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KONG Extreme Flyer Disc Dog Toy by by KONG

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Product Description

The new KONG Extreme Flyer is made from KONG's ultra-durable "Extreme” black rubber formula and stands up to the rigorous demands of even the most enthusiastic dog. An easy toss sends it flying crazy distances - perfect for giving your dog a fun, wild workout!

  • Soft & flexible frisbee disc with great flying action
  • Extremely durable soft rubber is safe for teeth & gums
  • Can be rolled or folded for easy portability

Made in the USA.

Very Important - No Dog Toy is Indestructible Supervise your dog’s use of KONGS until you are confident they can be used safely without supervision. The KONG Flying Disc should be used as a retrieval toy, not a tug toy. Tugging can be counterproductive to the retrieval game. Also, do not allow your dog to become too possessive of his or her KONG Flying Disc or show any aggression towards you while handling the disc. You should always control how and when games are played. The KONG Flying Disc is not a chew toy.

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Customer Reviews

Denise, Benton LA on 2014/12/16
Chase our yellow lab loves it!!

Chase loves to play fetch with his Kong Extreme Flyer!! He does have other fetch toys but the Kong Flyer is his favorite!! He enjoys the soft rubber and they last a long time. Kong has a winner!!

John, Youngstown NY on 2012/10/30
Pleasantly Surprised

When I saw that the frisbee for my pit bull Grace shipped folded, I was pretty sure that it wouldn't stand up to her playful ways. To my surprise, not only does it fly very well, but also seems to be holding up good so far. Thanks!

Matt, Mason OH on 2012/07/12
Dogs loves it

2- Kong extreme flyers

Tiana, Somewhere UT on 2012/01/08
It's not destroyed!!

We love this frisbee! He's an aussie that can chew anything to pieces. I don't let him chew on it after he catches it but usually, even with doing that, other products aren't usable the next day. He loves how floppy it is and it works for the kind of distances we're doing. We're not pro's or anything yet, but this is really soft on his mouth and you can tell he loves how flexible it is. I'm really happy to find a product that he likes so much and lasts so long. Thanks Kong!

Jeri, Alton IL on 2011/02/01

He got it out of his toy box and since it was an Extreme, I let him have it - mistake....It's thin so it is possible for him to chew through it. It would be fine for supervised fetch though.

Steven, Justice IL on 2010/12/29
My Cattle Dog loves them

My ACD is a chewer buy loves her Frisbee time. This is the only one I've found that she doesn't destroy.

Joan, Boulder CO on 2010/12/29
We love it!

Stanley, our 3-year-old Golden Retriever is very hard on his toys. He went through the red Kong Flyer pretty quickly, but the black one really is holding up well. OK, we've only used it since Christmas day, but it is still intact and it still flies extremely well. That's saying a lot. I really like the way it flies. Stanley likes the fact that it is floppy, so he can shake it back-and-forth and hit himself in his head with it. We give it two thumbs and two dew claws up!

Paul, Saint Clair Shores MI on 2010/12/10
Sascha Loves It!

Quite pleased. I have a 2 year old German Shepherd who loves to destroy Frisbee's. The Kong Extreme Flyer has held up to her punishment. She will run after it, catch it then violently shake her head whipping the Flyer about. The Extreme Flyer holds together very well.

Harold (Bud) , Mesquite NV on 2010/10/28
Very Happy

I have two exuberant border collies who absolutely love this toy. This model does not toss as easily as the red Kong Flyer, but it is much easier on the dog's mouth and teeth since it is light and floppy. The old one is now lost and Molly and Mack are getting neurotic looking for it so the new ones are anxiously being awaited. Thank you for making such a range of great toys and it is nice to see something that is actually made here in the USA.

Susan, Somewhere In CA on 2010/10/20
Didnt meet expectations

I thought the black Kong products were supposed to be stronger than the commonly seen red products so I searched high & low for this flyer/frisbee on the internet. When I opened the package, I noted that it felt thinner to me than the red ones we've used in the past. After only a couple of uses, it has a tear in it already. Not any better than the red ones at all. My husband says it flies great though. Big deal.

Dow, Boscawen NH on 2010/08/30
DESTROYED Kong Extreme Flyer

I am a Jack Russell Terrier and this toy did not hold up at all. I destroyed it in a few minutes, before my mommy could get it away from me. She is not happy due to the cost of it, but we do like the other toys that hold up =)

Chris, Pahoa HI on 2010/07/23
The Best Toy 4 Two

We have one german shepherd and one beloved poi boy (term for mixed variety), both 70 pounds plus. They are both very hard on toys, balls with squeaker last about a day. The Kong is the ONLY remaining toy that they both go after in tugwar that is still in one piece. I know we must watch them when they play, but the KONG has been indestructible for a year and that is GREAT for a dog toy for two big dogs!!!!

Debi, Overland Park KS on 2010/07/17
Can't destroy toy!

I have two big labs who love to fight over toys. I can toss this out to them and they can pull and tug on it and it survives. It's great for them to catch in the air without hurting their mouths.