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KONG EZ Clear Elizabethan Collar by KONG

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KONG EZ Clear Elizabethan Collar Description

KONG EZ Clear Elizabethan Collars area safe and humane method of preventing animals from aggravating a healing wound or injury. KONG Pet EZ Clear Collars are sturdy, yet lightweight and transparent for visibility.

  • Lightweight, sturdy plastic
  • Transparent for visibilty
  • Padded neckline for comfort
  • Comfortable and humane

Padded neckline and flexible construction add extra comfort, while the Velcro attachment allows for easy application.

Measure the circumference of the neck for a proper fit.

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KONG EZ Clear Elizabethan Collar Customer Reviews

Kate, Charlestown RI on 2016/06/14
Kong EZ Clear Elizabethan Collar - GREAT

My shepherd had to wear this for about ten days. She was not able to get it off - even when unsupervised. It was a godsend, as no other collars were long enough to keep her from getting to her paw.Thank you - Kong!

Jan, West Portsmouth OH on 2016/02/10
Clear as a bell.

We've had to have E-collars on our pets before and they were always opaque and made it difficult for our pets to see around when they needed to wear them.The Elizabethan Collar sold by Pet Mountain is clear and so much nicer. Now your dog or cat can see where he or she is going and doesn't bump around into furniture and people near as much. It also has velcro strips to close it instead of weaving the plastic strips like those opaque collars do. That's so much nicer. This way, you can adjust it smaller if you need to. I'm just wondering why someone didn't think of this sooner.

Jackie, Attleboro MA on 2014/04/24
Worked very well for me

My dog recently had a growth removed from his eye. The vet sent him home with a cheap white plastic collar that needed to have the belt woven through the collar to fasten it. Not only are these flimsy collars hard to quickly put on and remove, but the thing was huge and floppy and limited the dog's sight so that he was reluctant to move at all. He hated it! The clear Kong collar is a bit shorter (9 inches as opposed to 10) in depth, but it is more rigid, allows the dog a view of his environment, more comfortable, and is quickly and easily put on and removed with the aid of the Velcro strips. It may not keep a dog with a longer snout from getting at a wound elsewhere on his body, but it worked perfectly for my purpose - keeping him from getting at his eye with his paws. I give it 5 stars for comfort, ease of use and price. Thank you Kong.

Greg, Gainesville GA on 2013/08/14
Good size - problem with velcro tape though

The velcro strips on the collar provide a lot of flexibility to adjust the tightness around the neck so the collar fit our white lab great. After removing the collar a couple of times, however, one of the velcro strips just pulled right off. Pet Mountain was good about sending a replacement and we didn't have the same problem again, but time will tell. The plastic on this collar seems a little more durable than the previous collar we got from the vet. Overall, good ratings on fit and the plastic quality. The adhesion of the velcro to the collar seems to be a weak point though.

Stephanie, San Antonio TX on 2011/04/03
Worked for my 8 lb cat

Bought this for my cat. It fit him well, though the extra black padding around the outside edge seemed to make it heavy and too long, so I cut that part off. After doing so, he wasn't hanging his head anymore. He was able to lick his tail and sometimes groom his back toes, but that's all he was able to reach, even after cutting off the black edge. He never managed to get the collar off. Additional info: I removed the giant sticker, which left a bunch of sticky residue that I had to remove with oil. I then removed the oil with dish soap and let it dry all day before I could put it on him.

Vicki, Mcallen TX on 2009/03/06
Exceptional value for the product!

I hated the fact we had to put an e-collar on our dog who has lick granuloma. He is being treated by a vet who told us he had to wear an e-collar, as well as take medication, in order to heal his sore. We have purchased numerous e-collars in the last few months. The local pet store e-collars cost more, last about 5 days before they get cracks and split, and they really hurt when your pet runs in to you. Veterinarians sell a similar collar for about $30 for the king size. This is a good durable collar. We substitute the snaps with stretch gauze which seems to keep our dog from opening up the e-collar. We just cut off the gauze and replace it. Also, we attach the e-collar to the dog collar with the stretch gauze. He wears one for about 3 weeks, so we order 2 at a time! Your pet may not like this at first, but they get used to it and you will be surprised with the results and what they can do with it on!

Sheri, Gahanna OH on 2007/08/15
No more itching sore

Good product. My dog's sore is starting to heal great since wearing the kong e-collar

Jean, Richmond Hill GA on 2007/06/23
Pretty Durable

I've tried all kinds of collars to prevent my 12 year old Doberman from licking her hind quarter. So far, the only one that's worked the longest is the Kong collar. Yes, it's got a soft edge around her neck and a protected edge at the outside edge of the collar so that if she runs into me with her collar on, it doesn't hurt. What's good about this collar is that the dog can see through it as opposed to those collars that are opaque that you get at the vet's. She bangs into fewer things with this collar and because it's sturdy, it lasts longer. Unfortunately, our dog will need to wear one of these collars for a long time because as soon as we take it off, she begins to lick her problem area. This results in infection and vet visits. Go with the Kong. You really can't go wrong.

Carl, Shelton CT on 2006/10/27
Buy before the Surgury

I bought 2 today for my pups. I know the last time I need these they cost a lot more from the vet. I also searched several web sites and these prices beat the others.