONG Easy Treat. Stuff and Freeze for a longer-lasting challenge.

  • Mentally stimulating toy, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs instinctual needs
  • KONG ultra-strong and durable black rubber formula for powerful chewers
  • Offering enrichment by helping satisfy dogs' instinctual needs
  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • Great for stuffing with KONG Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies
  • Recommended worldwide by Veterinarians, Trainers, and dog enthusiasts
  • All-Natural rubber and proudly made in the USA
  • Freeze with your dogs favorite tastes for extended play
  • Assorted Pink and blue colors available in four sizes: XS, S, M and L

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KONG Extreme Dog Toy Ideal for Power Chewers Customer Reviews

Lisa, Loveland CO on 2016/09/10
Great for Medium Sized Dogs

This is the perfect sized Kong for medium (40-45lb) sized dogs who are hard chewers. Even with peanut butter in it, she keeps busy but without destroying the Kong like she did with the red ones!

Diane, Hubert NC on 2015/01/03
Kong Extreme Dog Toy - Ideal for Power Chewers

I wasn't too sure whether to get the black one for it being a power chewer, but at least I know our dog won't tear this one up. She really likes it and we'll put a treat in it and she's so funny to watch as she tries to figure out how to get it out. She'll sit and gnaw on it for hours. Great toy for that price!

Mary, Mesquite TX on 2014/12/29
Great for Strong Chewers

This is one of the only toys our Olde English Bulldog can not chew up! We still supervise but don't have to worry that he will chew up and choke on chunks of this toy, because it is up to the Heavy Chewer Challenge! (I think Kong calls them "power chewers") Hurray to Kong for making such an excellent toy. Sometimes we put some peanut butter in the center for an added treat. Owner and Dog both love this Kong Extreme Dog Toy. Hope Kong dreams up some more Power Chewer toys!

Angie, Brownsburg IN on 2014/12/18
Airedale Terrier approved

For my 8 mo old Airedale Terrier that is a chewer this is holding up.

Sadie, The Colony TX on 2014/04/16
I love this toy

I am a Pit Mix and this is the best toy ever. I love chewing on it and the squeaking noises it makes drives my human family crazy (another bonus for me). It takes me about 4 months before I need a new one. I chew it all the time and I have also fallen asleep with it in my mouth. Recommended for all power chewers like me.

Merav, Pittsburgh PA on 2014/03/21
Great product

This is the first time we ever used Kong and I have to admit that I was skeptical about it. However, our teething puppy (lab/husky) happily embraced it, and is spending hours (sometimes) working on it. I put different mix of foods in it, with some PB and he loves it. I often freeze it, to calm him teeth.

Don, The Colony TX on 2014/02/06
Best Dog Toy For Power Chewers

I have a 60lb Pit mix that has been able to chew through every toy I have tried (including the Kong Goodie Bone). The Kong Extreme withstands everything she gives it. She chews it constantly and can't tear it apart. Thanks Kong.

Brian, Ludlow VT on 2013/03/22
The Ultimate Indestructible Toy

This black Kong is the standard bearer by which all other "tough" chew toys are judged. Both my dogs can and will, eventually destroy anything else, including all other Kong brand toys but they can't put a dent in this one. The red version did last about 3 months but eventually started getting stress cracks and I replaced it 6-8 months ago with this. We recently got a second dog and added another Extreme Kong and now you can't tell the new one from the one Woody's been working on for over half a year.

Tiffany, Monterey CA on 2013/01/11
Great product - even for POWERFUL chewers!

My boyfriend's lab is a crazy powerful chewer! (He destroys golf balls like they're nothing.) I got him this Kong for Christmas, and he LOVES it! And best of all, he hasn't destroyed it! I also got him the XXL (because I didn't know which size would be better), but I think this size is probably the better of the two. By the way, I bought this Kong for $10.79 - they are about $20+ in stores. Great product and a great deal!

Gina, Petaluma CA on 2012/11/30
Awesome! For those who said dogs destroyed it: SIZE UP!

I have 3 extreme power chewers (2 boxers and a lab/border cross). The extreme kongs are awesome! I have several of the large size (only because the smaller boxer can't get her jaws around the x-large) and they have held up just fine, though I inspect them every time they are used. We also have the kong tails (red) and wubbas which are great too, but the wubbas are fairly easily mutilated as they don't have an actual Kong inside the heavy fabric covering. I can see how some may have chewed the smallest end off, but sizing up (as KONG recommends) should alleviate this problem.

Geraldine, Erie PA on 2012/06/28
Chance loves it

This is one of the few chew toys that my Brittany Spaniel cannot destroy as he is an aggressive chewer - highly recommend it for aggressive chewers.

Monica, Mound MN on 2012/04/05
My Vet Gave NEW Ideas

I would give my labs marrow bones from the deli fairly regularly when I wanted to keep them occupied while I worked in the yard. My older lab broke a fourth upper premolar and a front tooth to the tune of over $700 and we are pretty sure it is from those marrow bones. Our vet recommended Kong toys but my furry kids have had them, done that. However, I had only done peanut butter or dog treats because I didn't know the extent of their usefulness. My vet gave me recipes and ideas about layering goodies to keep them super busy, including freezing them and putting them in their doggy pool or hiding them. I have trouble with my puppy barking at dogs walking by and I tried the first recipe tonight and he just looked at the other dog. An absolute first! Both of my dogs were content for quite some time with the layering of goodies, and it makes them work rather than breaking precious teeth. I am ordering several more Kong toys because they are super sturdy and I had no idea how much you can use them to keep them busy and happy!

Patty Williamson, Mokane MO on 2012/01/22
Great for busy chewers

I love this chew toy, and the treats stuck inside motivate my dad's tough chewing dog to keep chewing on it instead of other things she finds around my dad's messy house.

Stephanie, San Jose CA on 2011/11/09
Great for your heavy chewers

If your dog is heavy chewer, check out Extreme Kongs. Petmountain has the best price and excellent customer service.

Stephanie, San Jose CA on 2011/11/09
Kong Extreme - great for your heavy chewers

If your dog is heavy chewer, check out Extreme Kongs. Petmountain has the best price and excellent customer service.

Steve, Bensalem PA on 2011/09/22
mt ameracan bulldog loves them

I have an 105# bulldog he loves to chew so we had to hidden something be would not destroy in 5 min. We found with the Kong it takes about 2 month to destroy it

Joanne, Buckhead GA on 2011/08/18
Works for us

I have two powerful chewers and finding toys they don't go through in five minutes is difficult. I like to put treats in the toy and let them go at it. The best trick I have found so far is to have multiple toys around so no one toy gets over chewed to quickly. I know this toy won't last forever, but they love it and it's a decent price here so I know I will buy another when this one finally has to be thrown out.

Milda , Coeur D Alene ID on 2011/06/22
Black Kong lasts a LONG time!

My dog is a voracious chewer. Another black Kong has lasted up to 6 months prior to being chewed all the way through. She loves to play and chew, and I love the big hole, a perfect fit for my index finger to lift and throw the wet and slimy toy!

Bill, Spearfish SD on 2011/03/29
Endures Lots of Love

Baby Jude, who weighs in at 110 pounds, has two Kongs, a medium and an extra large. We put doggy biscuits in them for dessert after he finishes his breakfast and his dinner. He loves to roll and bounce them around until the treats fall out. While he doesn't chew on the Kongs themselves very much because he's after the edible treat inside, both sizes have lasted him for several years (although we eventually had to replace the smaller one), and we have more than amortized their purchase price. For Jude, the Kongs have proven very durable.

Tammy, Eagle NE on 2011/02/10
Best price

I am a dog trainer and involved in Rescue, if you are looking for a Kong...this is the best price you will find. The company provides fast shipping and they are the greatest to order from!

Stan, Pine Bush NY on 2010/11/16
My Pit Bull Loves it!

This has got to be one of the best toys ever for large dogs with a strong bite. My Pit Bull has so much fun with this toy; it is a pleasure to watch him with it. I tried putting some treats and peanut butter inside when we leave him (caged) for a while and it works great! I still can't figure out how he gets it all out! All I can say is . . . "My Pit Bull Loves It!"

Karen, North Arlington NJ on 2010/10/09
chewed it for months

My dog chews and chews. He has chewed his medium Kong extreme for months. I am only upgrading because he has outgrown the size. I am now passing on the old one to a new puppy as it is in that good of shape! No bite marks or spots where the plastic is broken or torn! Highly recommend this product!

Jessica, Valencia CA on 2010/09/10

Wow! The extreme Kong beats all other Kongs for strong chewers. Our dog has managed to eat through all of his other Kongs. This one is great!

Cathy, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/08/15
Kongs are the best!

My husband brought home an extreme Kong for our dog and it has become her favorite toy ;-)

Chris, Benton Harbor MI on 2010/08/03
Pretty Extreme!

I have a house full of power chewers and the extreme Kong lasts the longest over any other toy hands down!

Lj, Tombstone AZ on 2010/07/20
The Best There Is!

I have a rottie and a chow/coyote mix, both big dogs and powerful chewers. The Kong toys are they only ones I've ever found that they don't completely shred and eat within the first 15 minutes. I have never had one last less than 2 years before won't find anything better!

Tom, Mount Pocono PA on 2010/05/19
best thing since sliced bread

andlt;y wife and i bought a super kong about 3 years ago for our 110 lb rottie and the dog played with it just about every day. When we leave to go to work we fill the kong with peanut butter and the dog is occupied all day long. After three years the kong is getting a little worn. Best thing since sliced bread!

Eve, Alpine NJ on 2010/05/18
Perfect for strong dogs.

Super strong, ideal for incredibly strong jaws. Rubber may stain your hands if you are playing tug with your dog, but the toy holds up very well.

Rachel, Foresthill CA on 2010/05/10
Better than expected

I have a German Shorthair and a 9 month old Weimer pup, They will spend a good hour or more trying to get the goodies out. Looks like the shorthair is making love to it as he chews. Good entertainment/distraction and satisfy the chewing!

Kevin, Colorado Springs CO on 2010/04/21

I was skeptical about the Kong Extreme at first. I have 2 pit-bulls and they are very powerful chewers. Every toy that they have come in contact with was totally destroyed. I have to say that so far the Extreme has lived up to its name. The dogs have played with them for 3 weeks now and they both are still looking like new. What I really like is stuffing the toys with treats, it keeps them entertained for hours. I recommend the Extreme for anyone that has a serious chewer in the home.

Shannon, Waynesboro PA on 2009/09/18
Great to keep them busy!

I have bought several Kongs for my dogs. I usually put some peanut butter inside and it entertains the boys for hours. However, I have a pit bull and when there is no peanut butter inside the Kong he tends to chew the kong into tiny pieces. I have replaced several Kongs for him because he manages to chew through them. My other dog, who once ate a shoe, has yet to destroy one, which is very impressive! I LOVE Kongs, however I would love it they could make an even stronger one for my pit bull. :)

Laura, Tallahassee FL on 2008/03/15
best toy ever

the extra large black Kong Ultra is the only dog toy ever to last more than a day in my house. As soon as my dogs get a hold of their Kongs they start working on the hole at the top and keep busy for hours. the Kong Ultra is indeed the greatest toy and the only one I'd ever buy.

Kim, Cranston RI on 2008/01/12
Our FAVORITE toy but...

KUDOS to the creator of the Kong chew toy. Our two year old lab absolutely loves it. We use it with peanutbutter as a daily treat for him. The only problem is that they are rather pricey and we are now on our 5th Kong in the past year and half. We have the one that is the appropriate size for our lab and when we tried to go up a size, our pup was NOT happy. Our lab literally gets to the point where he is able to rip the top of the Kong off so the "virtually indestructible" does not always apply.

Ali, Conway AR on 2007/09/02
Great Toy!

My JRT loves it!

Holly, Coralville IA on 2007/08/31
Yasha is quite the chewer...

Yasha is an Australian Shepherd, so he's a herding dog that likes to be really busy and active. For days that I couldn't give him walks the Kong kept him happy as a clam. He just throws it around and plays by himself at times and other times he wants me to play and I'm happy to oblige. It's great for fetch but not necessarily the easiest thing to get out of his mouth. I'd suggest not playing the tug-of-war game with this toy, but rather train your dog to drop the toy on command. They should be taught this anyway to not hurt children (or yourself) when the dog gets a little rough.

Kate, Alexandria VA on 2007/08/29
Super Tough!

My dog Molly can chew through ANYTHING - she'll rip through a plush toy and get the sqeaker out in under 10 minutes, devour a rawhide stick in the blink of an eye... but the new Extreme Kong has stood up to the Molly test! You can barely see her teeth marks - this product is remarkable. She shreds the other Kongs (red and puppy versions) but this one is different. My vet recommended Kongs as a way to keep her occupied while we eat dinner, and now I keep several in the freezer ready to go.

Michelle, Alpine CA on 2007/08/22
Kong the KING of Dog Toys

This toy was recommended to us by a dog trainer and I looked at it and thought 'Yeah Right". After a few weeks of my yellow lab destroying all other toys I purchased this odd shaped toy! My lab loves it a will never give it up! He can fit it in his mouth and walk around with it but he can not shred it like he has with tennis balls! LOVE LOVE this toy!

Julie, Logan UT on 2007/08/21
Excellent Toy

My lab can chew through everything EXCEPT his Kong!

Chris, Rochester NY on 2007/05/25
Kong Are The Most Durable

Standard kong toys are the most durable toys out there. My dog eats all the other dog toys out their. Make sure you get the regular Kong toys the gimmicky Kongs and the smaller kongs have been chewed apart by my dog. If you get a big standard one, especially the extreme ones it will last you a long time and your dog will love it!

Teresa, Okemos MI on 2007/05/25

My Rottie has incredibly strong jaws and demolishes most chew toys, even those advertised for strong chewers. The Kong lives up to it's claim, she hasn't been able to shred it. Great toy for big dogs!

Margee, Worthington OH on 2007/04/28
Succeeding at vet school thanks to Kong!

My lab has destroyed countless toys (even the "guaranteed to last,etc..." toys)! He has had his Ultra kong for 4 years now. Filling his kong with treats is the only way to distract him when he is determined to distract me! His favorite filling is peanut butter, but I also use carrots, celery, and apple slices to keep it a lower calorie treat! Couldn't survive without it!Thanks!

Amy, Tacoma WA on 2007/04/27
#1 Chew Toy - Dog loves it

After 2 couch pillows and several dog toys later, we finally found something to keep the dog occupied. It keeps her attention for long periods of time and I have 3 about to get 2 more that way she always has one in sight.

Cindy, Sammamish WA on 2007/03/31
Red Kong did pretty good.

My Golden Retriever loves her Kong but it weakened after spending some time outside. She has managed to get some small pieces off, but nothing that wouldn't pass through if she swallowed any.

Norma, Barnstable MA on 2007/03/30
Love our Kongs

Our golden retriever has been a fan of the Kong for at least 4 years. We stuff them with healthy snacks and freeze them. It is amazing how durable and long they last considering the work out she gives them. One of the best products we have every used.

Cassie, Cedar City UT on 2007/03/23
big chewers

I love the Kong! My dog is a major chewer and the ultra is tough enough to withstand it

Brad, Frisco CO on 2007/03/23
Cant beat Kong

My dogs are tough, tenacious chewers... nothing stands up to abuse like Kong toys, and the dogs love them

Jane, Molino FL on 2006/11/24
Great Toy

My Doberman went into mourning when he managed to lose his 2nd kong! The 1st kong had been passed down from 2 rottweilers and not a mark on it!